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After and dose
After this the doses are titrated until they reach either a clinically sufficient level that prevents withdrawal, cravings and possible continued use of illicit opioids, or until they reach a maximum dose set by clinic policy.
After several weeks of a consistent dose, most patients no longer flush.
After that, the dose can be raised to the maximal recommended in the cases of unsatisfactory response.
After accidentally missing a dose, Preston begins to experience emotions which make him question his own morality and moderate his actions, while attempting to remain undetected by the suspicious society in which he lives.
After consuming a lethal dose of a residual bait insecticide known to have delayed toxicant activity, cockroaches return to the harborage where they excrete feces.
After briefly battling Juggernaut, he is brought down by Ghost, who uses the nanites in King Hyperion's spine to dose him with Argonite.
After letting the paste dry, the area can be exfoliated with a cloth or pumice ( Bath sponges and loofahs should be avoided )-NOTE: Inhibition of C. Albicans biofilm with Aspirin is shown as dose related.
After taking a dose himself, Rex found he could have superhuman strength and speed for the hour that vitamin's effects lasted, before returning to human levels.
:" After supper with some friends, I returned to the lab and met the professor to give a final dose of penicillin to two of the mice.
After several close encounters with Mr. McGregor, Peter escapes the garden and returns to his mother exhausted and ill. She puts him to bed with a dose of chamomile tea while his sisters enjoy bread, milk, and blackberries for supper.
After his NBA debut, Pierce's ability to score, rebound and play defense, and a healthy dose of late-game heroics led to his emergence as a top player in the Eastern Conference.
After repeated doses of the NMDA antagonists MK-801 and PCP, the vacuolation reaction appeared consistent with the reaction after a single dose, so there was no evidence of a cumulative neurotoxic effect or that the reaction proceeded to an irreversible stage with repeated doses.
After a long secondary fermentation Westmalle Tripel is bottled with a dose of sugar and yeast.
After a few cycles of mitosis, the cells that survive a dose of antibiotic treatment or that are fluorescent are then transferred into the uterus.
After investigating reports of " zombies " ( including Narcisse and a handful of others ), researchers believed that Narcisse received a dose of chemical mixture containing tetrodotoxin ( pufferfish venom ) and bufotoxin ( toad venom ) to induce a coma which mimicked the appearance of death.
After he is exposed by Homer in the church, Ned says that he follows the three " c " s of success: clean living, chewing thoroughly, and " a daily dose of vitamin Church!
After making his way back to Damage Control offices, he confronts Declun, at which point the corrupt businessman takes a dose of Mutant Growth Hormone in response to Wolverine's threats ; temporally giving him super-human powers.
After temporarily restoring Maxie's sanity with a massive dose of antipsychotics, Batman convinces him to confess to being behind the distribution of Chuckles and turn himself in to the police.
After an oral dose, about 70 % of the drug is excreted from the body within 24 hours.

After and conventional
After reaching orbit, HOTOL was intended to re-enter the atmosphere and glide down to land on a conventional runway ( approx 1, 500 metres minimum ).
After writing several stories in more conventional modes, she produced her first work to draw widespread acclaim, " The Last Flight of Doctor Ain ", in 1969.
After being selected in April 1945, Hiroshima was spared conventional bombing to serve as a pristine target, where the effects of a nuclear bomb on an undamaged city could be observed.
* After copulation, male – male competition distinct from conventional aggression may take the form of sperm competition, as described by Parker in 1970.
After the destruction of the First Temple, most of the Jewish inhabitants of Hebron were exiled, and according to the conventional view, their place was taken by Edomites in about 587 BCE.
After an initial phase, which was fought by both sides as a conventional war, the British captured Johannesburg, the Boers ' largest city, and captured the capitals of the two Boer Republics.
After Saddam Hussein's regime was removed from power, the Iraq campaign moved into a different type of asymmetric warfare where the coalition's use of superior conventional warfare training, tactics and technology were of much less use against continued opposition from the various partisan groups operating inside Iraq.
After more than twenty years of intensive research the origin of high-temperature superconductivity is still not clear, but it seems that instead of electron-phonon attraction mechanisms, as in conventional superconductivity, one is dealing with genuine electronic mechanisms ( e. g. by antiferromagnetic correlations ), and instead of s-wave pairing, d-waves are substantial.
" He said " although the movie's conventional and poetic action sequences are extraordinarily good and its landscapes beautifully photographed ..., it is most interesting in its almost jolly account of chaos, corruption, and defeat "; among the actors, he commented particularly on William Holden: " After years of giving bored performances in boring movies, Holden comes back gallantly in The Wild Bunch.
After World War II, the American New Criticism returned to the lyric, advocating a poetry that made conventional use of rhyme, meter and stanzas, and was modestly personal in the lyric tradition.
After more than twenty years of intensive research the origin of high-temperature superconductivity is still not clear, but it seems that instead of electron-phonon attraction mechanisms, as in conventional superconductivity, one is dealing with genuine electronic mechanisms ( e. g. by antiferromagnetic correlations ), and instead of s-wave pairing, d-waves are substantial.
After his conventional schooling, he studied music under Josef Proksch in Prague.
After less than a year under the new command, the 28th ’ s mission changed from that of strategic bombardment to one of worldwide conventional munitions delivery.
After sustaining severe wounds, Carlson was replaced and his battalion later disbanded and reorganized under conventional Marine doctrine of ten-man squads.
After suffering casualties during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon of June 1982, the PLA was quietly re-organized and expanded late that year by Walid Jumblatt, who turned it into a disciplined fighting force structured along conventional lines, with ‘ Commando ’, armoured, mechanized infantry and artillery units provided with Soviet-made armoured vehicles, field guns, Howitzers and MBRLs.
After this, Go-Hanazono enjoyed 30 years of direct imperial rule, until his abdication ; and then the conventional pattern of indirect government by cloistered emperors was again resumed.
After the nuclear power station was no longer operational, conventional diesel generators were used.
After Inferno, Argento returned to the more conventional giallo style with Tenebrae ( 1982 ).
After cementing their position during the Party crackdown, the militants sped up planning for a major conventional offensive to break the military deadlock.
After a conventional schooling supplemented by travel in Switzerland and France, he worked for some years as a civil servant in the British War office.
After massive renovations, Papp moved his staff to the newly named Public Theater, hoping to attract a newer, less conventional audience to new and innovative playwrights.
After the soundtrack was completed, the film's producers opted to replace it with a more ' conventional ' soundtrack, although a number of tracks can still be heard in the background of the film's final version and Saint Etienne received top " Original Music " credit on the film.
After the 1899 transfer of services to the Metropolitan Railway, the MR introduced a single Brown Marshall passenger carriage on the line ; at this time, a small wooden hut was added to the station to serve as a ticket office and waiting room and a short section of platform was raised to conventional height to allow access to the higher doors on the new carriage.
After losing the third agent assigned to the mission, NSA operative Augustus Gibbons ( Samuel L. Jackson ) gets permission to run a project to find a person to infiltrate Anarchy 99, since conventional agents are too obvious to the group.

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