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After and fire
After the 1174 fire in Canterbury Cathedral, Ælfheah's remains together with those of Dunstan were placed around the high altar, at which Thomas Becket is said to have commended his life into Ælfheah's care shortly before his martyrdom during the Becket controversy.
After a short pause at midday, Teuton units were able to push the Poles back ; however, they found themselves under very heavy fire from crossbows of the Polish infantry, which caused huge losses and withdrawal.
After a brief July slump, the Indians caught fire in August, and cut a 15. 5 game deficit in the Central Division down to 1. 5 games.
After the first rains following a fire, the landscape is dominated by soft-leaved non-woody annual plants, known as fire followers, which die back with the summer dry period.
After the CCC disbanded, the federal agencies responsible for administration of public lands organized their own seasonal fire crews, modeled after the CCC, which performed a firefighting function formerly done by the CCC and provided the same sort of outdoor work experience for young people.
After the battle of Plataea, the Greek cities extinguished their fires and brought new fire from the hearth of Greece, at Delphi ; in the foundation stories of several Greek colonies, the founding colonists were first dedicated at Delphi.
After death, the gods transformed him into an immortal, or alternatively, the fire burned away the mortal part of the demigod, so that only the god remained.
After the sprinkling of the water in every room, on the beds and all the inhabitants, the house is sealed up tight and branches of juniper are set on fire and carried throughout the house and byre.
After Somalia, the military recognized a need for a more protected HMMWV and AM General developed the M1114, an armored HMMWV to withstand small arms fire.
* 1983 – After an emergency landing because of an in-flight fire, twenty-three passengers aboard Air Canada Flight 797 are killed when a flashover occurs as the plane's doors open.
* 1996 – After the aircraft's departure from Miami, Florida, a fire started by improperly handled oxygen canisters in the cargo hold of Atlanta-bound ValuJet Flight 592 causes the Douglas DC-9 to crash in the Florida Everglades killing all 110 on board.
After an incident where her dress caught fire on an iron grate when she was about three, her mother began dressing her in boys ' pants, and she was given the nickname " Jimmy " from the comic strip, Little Jimmy.
After the Reagan camp lost the Iowa caucus and fell behind in New Hampshire polls, Nancy organized a second meeting and decided it was time to fire Sears and his associates ; she gave Sears a copy of the press release announcing his dismissal.
After they entered, she locked the doors and set fire to the building, burning them alive.
After Prometheus ' theft of fire, Zeus sent Pandora in retaliation.
After the fire, Mr. Scott brought Mr. Wees back to Paris to redesign the historic downtown area.
After humans received the stolen gift of fire from Prometheus, an angry Zeus decides to give men a punishing gift to compensate for the boon they had been given.
After the war the undestroyed Neues Stadthaus, former head office of Berlin's municipal fire insurance Feuersozietät, on Parochialstraße in Mitte, served as intermittent city hall, replacing the ruined Rotes Rathaus ( Red City Hall, also in East Berlin ), the traditional seat of the Berlin government.
After World War I the Laurin-Klement company began producing trucks, but in 1924, after running into problems and being hit by a fire, the company sought a partner, and was acquired by Škoda Works, an arms manufacturer which had become a multi-sector concern and the biggest industrial enterprise in Czechoslovakia.
After a fire in 1697 when the original medieval castle was destroyed, Stockholm Palace was erected in a baroque style.
After the bombardment, certain British gunboats attempted to slip past the fort and effect a landing in a cove to the west of it, but they were turned away by fire from nearby Fort Covington, the city's last line of defense.
The last known print of London After Midnight was destroyed in an MGM studio fire in 1967.
After the fire burns out, a ship passes by the island, but does not stop as it has seen nothing amiss.
After Ralph, Jack, and Simon discover that they are truly " on an uninhabited island ", Ralph suggests that a fire be lit because " if a ship comes near the island they may not notice us ".

After and damaged
Although Cambria Iron and Steel's facilities were heavily damaged by the flood, they returned to full production within a year .. After the flood, Carnegie built Johnstown a new library to replace the one built by Cambria's chief legal counsel Cyrus Elder, which was destroyed in the flood.
After two previous failures, voters in the city passed a ballot measure in 2000 authorizing a bond measure for construction of a new library to replace the city's Carnegie library, damaged during the Loma Prieta earthquake.
After the end of hostilities, in 1988, oil exports gradually increased with the construction of new pipelines and restoration of damaged facilities.
After hostilities ceased, oil exports gradually increased with the construction of new pipelines and the restoration of damaged facilities.
After years of legal wrangling these were returned to her, but the French government had reportedly damaged some of the film stock whilst trying to develop and edit it and a few key scenes were missing ( although Riefenstahl was surprised to find the original negatives for Olympia in the same shipment ).
After the fall of Socialist Yugoslavia, the economy experienced several shocks that damaged the local economy.
After the Polisario Front shot down one Defender and damaged two in 1978 the Mauritanian government ordered six IA-85 Pucaras for ground attack duties from Argentina ; this order was later cancelled after a Mauritanian military coup.
After a winter storm dropped nearly 17 inches of snow in the Minneapolis / St Paul area the Saturday prior to the Vikings December 12 home game versus the New York Giants and 30 mph gusts drove snow removers off the dome's roof overnight, several panels were damaged as the weight of the snow caused the roof to collapse.
After a short, furious melee the Garissan ships are damaged and / or disabled, leaving them drifting through the void of space.
After Graf Spees captain Hans Langsdorff was told that his stay could not be extended beyond 72 hours, he scuttled his damaged ship rather than face the overwhelmingly superior force that the British had led him to believe was awaiting his departure.
* May 25 – After docking in Miami at 05: 00, the SS Norway ( old SS France ) is severely damaged by a boiler explosion at 06: 30, that kills 7, and injures 17 crew members.
After a few months, his sloop became damaged beyond repair.
After the An Shi Rebellion ( 755 – 763 ), the economy of northern China was greatly damaged and never recovered due to wars and to constant floodings of the Yellow River.
After the war, when his father was demobilised, the family was rehoused by the council in Marshall Gardens at the Elephant and Castle in a pre-fabricated house made in Canada, as much of London's housing stock had been damaged during the Blitz in 1940-41.
After a tooth has been damaged or destroyed, restoration of the missing structure can be achieved with a variety of treatments.
After being damaged twice by flooding, it was partially rebuilt in 1938 by Edmund Gardner and 1973 by David Esh.
After two years of legal wrangling, Clodius was acquitted – which Cicero put down to jury-fixing and other backroom dealings – but his reputation was damaged.
After Cotta paved it, so the stones wouldn't be damaged by fire, which occurred there at night quite frequently, a large segment of the population transmitted the goddess's cult into their own neighborhoods " ( Statae Matris simulacrum in Foro colebatur ; postquam id Cotta stravit, ne lapides igne corrumperentur, qui † plurimis † ibi fiebat nocturno tempore, magna pars populi in suos quique u < i > cos rettulerunt ei < i > us deae cultum ).</ ref >
After repairing Zanak's engines, which were damaged when the planet materialised in the same place as the TARDIS, the Captain plans to take Zanak to Earth.
After World War II Tczew was one of the most damaged cities of Gdańsk Pomerania.
After contracting TB in 1969 Harper was hospitalised for 3 months in 1971, leaving his heart damaged and in 2002 his heart failed.
After leaving the downtown area of Fort Smith, it traveled northwest through industrial and residential sections of north Fort Smith, then crossed the Arkansas River again into the Mount Vista area on the west side of Van Buren and damaged a highly residential area where no fatalities occurred although this area was very populated at the time.
After the hurricanes, Frances and Jeanne in 2004, the house was damaged.
After the 1903 flood damaged and endangered much of the town, it was relocated about one mile ( 1. 6 km ) north to its present location out of “ the bottoms ” ( as they are still known today ) near the river.
After a three month siege they capitulated but the city was heavily damaged.

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