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After and lengthy
After a lengthy workout yesterday, an open date, Hemus said that Bob Nieman definitely would stay in the lineup.
After a lengthy battle at Singasteinn, Heimdall wins and returns Brísingamen to Freyja.
After a lengthy engagement, he forced the large and well-armed merchant ship to surrender.
After a lengthy battle with his syndicator, Watterson won the privilege of making half page-sized Sunday strips where he could arrange the panels any way he liked.
After a lengthy civil war, the CPC defeated its primary rival, the Kuomintang ( KMT ), and assumed full control of mainland China by 1949.
After a lengthy search the tag " AXP " was found to be entirely unencumbered.
After reuniting with the other Pythons in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, Chapman began a lengthy series of American college tours where he would tell the audience anecdotes about Monty Python, the Dangerous Sports Club, Keith Moon, and other subjects.
After finishing his talks with Stalin and Molotov, Ribbentrop, at a dinner with the Soviet leaders, launched into a lengthy diatribe against the British Empire, with frequent interjections of approval from Stalin, and then exchanged toasts with Stalin in honour of German-Soviet friendship.
After being sent on a lengthy tour of Europe starting 1927 – including London, Paris and towns in Germany – during which he demonstrated his invention to full audiences, Theremin found his way to the United States, arriving on 30 December 1927 with his first wife Katia.
After a lengthy development process of roughly 20 years, it was finally decided that testing of the Istrebitel Sputnik be canceled.
After a lengthy court fight, in 2004 the families of the Munich victims reached a settlement of € 3 million with the German government.
After a lengthy investigation conducted by the National Football League's security department, the league alleged on March 2, 2012 that 22 to 27 defensive players on the New Orleans Saints maintained a " pay for performance " program that included " bounty " payments administered by then-defensive coordinator Gregg Williams during the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons.
After lengthy negotiations between Anglo-Persian representatives and Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim, on 17 May 1935 the sheikh put his signature to a concession agreement for a period of 75 years in return for 400, 000 rupees on signature and 150, 000 rupees per annum with royalties.
After a lengthy period of restricted intermittent or no water exchange between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean basin, approximately 5. 33 million years ago, the Atlantic-Mediterranean connection was completely reestablished through the Strait of Gibraltar by the Zanclean flood, and has remained open ever since.
After the lengthy quarreling with Universal Studios over Brazil, Gilliam's next picture, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, cost around US $ 46 million, and then earned only about US $ 8 million in US ticket sales.
After a lengthy tour of Europe, during which time he demonstrated his invention to packed houses, Theremin found his way to the United States, where he patented his invention in 1928 ().
After lengthy wars, the Sumerians recognized the benefits of unification into a stable form of national government and became a relatively peaceful, well-organized, complex technocratic state called the 3rd dynasty of Ur.
( 3 ) After a lengthy debate whether it was less appropriate to refuse a triumph to man, in his presence, in whose name when absent a thanksgiving ( supplicatio ) had been decreed and honour paid to the Immortal Gods by reason of the things successfully accomplished under his leadership, ( 4 ) or for a man to triumph as though a war had been concluded whom they had ordered to hand over his army to a successor ( something that would not be decreed if no war remained in the province ) when his army, the witness of a deserved as of an undeserved triumph, was far away, the middle course seemed best: that he should enter the City in ovation ( ovans ).
After a lengthy fight and DNA testing an American court ruled in 1989 that Jones is the boy's father.
After a lengthy hearing, a decision was made in favour of John Balliol on 17 November 1292.
After lengthy legal battles, informal contact between Fish and the other four band members apparently did not resume until 1999 ; Fish would later disclose in the liner notes to the 2-CD reiussue of Clutching at Straws that he and his former bandmates had met up and discussed the demise of the band and renewed their friendship, and had come to the consensus that an excessive touring schedule and too much pressure from the band's management led to the rift.
After a lengthy delay the performance continued with only the Hammond L-100 functioning.
After the shipyard was sold, Bergh received a share of the inheritance and set forth on a lengthy journey throughout Western Europe with his young bride, Catherine Matilda Taylor.
After lengthy negotiations, on February 1, 2005, the Nigerian and Sao Tomé governments entered into an exploration and production sharing agreement over the first of six different exploration blocs with a US dominated consortium led by ChevronTexaco with 51 % of the equity, ExxonMobil with 40 % and Dangote Energy Equity Resources, a small Nigerian and Norwegian company with the remaining 9 %.
After a lengthy decision-making process in which FIFA's executive committee met eight times, Italy was chosen as the host nation at a meeting in Stockholm on 9 October 1932.

After and discussion
After this brief discussion of neo-, paleocortical, and cortico-hypothalamic relations, let us return once more to the problem of hypothalamic balance and its physiological and pathological significance.
After a while we were perhaps less surprised, but still puzzled, when a friendly discussion would suddenly jump the track into the most irrelevant and illogical comparisons.
After much discussion, James the Just, leader of the Jerusalem church, decrees that Gentile Christian converts need not follow all of the Mosaic Law, and in particular, they do not need to be circumcised.
After a year of experimentation and discussion, the task force produced the Red Book Compact Disc standard.
After multiple drafts and many years of discussion, Pope John Paul II promulgated the revised Code of Canon Law ( CIC ) in 1983.
After a short philosophical discussion, it opens with a history of Greek religion in seven stages.
After much discussion, there also exists a small category regarding deaths below this age limit.
After the funeral, Charles and Tom have a discussion about whether hoping to find your " one true love " is just a futile effort, and ponder that, while their clique have always viewed themselves as proud-to-be-single, Gareth and Matthew had in fact been a " married " couple among them all the while.
After a heated discussion, Odin swore that he would grant victory to the first tribe he saw the next morning upon awakening — knowing full well that the bed was arranged so that the Vandals were on his side.
After national discussion of dividing the country into a federation of three republics, Bohemia, Moravia-Silesia and Slovakia, Dubček oversaw the decision to split into two, the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.
After much discussion ten days was accepted by a very large majority.
After a short discussion with his head linesman, Dale Hamer, Markbreit corrected his mistake before the kickoff.
After a brief discussion of freshwater species, it returns to oceanic islands and their peculiarities ; for example on some islands roles played by mammals on continents were played by other animals such as flightless birds or reptiles.
After some discussion, the doctors issued a release indicating the cause of death to be " some brain evolvement, probably an apoplexy ".
In May 1989 Chapman made an extended appearance on the Channel 4 discussion programme After Dark, alongside Tony Benn, Lord Dacre, James Rusbridger, Miles Copeland and others.
After discussion, the project was renamed XFree86, as a pun ( compare X-three-eighty-six to X-free-eighty-six ).
After the opening of the discussion by Rashbi, the sages rise, one after the other, and lecture on the secret of Divinity, while Rashbi adds to and responds to their words.
This ban was imposed by the then prime minister Margaret Thatcher on 19 October 1988, the reason given being to " starve the terrorist and the hijacker of the oxygen of publicity on which they depend " after the BBC interviewed Martin McGuinness and Adams had been the focus of a row over an edition of After Dark, an intended Channel 4 discussion programme which was never made.
Appearing on television discussion programme After Dark ( TV series ) | After Dark in 1987
After a discussion with Lincoln, he decided in favor of the latter and resigned his commission.
After extensive discussion, the participants reached a consensus that his ideas were worthy of further exploration.
After much discussion and disagreement, the Romans decide to trust Ambiorix and leave the next morning.
After a short discussion he and Ramsay decided to follow this up.
After a brief discussion with Vikelas, who represented Greece, Coubertin suggested Athens.

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