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Page "fiction" ¶ 1024
from Brown Corpus
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After and minute
After a minute he went to Roberts, looked at one of his eyes and felt for a pulse.
After it is sealed, the container is shaken vigorously for at least one minute.
After some consolidation, six companies controlled monopolies of their regions, subject to close control by the government in terms of fares, finances, and even minute technical details.
After finishing a 27 minute recording for the armed services, Davis took a break outside the club.
After a minute and 15 seconds, Fangman's call was disconnected.
After World War II, two further warnings were introduced for nuclear attack – a " Grey Warning " indicated approaching nuclear fallout with aminute warning of short steady tones divided by equal periods of silence, the silence being created with a manual shutter or electric solenoid.
After the war, but still with the BBC, whilst in Egypt and recording a series of shows by Frankie Howerd, the star was taken ill at the last minute and Unwin was pushed onto the stage and told to " do a turn ".
After a 15 minute suspension of play umpire Pallone left the field and the game was completed with the remaining three umpires.
After the band played many of its best-known tunes, an extended 20 + minute version of “ Bluebird ” became the group's swan song.
After the long ( 40 minute ) Harecastle Tunnel ( one way, alternating roughly every two hours ), the canal emerges in the outskirts of Stoke-on-Trent, and is soon in the middle of the city and then at Etruria, and the junction with the Caldon Canal.
After Isaac is bound to an altar, the angel of God stops Abraham at the last minute, saying " now I know you fear God.
After a pause the years were counted out at approximately half minute intervals.
After a dramatic fifth round, last minute victory by UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva over Chael Sonnen at UFC 117, Lesnar finally surrendered his belt to the undefeated Cain Velasquez via 1st round TKO at UFC 121.
After Horrid Henry: The Movie was created, on all DVDs, it has Theo Stevenson doing horrid stuff on extra long 22 minute episodes!
After a 90 minute standoff a French UNPROFOR officer opened the door to the armoured personnel carrier in which Turajlić was sitting and a Serb soldier killed him with an AK-47.
After approval by the SFUO's Board of Administration and many last minute changes to the contract, ownership of the Fulcrum officially transferred to The Fulcrum Publishing Society on June 1, 2005.
After the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 Avnery used his editorials in HaOlam HaZeh to call for a preventive war against Egypt, arguing that " the reactionary Arab regimes " would attack Israel " the minute Arab superiority in weapons over Israel is great enough.
After this, the opposing candidate has around 1 minute to respond and rebut her / is arguments.
After the French surrender, Amherst named Gage the military governor of Montreal, a task Gage found somewhat thankless, because it involved the minute details of municipal governance along with the administration of the military occupation.
After three years he returned to Rome, on the invitation of Cardinal Gaspare Carpegna, vicar of Pope Innocent XI, and devoted himself to antiquarian research, examining with minute care the monuments and inscriptions of the Campagna.
After Taylor Twellman scored in the 113th minute, the Revs allowed a equalising header from the Dynamo's Brian Ching less than a minute later that sent the game to penalty kicks, where the Revs lost 4 – 3.
After writing 6 months worth of essays in the space of two weeks and some last minute cramming for his exams, Dickinson achieved a 2: 2.
After a minute or so of this the whole thing begins to collapse in on itself and they begin to physically move away from you.

After and went
After he had finished the first two volumes of his Lincoln, Sandburg went to work assembling a book of songs out of hobo and childhood days and from the memory of songs others had taught him.
After Mr. Jack drove away, Winston went on looking out the window.
After the meal, he and his guests went out to inspect the rig ; ;
After it had reappeared the next two nights, Jenks went to higher headquarters and said:
After this deal with the Bouvardier woman went through.
After the usual Honorable Sirs, it went on to say that there had been set off to the widow one full third part of the real estate of the deceased Salu Norberg, one lower room, on the Western side, privileges to the well and bake-oven and to one third of the cellar ( I can show you the cellar when we go up ), also one Cow Right, and lastly they set off to the widow her own land that she brought with her as dower, namely the Beech Pasture.
After the sad impatient moment, waiting for comfort which could not come, she slipped out of bed and went to the open window.
After I looked in at Francie, I went into the living room and waited.
After the war, Keizo went to Korsakov to work in the local harbor.
After a short residence in Venice, he went to Rome in 1625 with an introduction from the Duke of Mantua to the late pope's nephew, Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi, who employed him for a time in the restoration of ancient statues.
After the indecisive < ref name =" British historian Townsend Miller "> British historian Townsend Miller: “ But, if the outcome of < nowiki > battle of </ nowiki > Toro, militarily, is debatable, there is no doubt whatsoever as to its enormous psychological and political effects ” in The battle of Toro, 1476, in History Today, volume 14, 1964, p. 270 </ ref > Battle of Toro in 1476 against King Ferdinand II of Aragon, the husband of Isabella I of Castile, he went to France to obtain the assistance of Louis XI, but finding himself deceived by the French monarch, he returned to Portugal in 1477 in very low spirits.
After the death of her parents within a year of each other, Maria went to help her aunt teaching at the school.
After Christians in Ephesus first wrote to their counterparts recommending Apollos to them, he went to Achaia where Paul names him as an apostle ( 1 Cor 4: 6, 9-13 ) Given that Paul only saw himself as an apostle ' untimely born ' ( 1 Cor 15: 8 ) it is certain that Apollos became an apostle in the regular way ( as a witness to the risen Lord and commissioned by Jesus-1 Cor 15: 5-9 ; 1 Cor 9: 1 ).< ref > So the Alexandrian recension ; the text in < sup > 38 </ sup > and Codex Bezae indicate that Apollos went to Corinth.
After he recovered, he made a second effort and went back into the desert to a farther mountain by the Nile called Pispir, now Der el Memun, opposite Crocodilopolis.
After this event many Jews emigrated, in two waves ; some fled to the Muslim lands of the Ottoman Empire, but many also went to Christian Europe, first to northern Italy, then to the Netherlands, and later to England.
After a decision in favor of Borland by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, the case went to the United States Supreme Court.
After that, the noble man, king Olaf, went back to his realm.
After the council of Étampes, Bernard went to speak with the King of England, Henry I, Beauclerc, about the king's reservations regarding Pope Innocent II.
After finishing school in his native province, he went to Darul-uloom-e-Sharia ( Abu-Hanifa ), a religious school in Kabul.
After his discharge from the army in August 1865, Corbett went back to work as a hatter, first in Boston, later in Connecticut, and by 1870 in New Jersey.
After O ' Higgins went into exile in 1823, civil conflict continued, focusing mainly on the issues of anticlericalism and regionalism.
After the defeat of his liberal army at the Battle of Lircay on April 17, 1830, Freire, like O ' Higgins, went into exile in Peru.

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