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After and period
After luncheon we took advantage of the siesta period to try to get in touch with a few people to whom our dear friend Deppy had written.
After Bligh's victory, there was an extended period of English dominance.
After a period of rest, the souls are reincarnated, and the memory of their previous lives is erased.
After Alexander's death, his strong realm was plunged into a period of darkness that would eventually lead to war with England.
After further preparing the craft for the trans-lunar voyage, the crew began the first sleep period of the mission just under fifteen hours after launch.
After eating, they configured the cabin for their first sleep period on the Moon.
After eating a meal and proceeding with a debriefing on the day's activities with mission control, Young and Duke reconfigured the LM cabin and prepared for the sleep period.
After the aforementioned period of conflict, Abd al-Rahman continued in his improvement of al-Andalus ' infrastructure.
After a period of dereliction Aberdour House was developed for residential use in the early 1990s.
After a period of confusion, Demetrius's son Antigonus II Gonatas was able to establish the family's control over the old Kingdom of Macedon, as well as over most of the Greek city-states, by 276 BC.
After an operation for cancer he fell into an unproductive period.
After the second terminal of International Airport Sofia was built the total number of passengers rose and reached 3 230 696 in 2008, and in April 2011 Airport Sofia serviced 282 694 passengers, 13 % more than the same period of 2009, when the record was 250 000 passengers.
After a short period of inaction, the army launched an operation against Yugoslavia and Greece.
After a brief period of peace, the cycle repeats.
After a certain period, typically a month, the columns in each journal are each totaled to give a summary for the period.
After a period of experimentation with the publication of various supplements, the Book of Alternative Services was published in 1985.
After the mutinies, President Patassé suffered from a typical " dictator ’ s paranoia ", resulting in a period of cruel terror executed by the presidential guard and various militia within the FACA loyal to the president, such as the Karako.
After the end of the Berriasian, however, temperatures increased again, and these conditions were almost constant until the end of the period.
After the 2 year A-level period, they may then proceed to a college of further education or a university.
After a menstrual period ends, the external os is blocked by mucus that is thick and acidic.
After a period of fighting there, he became ill with dysentery and was sent to a hospital in Malta to recover.
After Napoleon Bonaparte in November 1799 staged a coup against the Directory government, the French Republic adopted a constitution, which conferred executive powers upon three Consuls, elected for a period of ten years.
( Krisztus után, After Christ ), which were unofficially reinstituted after the Communist period.

After and fifty
After over fifty years of the Astros in the National League, this move is unpopular with many Astros fans.
" Leonard Bloomfield: After fifty years.
After some fifty years of this condition, Carthage had managed to discharge its war indemnity to Rome, and considered itself no longer bound by the restrictions of the treaty, although Rome believed otherwise.
After settling Julia into a house in Georgetown, he then established his headquarters fifty miles away, near Gen. Meade's Army of the Potomac in Culpeper, Virginia.
After fifty years an error had been discovered in the score of Thorleif Haug.
After passing the legislature, the amendments need ratification from at least fifty percent of all eligible voters of the ROC, irrespective of voter turnout.
After a fifty mile march, they saw a campfire around nine o ' clock at night.
After a while, the rule reverted to fifty moves in all positions — more such positions were discovered, complicating the rule still further, and it made no difference in human play, as they could not play the positions perfectly.
After the extinction of the main line, much of their extensive territory in the Breisgau and modern-day Switzerland returned to the crown, except for their allodial titles, which were divided between the Counts of Urach ( who subsequent called themselves " Counts of Freiburg ") and the Counts of Kyburg, both of whom had married sisters of Berthold V. Less than fifty years later, the Kyburgs died out and large portions of their domains were inherited by the House of Habsburg.
After fifty minutes, the hole was large enough to drag the patients through, and the men – save Privates Waters and Beckett, who hid in the wardrobe ( Waters was wounded and Beckett died of assegai wounds ) – were now in the last room, being defended by Privates Robert Jones and William Jones.
After his premiership, De Jong remained in active politics and became the Parliamentary leader of the Catholic People's Party in the Senate and a Member of the Senate serving from May 11, 1971 until September 17, 1974 and finally retiring from active politics at the age of fifty nine.
After receiving the package the Historical Society allotted two hundred and fifty dollars for a monument honoring the memory of " Fighting " Fred McKinley.
After a period of growth during its first century of existence, the past fifty years have been problematic with the disappearance of some of its infrastructure and the town having to reinvent itself.
After watching the British carefully, the Continentals launched a raid of one hundred fifty men on September 6, led by Col. Polk, against Fort George.
After dropping to fifty inhabitants in the 1950s, the town began to revive in the 1960s and had 200 residents and six businesses when it incorporated on March 27, 1961.
After these defections, the Foxites could no longer constitute a credible parliamentary opposition, reduced, as they were, to some fifty MPs.
After being left a widower by the death of his wife, Loma, eleven years earlier, Armstrong married Ramona Martin, a woman nearly fifty years younger, in 1977 and moved to Tucson, Arizona.
After fifty years, during which solid-state electronic components have largely displaced the vacuum tube, the photomultiplier remains a unique and important optoelectronic component.
After more than fifty years she succeeded.
After her proposed bill failed, Short accused the House's predominantly conservative male MPs of not taking the issue seriously, remarking, " If you mention breasts, fifty Tory MPs all giggle and fall over.
After a mandatory 180-day promulgation period, the amendments are then to be ratified by at least fifty percent of all eligible voters of the ROC irrespective of voter turnout.
After passing the Legislature, the amendments need ratification by at least fifty percent of all eligible voters of the ROC irrespective of voter turnout.
After the war, he was estimated to be among the fifty wealthiest men in the New South.
After a country is deleted from ISO 3166-1, its alpha-2 and alpha-3 codes will be transitionally reserved for a transitional period of at least fifty years.

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