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Page "lore" ¶ 124
from Brown Corpus
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After and week
-- After 52 rainless days, moisture finally came to Del Mar, resulting in but one workout during the week for most of the horses, and leaving us with less than half our total average rainfall during the season.
After a week of singing the psalms without the usual antiphons, Ceolfrith " could not bear it any longer ", and the two managed to restore the usual service, " with no little labour ".
After the first episode in 1960, the Daily Mirror printed: " The programme is doomed from the outset ... For there is little reality in this new serial, which apparently, we have to suffer twice a week.
After three lessons, Raine told Alma that Doris had " tremendous potential ", which led Alma to give her daughter three lessons a week for the price of one.
* 1989 – After a week of bloody demonstrations, Ion Iliescu takes over as president of Romania, ending Nicolae Ceauşescu's Communist authoritarian regime.
After several continuous days of nursing the newborn pups, females go on extended foraging trips that can last as long as a week, returning to the rookery to feed their pups until they are weaned.
After Owens left, Clark was assisted each week by a country music celebrity co-host.
After one week, they begin to explore outside the nest.
After attending a week of performances in the hall, a music critic for The New York Times enthused about the experience and congratulated the architects.
After the week of wedding celebrations with Leah, Jacob married Rachel, and he continued to work for Laban for another seven years.
After the coup collapsed the following week, Akayev and Vice President German Kuznetsov announced their resignations from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union ( CPSU ), and the entire politburo and secretariat resigned.
After the meeting, Mihdhar and Hazmi traveled to Bangkok, Thailand on January 8 and left a week later on January 15 for the United States.
After a week four bye-week, the Vikings received star wide receiver Randy Moss in a trade with the New England Patriots.
After the announcement, the series finished strongly and the final show was the most watched show during the week it aired.
After the meeting, Mihdhar and Hazmi traveled to Bangkok in Thailand on January 8, and left a week later on January 15 to travel to the United States.
After the first week, the mother starts spending more time outside the nest, returning every few hours to nurse and groom the cubs.
After Jesus ascends (), on the feast of Pentecost or Shavuot ( the 50th day from Firstfruits and thus usually calculated as the first day of the week ), the Spirit of God is given to the disciples, who baptize 3, 000 people into the apostolic fellowship.
After a 38-26 victory over the Raiders in week 17, the Chargers finished at 8-8 and in a numerical tie for first place in the AFC West along with Oakland and Denver.
* After losing upwards of 1, 300 points in the previous week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average posts its eighth biggest net gain in its history.
After that week, they did a showcase for Murphy.
After the 57-day strike, the NFL extended the regular season one weekend ( pushing the end of the regular season back from December 26 to January 2 ), moving back the start of the playoffs and eliminating the week off for the first time since Super Bowl IV.
After a week of negotiations from December 22 through December 28, 1917, the delegation from the Central Powers withdrew from the conference to consider the Bolshevik peace proposals.
After two years of this life, he realized he would be earning $ 70 per week if he were on a commission.
After graduation, Bush worked at General Electric ( GE ) in Schenectady, New York, for $ 14 a week.

After and precarious
After the USA entered the war in 1941, the situation of the émigrés, now classed " enemy aliens " became increasingly precarious as government measures turned from anti-Nazism to anti-communism.
After Morais's death, the financial position of the association became precarious.
After the disaster, the emperor Claudius Gothicus restored Cyrene, naming it Claudiopolis, but the restorations were poor and precarious.
After this event the peace of Prague placed the Swedish army in a very precarious position, but the victories won by the united forces of Banér and Field Marshal Alexander Leslie, commander of the Army of the Weser, at the Battle of Wittstock ( October 4, 1636 ), restored the paramount influence of Sweden in central Germany.
After some initial success against Postumus, his first attempt failed when Postumus managed to escape from a precarious situation due to the carelessness of Gallienus ' cavalry commander Aureolus, leading to Aureolus ’ demotion and eventual abandonment of Gallienus in 267.
After Sun Ce was assassinated in 200, Lady Wu ( mother of Sun Ce and Sun Quan ) was worried that his successor Sun Quan would be too young to handle the precarious situation in Jiangdong.
After the founding of the Sui dynasty in 589, a precarious peace obtained for several years between the new Chinese dynasty and Goguryeo.
After the United States had entered the war, the situation on the western front became more precarious for the Germans.
After his death in battle on June 26, 363, officers of the army elected the Christian Jovian as his successor, who in his precarious position far from supplies ended the war with Persia unfavorably for Rome.
After a few years of hard struggle, during which he made a precarious living by drawing on stone and designing woodcut vignettes for book illustration, he studied painting under Gigoux, and subsequently under Corot, whose influence remained decisive upon Français's style of landscape painting.
After these two great battles, Zeniff realized that their continued existence among the Lamanites would always be precarious.
After several unsuccessful attempts Lt. Goldsmith and a number of his crew turned their attention inland and succeeded in toppling the famous Logan Rock from its precarious perch on the Treryn Dinas headland east of Porthcurno.
After the sinking of the on 7 May 1915, tension escalated with Germany and U. S. neutrality was precarious.
After Heraclius death in 1798, and the annexation of the eastern Georgian kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti by Russia in 1800, the situation in Imereti became precarious.
After this for some years he made a precarious living in Berlin by literary work, but his debts accumulated, and it was under great disadvantages that he produced his Geist des Neueren Kriegssystems ( Hamburg, 1799 ) and Der Feldzug 1801 ( Berlin, 1801 ).
After several precarious skirmishes with the intent of acquiring Scorp vehicles for bypassing mine fields and learning of the G-Nome facility's location, Sheridan leads the team directly to the laboratory.
After the Rohillas, the change of the power structure did little to soothe the troubled strife torn area ; rather the change had the effect to aggravate a precarious state of affairs.

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