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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1043
from Brown Corpus
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After and all
After all, you want the senora as much as you want the boy.
After all, he had less reason to desire it than the marine.
After how many generations is such wealth ( mounting all the while through the manipulations of high finance ) purified of taint??
After all, that's the job of the architect -- to give the world a little joy ''.
After all, Shelley is no `` orthodox '' or Hellenic Platonist, and even his `` romantic '' Platonism can be distinguished from that of his contemporaries.
After all, Pike was an established poet and his work had been published in the respectable periodicals of that center of American culture, Boston.
After they had paid all his debts and the funeral costs, Ralph and Fred had some fourteen thousand dollars, as I remember, with which to pay the bequests.
After complimenting Morgan and the riflemen and saying he was praising them to Congress, too, the ardent Frenchman added he felt that Congress should make some financial restitution to the widow and family of Morris, but that he knew Morgan realized how long such action usually required, if it was done at all.
After all, it goes back to the days in which sedition was not un-American, the days in which the Sons of St. Tammany conspired to overthrow the government by force and violence -- the British government, that is.
After all, where else can the public see a wagon these days??
After all, when one has asked whatever became of old Joe and Charlie when one has inquired who it was Sue Brown married and where it is they now live when questions are asked and answered about families and children, and old professors when the game and its probable outcome has been exhausted that does it.
After all, they are paid by the public, they should be examples.
After a nuclear blast, one bureaucrat suggested in those halcyon days, about all you had to do was haul out the broom and sweep off your sidewalks and roof.
After all I'm made of flesh and blood.
After all, a guy's gotta have a little ego!!
After the judge moved all the dogs individually, she selected several from the group and placed them in the center of the ring.
After all, we did pretty well in some other areas of the Olympics competition.
After an unspeakable siege, lasting the better part of two months, it was announced that the studio `` owed '' the government a tax debt in excess of eight million dollars while I, who had always remained aloof from such iniquitous practices as paying taxes on the salary I had earned and the little I legally inherited as Morris' helpless relict, was `` stung '' with a personal bill of such astronomical proportions as to `` wipe out '' all but a fraction of my poor, hard-come-by savings.
After all, if you were going to set up a workshop you had to have the proper equipment and that was that.
After all, social life in the group of the bees is by no means general, although it certainly is a striking feature.
After all, too much does not happen too suddenly, nor does very little take long.
After a conversation with another man, he was able to recount practically everything that had been said but could not describe at all what the other man looked like.
After many years and many interruptions he was able to finish the canopy fresco, and slightly less than half the frieze, beginning with the Liberty group opposite the East door, and ending with William Penn, all but one leg, when a tragic accident ended his career.
After all, the henpecked husband with his shrewish wife is a comic figure of long standing, in literature and on the stage, as Dr. Schillinger points out.

After and Woodruff
After visiting priesthood leaders in many settlements, President Woodruff left for San Francisco on September 3, 1890, to meet with prominent businessmen and politicians.
After Taylor died in 1887, Woodruff did not reorganize the First Presidency until 1889.
After the announcement, ABC World News Tonight was hosted by Bob Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas.
After the death of Joseph Smith, Woodruff was an active participant in the westward progression of the LDS Church.
After his retirement from MAC, Clark became interested in a scientific floating college proposed by entrepreneur and real estate developer James O. Woodruff.
After a period of mourning and indecision, she and Bob Woodruff were chosen as co-anchors on December 5, 2005.
After his mission, Woodruff returned to work at the bank.
# The Morning After The aftermath of the tragic prom, including the death of Sam Woodruff, Jessica's boyfriend.
After leaving Germany, Woodruff was treated for weeks at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.
After winning the collegiate crown, Woodruff began his professional career.
After the death of David Bradford in 1808, Clark and Sara Woodruff managed the plantation for Elizabeth Bradford.

After and owned
After a brief and unpopular animated series in 1973 by Nippon Television, Doraemon remained fairly exclusive in manga from until 1979 when a newly formed animation studio, Shin-Ei Animation ( Now owned by TV Asahi ) produced an anime series of Doraemon.
After the national independence in 1905, publisher Aschehoug ( owned by William Martin Nygaard ) hired librarian Haakon Nyhuus to edit Illustreret norsk konversationsleksikon ( 6 volumes, 1907 – 1913 ), in later editions known as Aschehougs konversasjonsleksikon.
After searching unsuccessfully at other sites he met Frank Calvert who told him that he had already found Troy on land owned by his family, the site known as Hissarlik.
After the war he moved to London, and married Smith's mother, whose parents owned a greengrocer's store in Chiswick, West London.
After the enactment of Communications Corporation Act 2028, it was formally established as fully owned Government Corporation called Nepal Telecommunications Corporation in B. S.
After New York Giants ' manager John McGraw told reporters that Philadelphia manufacturer Benjamin Shibe, who owned the controlling interest in the new team, had a " white elephant on his hands ," Mack defiantly adopted the white elephant as the team mascot, and presented McGraw with a stuffed toy elephant at the start of the 1905 World Series.
After the fall of the communist regime, in 1989, there were only two state owned TV channels available ( see TVR ), one only being available in about 20 % of the country.
After Rockwell's breakup in 2001, the laboratory was spun off as a semi-autonomous company called Rockwell Scientific, half owned by Rockwell Collins and half owned by Rockwell Automation.
After the concert, Max Yasgur, who owned the site of the event, saw it as a victory of peace and love.
After three decades as a division of Xerox, PARC was transformed in 2002 into an independent, wholly owned subsidiary company dedicated to developing and maturing advances in science and business concepts with the support of commercial partners and clients.
After gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill ( also owned by Sutter ) in Coloma, the fort was abandoned.
After Robinson had spent some years known in baseball as the Director of Discipline, he was chosen by Major League Baseball in 2002 to manage the Expos, which MLB owned at that time.
After December 1916, Lloyd George relied on the support of Conservatives and of the press baron Lord Northcliffe ( who owned both The Times and The Daily Mail ).
After Ricard's death, the track was sold to Excelis, a company owned by Formula One promoter Bernie Ecclestone, in 1999.
After the death of Prince John Maurice in 1679, the house was owned by the Maes family, who leased the house to the Dutch government.
After it was recorded, Nunes took the recording to Russ Regan, who was the head of the Uni label owned by MCA.
After Bonaparte's death the house was later owned by bootleggers Peter and Michael Kelly.
After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and beginning of privatization, many large plants and factories, such as the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant, became owned by alleged criminal authorities and oligarchs, while others were declared bankrupt.
After several additional complaints over DC interference, Moore decided to wind up his ABC projects, intending to only continue with League ( the only title he, with O ' Neill, actually owned ).
After being merged with WASEC's The Movie Channel, Paramount Pictures ( then owned by Gulf + Western ) signed an exclusive first-run deal with the newly formed Showtime / The Movie Channel for 75 films for the next five years.
After being acquired by Viacom in 1994, Paramount Pictures began a 10-year output deal with Showtime ( then also owned by Viacom ), effective after 1997, after Paramount's contract with HBO expired.
After that, it was owned by Louise's heir César of Vendôme and his wife, Françoise of Lorraine, Duchess of Vendôme, and passed quietly down the Valois line of inheritance, alternately inhabited and abandoned for more than a hundred years.
After the Reformation the college has been dissolved and the church is currently owned and used by a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran State Church of Brunswick.

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