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After and unsuccessful
After a first unsuccessful attempt at colonisation in 497 BC by the Milesian Tyrant Histiaeus, the Athenians founded a first colony at Ennea-Hodoi (‘ Nine Ways ’) in 465, but these first ten thousand colonists were massacred by the Thracians.
After an unsuccessful revolt, the Athenians ordered the death of the entire male population.
After Nedeljko Čabrinović's first unsuccessful attack, Princip succeeded in killing the Archduke.
After several unsuccessful battles with the Boii and other Celtic tribes, they appeared ca 113 BC in Noricum, where they invaded the lands of one of Rome's allies, the Taurisci.
After Cesare, Leonardo was unsuccessful in finding another patron in Italy.
After many letter writing campaigns demanding the removal of the strip were unsuccessful, conservatives changed their tactics, and instead of writing to newspaper editors, they began writing to one of the printers who prints the color Sunday comics.
After a ( similarly unsuccessful ) stint in Guangzhou, China, he eventually returned to Portugal and became the first European to publish a book on China in 1569 / 1570.
After an initial unsuccessful visit to leading doctors in Harley Street, Elizabeth decided to first spend six months as a hospital nurse at Middlesex Hospital, London in 1860.
After a largely unsuccessful year in 2010 at Essendon, Knights was dismissed as coach on 29 August 2010, just 12 hours after Essendon's final round defeat to the Western Bulldogs.
After an unsuccessful year the fleet head for home.
After a five-month siege with several unsuccessful and costly attempts, Spanish troops gave up and retired.
After a few unsuccessful stabs at entry-level office work and other jobs suitable for adolescents, Julius took to the stage as a boy singer in 1905.
After her tenure as attorney general and her unsuccessful gubernatorial bid, Reno tours the country giving speeches on topics relating to the criminal justice system.
After a generally unsuccessful season in 1965, Honda revised their 1-litre engine completely.
After the Templars were involved in several unsuccessful campaigns, including the pivotal Battle of the Horns of Hattin, Jerusalem was captured by Saladin's forces in 1187.
After an unsuccessful pro-Bolshevik uprising in Petrograd, Trotsky was arrested on 7 August 1917, but was released 40 days later in the aftermath of the failed counter-revolutionary uprising by Lavr Kornilov.
After unsuccessful proposals by Paul Hymans to create a federation between Poland and Lithuania, Vilnius and the surrounding area was formally annexed by Poland in March 1922.
After earlier unsuccessful attempts, the Walt Disney Company bought the Muppets in 2004.
After two unsuccessful years with Kotite, Hess heavily involved himself in hiring Bill Parcells in hopes to see his team again reach the Super Bowl.
After several unsuccessful campaigns against the pagan Semigallian duke Viestards and his Samogitian kinsfolk, the Roman Curia decided in 1251 to abolish the Bishopric of Semigallia, and divided its territories between the Bishopric of Rīga and the Order of Livonia.
After an unsuccessful expansion into feature films, as well as the fact that Max and Dave Fleischer were no longer speaking to one another, Fleischer Studios was acquired by Paramount, which renamed the operation Famous Studios.
After several unsuccessful attempts to address this problem, a new state constitution was passed in 1843 allowing landless white men to vote if they could pay a $ 1 poll tax.
After several unsuccessful attempts, Nadir and his brothers finally raised a sufficiently large force — mostly from the British side of the Durand Line — to take Kabul on October 10, 1929.
After releasing several unsuccessful games for the Famicom, Square relocated to Ueno, Tokyo in 1987 and developed a role-playing video game titled Final Fantasy, inspired by Enix's success with the genre, Dragon Quest ( later released in North America as Dragon Warrior ).
After several unsuccessful attempts, including a plebiscite in 1985, the Lord Lyon King of Arms approved it as the official flag of Shetland in 2005.

After and attempt
After a long debate in the House, a second attempt passed Congress on January 13, 1865, and was sent to the state legislatures for ratification.
After Constantius ' death in 361, his successor Julian the Apostate, a devotee of Rome's pagan gods, declared that he would no longer attempt to favor one church faction over another, and allowed all exiled bishops to return ; this had the objective of further increasing dissension among Christians.
After an attempt to arrest the queen herself failed, Joan called Sforza who defeated the Aragonese milices near Castel Capuano in Naples.
After a failed attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis sank into the ocean " in a single day and night of misfortune ".
After a failed health care reform attempt, Republicans won control of Congress in 1994, for the first time in forty years.
After one such attempt, Bright noted in his diary that Disraeli " seems unable to comprehend the morality of our political course.
After the 1974 invasion following a Greek junta-based coup attempt, Makarios secured international recognition of his Greek Cypriot government as the sole legal authority on Cyprus, which has proved to be a very significant strategic advantage for the Greek Cypriots in the decades since.
After the croquet stroke, the player plays a " continuation " stroke, during which the player may again attempt to make a roquet or run a hoop.
After a further attempt at pop success with 1987's Rainbow, Parton refocused on recording country material.
After an urgent call for help from the Legation, Seymour set out on 10 June with 2000 troops to attempt to break through to Peking.
After a failed attempt to bomb Canary Wharf, a large IRA bomb exploded at South Quay on 9 February 1996.
After more light rain in June, the lake finally began to dry enough for an attempt to be made.
After Russian forces began to advance, previously buried victims were also exhumed and burned in Sonderaktion 1005, a Nazi attempt to destroy evidence of the Holocaust.
After an aborted attempt to rally troops against Ankō, Kinashi no Karu ( and his sister ) were exiled and committed suicide.
After Montag starts to rip a few pages from the beginning of a rare copy of The New Testament ( one of the few left that actually contains God's word, rather than the bastardized versions that have Jesus and other Biblical characters shilling products ), Faber relents and teaches Montag about the importance of literature in its attempt to explain human existence.
After more than a century of strained relations and intercepted fighting Greece and Turkey agreed under the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 to a population exchange as an attempt to reduce tensions between the two countries in the future.
After Caesar's expeditions, the Romans began their real attempt to conquer Britain in 43 CE, at the behest of the Emperor Claudius.
After Albania signed trade agreements with Yugoslavia and Greece in 1934, Mussolini made a failed attempt to intimidate the Albanians by sending a fleet of warships to Albania.
After Sudanese intelligence services were implicated in an assassination attempt on the President of Egypt, UN economic sanctions were imposed on Sudan, a very poor country, and Turabi fell from favor.
After the collapse of the short-lived Third Reich, and the failure of its attempt to create a great land empire in Eurasia, Germany was split between Western and Soviet spheres of influence until Perestroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union.
After the perpetrator of President Reagan's assassination attempt was found not guilty by reason of insanity, Congress passed the Insanity Defense Reform Act of 1984.
After a failed attempt to sign an anti-German military alliance with France and Britain and talks with Germany regarding a potential political deal, on 23 August 1939, the Soviet Union entered into a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany, negotiated by Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov and German foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop.
After the failed assassination attempt on Hitler in 1944, he was imprisoned for a second time as an opponent of the regime.
After an apparently successful attempt to enforce the baptism of all Jews and Montanists in the empire ( 722 ), he issued a series of edicts against the worship of images ( 726 – 729 ).

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