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After and briefly
After the publication of Science and Sanity he traveled about teaching briefly in many schools and universities.
After the end of the war the islands briefly returned to British control, before becoming part of the newly independent state of India.
After two heart attacks, in 1965 he dissolved the Texas Playboys ( who briefly continued as an independent unit ) to perform solo with house bands.
After the American Revolutionary War, King's College briefly became a state entity, and was renamed Columbia College in 1784.
After serving briefly during the Franco-Prussian War, he returned to civilian duties in Paris during 1872.
After recovery from a genetic bottleneck that might be due to the Toba supervolcano catastrophe, a fairly small group left Africa and briefly interbred with Neanderthals, probably in the middle-east or even North Africa before their departure.
After finishing school, Lang briefly attended the Technical University of Vienna, where he studied civil engineering and eventually switched to art.
After teaching briefly in a Berlin girls ' school, Cantor took up a position at the University of Halle, where he spent his entire career.
After a series of events, including Odie being adopted by a small girl, both pets meeting up at a circus that they briefly joined, and both going to a pet shop, Garfield and Odie make it back home.
After briefly closing during the American Civil War, the college continued operating in Northwood until 1880.
After briefly opposing Revolutionary France early in the French Revolutionary Wars, Spain was cajoled into an uneasy alliance with its northern neighbor, only to be blockaded by the British.
After John III / I's death on 11 June 1420, the two principalities were briefly reunited under Frederick VI / I / I.
After the war, Cade recuperated very briefly in Heidelberg Hospital, then took up a position at Bundoora Repatriation Mental Hospital in Melbourne.
After law school, Ashcroft briefly taught Business Law and worked as an administrator at Southwest Missouri State University.
After the briefly successful reconquest of Sweden by Christian II and the subsequent Stockholm bloodbath in 1520, the Swedes rose in yet another rebellion which ousted the Danish forces once again in 1521, though Stockholm did not surrender until the summer of 1523.
After serving briefly as professor of physics at Dijon Lycée in 1848, he became professor of chemistry at the University of Strasbourg, where he met and courted Marie Laurent, daughter of the university's rector, in 1849.
After Louis's death, Landulf II of Capua briefly flirted with a Saracen alliance, but Pope John VIII convinced him to break it off.
After the war he worked briefly in Sweden, learning enough Swedish to communicate with scholars in it.
After briefly toying with the name The Bastions of Immaturity, they settled on the name Meat Puppets in June, 1980 after a song by Curt of the same name which appears on their first album.
After the release of Out My Way in 1986, however, the band was briefly sidelined by an accident when Curt's finger was broken after being slammed in their touring van's door.
After a period of decline of the Oxfordian theory beginning with World War II, in 1952 Charlton Ogburn and his wife Dorothy published the 1, 300-page This Star of England, which briefly revived Oxfordism.
After completing a two year stint in military service, he briefly taught school at Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg, Florida before becoming a full-time writer.
After graduating from high school in 1945, Falk briefly attended Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, and then tried to join the armed services as World War II was drawing to a close.
After Feroze Gandhi had a heart attack in 1958, the family was reconciled briefly when they holidayed in Kashmir.
After the student revolution, power was briefly held by an interim administration under the foreign minister Heo Jeong.

After and returning
After returning Stratford he drew up a defense of the town's right to toll corn and the office of collecting it, and his list of suggested witnesses included his father and Shakespeare's father.
After returning to the United States and raising the money, he discovered on getting back to Japan that the hours were no longer available.
After returning to the LM to wrap up the second lunar excursion, the two astronauts climbed back inside the landing craft's cabin, sealing and pressurizing the interior after 7 hours, 23 minutes, and 26 seconds of EVA time, breaking a record that had been set on Apollo 15.
After returning to the Serie A, Roma managed to stabilise themselves as a top half club again with players such as Egisto Pandolfini, Dino Da Costa and Dane Helge Bronée.
After returning to Paris, he fell ill, probably due to an epidemic then sweeping the city.
After the trade, however, Colavito hit over 30 home runs four times and made three All-Star teams for Detroit and Kansas City before returning to Cleveland in.
After returning to Guangzhou, a rift developed between Sun, who sought to militarily unify China under the KMT, and Guangdong Governor Chen Jiongming, who wanted to implement a federalist system with Guangdong as a model province.
After releasing Chiang and returning to Nanjing with him, Zhang was placed under house arrest and the generals who had assisted him were executed.
After release he was forbidden from returning to any corporate or public office until 1951.
After returning home, Thomas worked on Under Milk Wood in Wales, before sending the original manuscript to the BBC's Douglas Cleverdon on 15 October 1953.
After returning to the hotel, he went out again for a drink at 2 am.
After returning to the US, Douglass produced some abolitionist newspapers: The North Star, Frederick Douglass Weekly, Frederick Douglass ' Paper, Douglass ' Monthly and New National Era.
After several continuous days of nursing the newborn pups, females go on extended foraging trips that can last as long as a week, returning to the rookery to feed their pups until they are weaned.
After returning to Earth, Heero and Quatre take refuge in the newly restored Sanc Kingdom, which is governed by none other than Relena.
After being affected by the System, Heero fights once more against a returning Zechs, who is piloting Wing ZERO.
After his retirement in 1936, he traveled to Cyprus, penning the novel A Goddess Arrives before returning to England.
After returning to Los Angeles the group recorded " The Train Song ", written during an increasingly infrequent songwriting session on the train and produced by 1950s R & B legends Larry Williams and Johnny " Guitar " Watson.
After returning to Germany, Creutzfeldt worked at the Neurological Institute in Frankfurt am Main, at the psychiatric-neurological clinics in Breslau, Kiel and Berlin, and at the Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Psychiatrie in Munich.
After returning, Alafin Orompoto ( c. 1560 – 1580 ) built up an army based on heavily armed cavalry and long-service troops.
After returning to Quanzhou in 1346, Ibn Battuta began his journey back to Morocco.
After returning home from his travels in 1354, and at the instigation of the Sultan of Morocco, Abu Inan Faris, Ibn Battuta dictated an account of his journeys to Ibn Juzayy, a scholar whom he had previously met in Granada.
After returning to Herat, Ismail Khan quickly consolidated his control over the region.
After returning to normal his chest did not fully recover and some parts of it remained icy, he was unable to return them to normal, he became afraid of it and it made him gain a new attitude in life, even rude at some times.
After returning to Basel, Servetus published Two Books of Dialogues on the Trinity () which caused a sensation among Reformers and Catholics alike.
After graduation, Madison remained at Princeton to study Hebrew and political philosophy under the university president, John Witherspoon, before returning to Montpelier in the spring of 1772.

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