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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1172
from Brown Corpus
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After and complimenting
After a record executive overhears " Didi " ( a mortal incarnation of Death ) and Sexton complimenting Foxglove's performance, she is given a shot at a record contract.
After the game, instead of complimenting coach Jimmy Conzelman on the fine showing, the nervous Bidwill sighed, " Whew, that was a close one, wasn't it?

After and Morgan
After the completion of the shooting of series three, Dermot Morgan died of a heart attack, aged 45.
After Morgan began singing, the crowd joined in, and Wales became the first nation to sing a national anthem at the start of a sporting event.
After starting a collaboration on heart applications with Robert Weiss at Johns Hopkins, Bottomley returned to the university in 1994, as Russell Morgan Professor and Director of the MR Research Division.
After Morgan began singing, the crowd joined in: the first time a national anthem was sung at the start of a sporting event.
After two years of experimental work with morphologist William Keith Brooks and writing several publications, Morgan was eligible to receive a master of science from the State College of Kentucky in 1888.
After his retirement as an active player, Jackson returned to his color commentary role covering the 1988 American League Championship Series ( alongside Gary Bender and Joe Morgan ).
After Hardy, the most prominent proponent has been Welsh screenwriter Elaine Morgan, who has written several books on the topic.
After the death of his first wife, he married Mary Ethel Morgan with whom he raised four more children.
After the formulation of a committee, and their research reported, seven institutions: Delaware State University, Howard University, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Morgan State University, North Carolina A & T State University, North Carolina Central University and South Carolina State College agreed to become the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.
) After cancelation of M * A * S * H, he continued to keep in touch with, or to run into, Harry Morgan.
After Morgan opened fire with his own batteries from the opposite shore the legion quickly retreated towards Corydon.
After the battle Morgan continued into northern Harrison County where he looted New Salisbury area with the main body of troops.
After Morgan sued the publishers for libel and was awarded £ 200, Exquemelin was forced to retract his statement.
After the Battle of Camlann, a noblewoman called Morgan, later the ruler and patroness of these parts as well as being a close blood-relation of King Arthur, carried him off to the island, now known as Glastonbury, so that his wounds could be cared for.
After hovering for years in the top five, in 2006, the township earned the title of " America's Safest City ", out of 371 cities included nationwide in the 13th annual Morgan Quitno survey.
After a tour in the unsettled parts of North America in 1796 – 1797, his journal of which was edited by Augustus de Morgan in 1856, Baily entered the London Stock Exchange in 1799.
After Hoel's death Ygraine marries the Duke of Tintagel and by him becomes mother of three more daughters: a third daughter who marries a King Briadas and becomes mother of King Angusel of Scotland ( in no other extant text made Arthur's nephew ), a fourth daughter named Hermesent who marries King Urien and becomes mother of Ywain the Great, and a fifth daughter who is Morgan le Fay.
After the National City hearings ended on March 2, 1933, the Pecora Investigation resumed in May 1933, with the examination of “ private bankers ,” covering J. P. Morgan & Co., Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and Dillon, Read & Co. before returning to a commercial bank with the examination of Chase National Bank beginning in late October 1933.
After the death of his father / half-brother in 1853 John Louis's ownership had stayed within the family and he remained known as the slave of Morgan W. Brown even though Judge Morgan Welles Brown was deceased.
After the 1893 death of Anthony Drexel, the firm was rechristened " J. P. Morgan & Company " in 1895, and retained close ties with Drexel & Company of Philadelphia, Morgan, Harjes & Company of Paris, and J. S.
After Congress passed the Interstate Commerce Act in 1887, Morgan set up conferences in 1889 and 1890 that brought together railroad presidents in order to help the industry follow the new laws and write agreements for the maintenance of " public, reasonable, uniform and stable rates.

After and riflemen
After winning the British Empire championship at Wimbledon, London, in 1874, the Irish Rifle Team issued a challenge through the New York Herald to riflemen of the United States to raise a team for a long-range match to determine a British-American championship.
The battle began in the early morning, at around 6: 00 a. m. After the clashes of the previous day, the 8, 000 men under Osman Azrak advanced straight at the waiting British, quickly followed by about 8, 000 of those waiting to the northwest, a mixed force of riflemen and spearmen.
After firing a volley, they charged with the bayonet, forcing the riflemen to give way in confusion.
After clearing Wellington Ridge, the mounted riflemen, light horsemen and infantrymen pressed forward from ridge to ridge without pause.
After making their way to Portugal, and taking part in the Battle of the Douro, Sharpe and his surviving riflemen are attached to the Light Company of the South Essex ( a fictional regiment ) as part of Wellesley's Peninsula Army.
After the war, the companies were reduced to minimum size but the second regiment of dragoons which had been added to the army was turned into a regiment of riflemen.
After an inconsequential exchange of musket fire at long range, Woodford sent the riflemen of the Culpeper Minutemen off to the left.

After and saying
After that they had sat for five minutes without saying a word.
After several years of research and concern, a team of scientists headed by Jerry Bromenshenk published a paper in October 2010 saying that a new DNA-based virus, invertebrate iridescent virus or IIV6, and the fungus Nosema ceranae were found in every killed colony the group studied.
After Pinochet left power in the 1988, saying this country was ready to keep going along with a plebiscite, the Constitution was amended to ease provisions for future amendments to the Constitution.
After Maris broke Babe Ruth's home run record, Lane defended himself by saying he still would have done the deal because Maris was unknown and he received good ballplayers in exchange.
After having read the manuscript, Klein wrote to him, saying:
After recovering, he continued to blow glass until he dislocated his right shoulder in a 1979 bodysurfing accident. No longer able to hold the glass blowing pipe, he hired others to do the work ; Chihuly explained the change in a 2006 interview, saying " Once I stepped back, I liked the view " and pointing out that it allowed him to see the work from more perspectives and enabled him to anticipate problems faster.
After pleading with the executives, Coppola was allowed to cast Brando only if he appeared in the film for much less salary than his previous films, perform a screen-test, and put up a bond saying that he would not cause a delay in the production ( as he had done on previous film sets ).
After discussing the technical problems and emphasising the practical uses of the tower, he finished his talk by saying that the tower would symbolise
After this time, Geirröth's son, Agnarr, named after his brother, came to Grímnir and gave him a full horn from which to drink, saying that his father, the king, was not right to torture him.
After this event, the FARC-EP released a statement saying that defeating the group would not bring peace to Colombia and called for a negotiated solution, not surrender, to the social and political conflict.
After the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake the Wizard has planned to retire and leave Christchurch for good saying the town he loved had gone and that it was the end of an era.
After saying goodbye, all of the lights turned off with Anne being the only person left in the studio.
He also refused to recognize the need to publicize his policies and decisions, saying " After I have made a definite statement, I have to let it go at that until the time for action arises.
After Lennon's death, McCartney once again attempted to change the order to " McCartney – Lennon " for songs such as " Yesterday " that were solely or predominantly written by him, but Ono would not allow it, saying she felt this broke an agreement that the two had made while Lennon was still alive.
They then announced a show would take place in Ireland, with Ian Brown saying " After Manchester, Ireland is always next on our list ".
After that he added other signs saying " hi " and " this is neat " ( near rayguns ), and he ended up creating conversions for the other letters of the Latin alphabet for the signs to resemble writings in an alien language.
After one 5 hour rehearsal, Franz Strauss led a strike by the orchestra, saying that he could not play any more.
After reading Hayek's The Road to Serfdom, Keynes wrote to Hayek saying: " Morally and philosophically I find myself in agreement with virtually the whole of it " but concluded the same letter with the recommendation: On the pressing issue of the time, whether deficit spending could lift a country from depression, Keynes replied to Hayek's criticism in the following way:
After Abraham Lincoln's election, Garfield was more inclined to arms than negotiations, saying, " Other states may arm to the teeth, but if Ohio so much as cleans her rusty muskets, it is said to have offended our brethren in the South.
After the bombardment of Fort Sumter, Sherman hesitated about committing to military service and ridiculed Lincoln's call for 75, 000 three-month volunteers to quell secession, reportedly saying: " Why, you might as well attempt to put out the flames of a burning house with a squirt-gun.
After the battle the heads of York, Rutland and Salisbury were displayed over Micklegate Bar, the western gate through the York city walls, the Duke wearing a paper crown and a sign saying " Let York overlook the town of York ".
After disproving several charges against him ( one observer noted that he proceeded to demolish or rather showed he could very easily demolish the whole case ) and saying that " the confession of accused is not essential.
" After the blockade, he gave a speech to the United Nations General Assembly on 29 May saying, " the issue was not UNEF or closing the Strait of Tiran ; the issue is the rights of the Palestinian people.
After saying he had lived alone for centuries in that cave, he told the peasant: " Give me your hand, so that I can see how strong are men today ".

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