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After and describing
After casting about for a way of describing this spirit, we decided that it would be better to use Mr. Lyford's introduction as an illustration.
" After describing the death of the king, the taunt continues: " How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn!
After the Flood Noah offered a sacrifice ( the word nihoah, describing the " pleasant " odour of the sacrifice, is yet another pun on Noah's name ) and entered into a covenant with God regulating the shedding of blood ( i. e., mankind's permission to kill under regulated circumstances ).
After a heated argument in Bismarck's office Wilhelm, whom Bismarck had allowed to see a letter from Tsar Alexander III describing him as a " badly brought-up boy ", stormed out, after first ordering the rescinding of the Cabinet Order of 1851, which had forbidden Prussian Cabinet Ministers to report directly to the King of Prussia, requiring them instead to report via the Prime Minister.
In 1959, she achieved a success with the Noël Coward comedy Look After Lulu, with The Times critic describing her as " beautiful, delectably cool and matter of fact, she is mistress of every situation.
After describing experiments to ascertain the pressure of steam at various points between 0 and 100 ° C ( 32 and 212 ° F ), Dalton concluded from observations on the vapour pressure of six different liquids, that the variation of vapour pressure for all liquids is equivalent, for the same variation of temperature, reckoning from vapour of any given pressure.
After eighteen years in prison, Andy shares the information with Red, describing exactly how to find the place and how one day " Peter Stevens " will own a small seaside resort hotel in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.
After using the term " Nazi " in describing Pope Benedict XVI on October 15, 2011, she drew umbrage not only from Roman Catholic authorities, but also the Anti-Defamation League, which called on Sarandon to apologize.
After Hatshepsut died, Thutmose, in an inscription describing his first campaign, said it was in his 22nd year of reign, thereby counting his regnal years from the time his father died, not from the death of Hatshepsut.
After describing Fólkvangr, High tells Gangleri ( described as king Gylfi in disguise ) that Freyja has the hall Sessrúmnir, and that " it is large and beautiful ".
After describing the mistreatment of a married priest, Manning writes that his friends have urged him to seek accommodation from the Roman Catholic authorities regarding his marriage.
After describing the contests and the prizes, the phrase appears with a hyphen: " So that's the whole nine-yards.
After his death, he haunts Lestat, describing his own life and commanding Lestat to watch over Dora from then on.
After visiting Naples in 1850, Gladstone began to support Neapolitan opponents of the Bourbon rulers: his " support " consisting of a couple of letters that he sent from Naples to the Parliament of London, describing the " awful conditions " of the Kingdom of Southern Italy and claiming that " it is the negation of God erected to a system of government ".
After describing the legislative history of the 1933 Banking Act, this article deals with the narrow meaning of the Glass – Steagall Act as the four provisions of the 1933 Banking Act separating commercial and investment banking.
After describing the scientific facts of the solar eclipse resulting from the Moon coming between the Sun and Earth and the lunar eclipse from the Earth coming between the Sun and Moon, he writes:
After Farrell apologised to the audience, describing Bradford as " my first stalker ", the show continued filming and the incident was edited out of the aired broadcast.
After Sounds editor Alan Lewis coined the term, journalist Geoff Barton first used it in the May 1979 issue of Sounds magazine as a way of describing a second wave of heavy metal bands that emerged in the late 1970s during the period of punk rock's decline and the dominance of New Wave music.
After the claims adjudication process is complete, the insurance company often sends a letter to the person filing the claim describing the outcome.
After his release, Pellico wrote a book Le mie prigioni, describing in detail his ten-year ordeal.
After the article was released, Walmart released a statement denying allegations and describing its anti-corruption policy.
After describing the worship of the goddess Rheda during the Anglo-Saxon month of Hrethmonath, Bede writes about Eosturmonath, the month of the goddess Ēostre:
After exploring it, he named it for Sir Edward Hawke, First Lord of the Admiralty on 15 October 1769, describing it as some 13 leagues ( about 40 miles ) across.
After briefly describing Interzone, the novel breaks down into sub-stories and heavily cut-up influenced passages.

After and manifestation
After being caught in the act of faking a spiritual manifestation, she was arrested during a seance and indicted with seven punishable counts: two of conspiracy to contravene the Witchcraft Act, two of obtaining money by false pretences, and three of public mischief ( a common law offence ).
After the demise of apartheid and the manifestation of the new political dispensation, Sandton first became part of the Eastern Metropolitan Substructure, and later became part of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality following new demarcations put forward by the government, and it no longer has a separate municipal government.
After the Concordat of 1801 — itself the most dazzling manifestation of the pope's supreme power — French Governments made some pretence of reviving, in the Organic Articles, the " Ancient Gallican Liberties " and the obligation of teaching the articles of 1682, but ecclesiastical Gallicanism was never again resuscitated except in the form of a vague mistrust of Rome.
After each manifestation, from teacher unions to women's rights activists, at least some disappearances are expected.
After convincing his troops to accept the principles, which were promulgated on February 24, 1821, as the Plan of Iguala, Iturbide persuaded Guerrero to join his forces in support of the new conservative manifestation of the independence movement.
After Buffy comforts her mother, the Scoobies discover that the children are the manifestation of a demon whose sole purpose is to tear communities apart by sparking moral panics.
After a plenary meeting in which important policies were decided ( some defiled monks suggested to change some precepts and rules, he scolded them and wrote an essay about the manifestation of the Dharma Ending Age.

After and Gospel
After reading it, Gladstone requested its publication in England, where it appeared as " The Gospel of Wealth " in the Pall Mall Gazette.
After the last anointing, the Gospel Book is opened and placed with the writing down upon the head of the one who was anointed, and the senior priest reads the " Prayer of the Gospel ".
After the Little Entrance, the arch-priest and arch-deacon conduct the bishop-elect before the Royal Gates where he is met by the bishops and kneels before the altar on both knees and the Gospel Book is laid over his head and the consecrating bishops lay their hands upon the Gospel Book, while the prayers of ordination are read by the eldest bishop ; after this, the newly consecrated bishop ascends the synthranon ( bishop's throne in the sanctuary ) for the first time.
After lectures on the Gospel of Matthew and the Epistle to the Romans, together with his investigations into the doctrines of Paul, he was granted the degree of bachelor of theology, and was transferred to the theological faculty.
After the Little Entrance the Gospel reading is a concatenation of the four Evangelists ' accounts of the Crucifixion and the Descent from the Cross.
After an ektenia ( litany ), during which petitions are offered that God will have mercy on those who err and bring them back to the truth, and that he will " make hatred, enmity, strife, vengeance, falsehood and all other abominations to cease, and cause true love to reign in our hearts …", the bishop ( or abbot ) says a prayer during which he beseeches God to: " look down now upon Thy Church, and behold how that, though we have joyously received the Gospel of salvation, we are but stony ground.
After hearing the Gospel from Paul, Onesimus converted to Christianity.
After the Coptic version of the complete text was discovered in 1945 at Nag Hammadi, scholars soon realized that three different Greek text fragments previously found at Oxyrhynchus, also in Egypt, were part of the Gospel of Thomas.
After the third prophecy, the Gospel of Mark states that the brothers James and John ask Jesus to be his left and right hand men, but Jesus asks if they can drink from the cup he must drink from.
After his commentaries ( on Romans, the Gospel of John, the Sermon on the Mount and the Epistle to the Hebrews ) and several volumes of sermons, his best-known books are Stunden christlicher Andacht ( 1839 ; 8th ed., 1870 ), intended to take the place of J H D Zschokke's standard rationalistic work with the same title, and his reply to David Strauss's Life of Jesus ( Glaubwürdigkeit der evangelischen Geschichte, 1837 ).
After the readings from the Old Testament, the Trisagion is chanted, followed by the Epistle and Gospel, and the Divine Liturgy proceeds normally from that point.
After seminary he preached the Social Gospel, then started attacking what he considered the brutalization and insecurity of Ford workers.
“ The saying of 5: 2 − 4, for example, appears to be from the lost Gospel of Peter ,” says Bart Ehrman in Lecture 15 of his audiobook, After The New Testament.
After reading from the Gospel, the priest will bless the faithful with it.
After 1945, the threat of pro-nazi " German Christianity " abated, providing several conservative Lutheran theologians a fresh new era in which to speak out against Barmen for having challenged four tenets of traditional Lutheranism: their Orders of creation, natural revelation, the doctrine of the two kingdoms, and the relationship between Law and Gospel.
After a short stay in Lübeck he made his way to Denmark, where he found favour with King Frederick I, and was appointed by royal ordinance to preach the Gospel at Kiel.
After being forced out he set up his own group, the League for Social Service ( 1898 – 1916 ), and edited its magazine The Gospel of the Kingdom.
After their brief stay in Moscow they were received by the Great Lithuanian Hetman Hrehory Chodkiewicz at his estate in Zabłudów ( northern Podlaskie ), where they published Yevangeliye uchitel ’ noye ( Didactic Gospel, 1569 ) ( see Zabłudów Gospel ) and Psaltir ’ ( Psalter, 1570 ).
After coming to light following its move to the Vatican Library in 1902 this luxury Gospel book had been largely ignored by the academic community until it became the subject of a doctoral dissertation in 2004.
After appearing in recurring roles in series such as Casualty and The Book Group, he starred as Jesus Christ in the 2003 film The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John.
* Turner and McGuire, Nag Hammadi Library After Fifty Years ,: Martha Lee Turner, " On the coherence of the Gospel according to Philip, pp. 223 – 250 and Einar Thomasson, " How Valentinian is the Gospel of Philip?

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