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After and dropping
After dropping out of high school, he followed his brother Richard to France, where he performed with Le Grand Magic Circus, an avant-garde musical theater group.
After dropping out of school at sixteen, Lawrence worked in a laundry and a printing plant.
After dropping the hardware business, NeXT returned to selling a toolkit to run on other operating systems, in effect returning to the original business plan.
After dropping seven games behind the Atlanta Braves on July 21, Philadelphia finished with an MLB-best record of 97 – 65.
After dropping its moisture over the western and central Pyrenees, the air is usually dry over the eastern Pyrenees.
After dropping out of college, Limbaugh moved to McKeesport, Pennsylvania.
After dropping out of university, he became a professional pilot for Indian Airlines.
After secondary school Saddam studied at an Iraqi law school for three years, dropping out in 1957 at the age of 20 to join the revolutionary pan-Arab Ba ' ath Party, of which his uncle was a supporter.
After watching his father work on film sets, Leone began his own career in the film industry at the age of 18 after dropping out of law studies at the university.
After dropping out of view after the elections, it resurfaced as the group Protest at the Polls in 1963.
After graduating from high school in Warsaw, IN, Theodore attended Indiana University in the years 1889-1890 before dropping out ..
After the loss at the US Open, Davenport captured the title in Bali without dropping a set, and subsequently qualified for the WTA Tour Championships.
After dropping out of college, she worked as a clerk at a local branch of a chain grocers, where she became a union organizer.
After dropping Game 1 to New Jersey in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Flyers peeled off three straight wins to take a 3 – 1 series lead.
After that the population began a steady decline, dropping to 9. 7 million in 2006-2007.
After dropping the first two games in the Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers, the Magic finally won their first ever game in the Finals in Game 3.
After dropping the first two games of the five-game set in Seattle, the series returned to Denver.
After dropping Game 1 on the road to the Seattle SuperSonics in the playoffs, the Timberwolves would win their first postseason game in Game 2, winning in Seattle 98 – 93.
After dropping to 36 wins and losing in the first round of the 1967 NBA Playoffs, they lost in the finals to the Celtics again in 1968.
After a brief courtship, they marry, and on the train to their honeymoon, " Eve " begins to confess her past, dropping name after name after name of old boyfriends and lovers.
( After dropping football, the AMCU later became the Mid-Continent Conference, and is now The Summit League.
After reconsidering her notes from the dream, she realizes that the ' wheel ' was a revolver and that the man hiding behind the chimney and dropping the wheel was Dr. Murchison hiding behind a tree, shooting Dr. Edwardes and dropping the gun.
After a short run the theatre was invaded by the Irish police and director Alan Simpson was arrested for producing " a lewd entertainment " for miming dropping a condom onto the floor.

After and out
After walking out to his corral that morning, he'd been amazed to see the dust puff up in front of his feet.
After he had finished the first two volumes of his Lincoln, Sandburg went to work assembling a book of songs out of hobo and childhood days and from the memory of songs others had taught him.
After we got a script and the spots for the songs were blocked out, we'd get together for an hour or so every day.
After baptism Jesus came up out of the water at once, and at that moment heaven opened ; ;
After a nuclear blast, one bureaucrat suggested in those halcyon days, about all you had to do was haul out the broom and sweep off your sidewalks and roof.
After Mr. Jack drove away, Winston went on looking out the window.
After the family has settled in the shelter, the housekeeping rules should be spelled out by the adult in charge.
After figuring out how to regulate the barrels so that they shot to the same point of impact, we fired this little 20-inch-barrel job on my home range and in Marlin's underground test gallery.
After the meal, he and his guests went out to inspect the rig ; ;
After an unspeakable siege, lasting the better part of two months, it was announced that the studio `` owed '' the government a tax debt in excess of eight million dollars while I, who had always remained aloof from such iniquitous practices as paying taxes on the salary I had earned and the little I legally inherited as Morris' helpless relict, was `` stung '' with a personal bill of such astronomical proportions as to `` wipe out '' all but a fraction of my poor, hard-come-by savings.
After blotting out most of the saline around the sections, a drop of Af was layered over each of the sections, allowed to react for 30 minutes, and then washed with PBS for 15 - 30 minutes.
After blotting out most of the liquid around the sections, the latter were mounted in buffered glycerine ( 7 parts glycerine to 3 parts of PBS ).
After the first two were blacked out, the third light was abandoned by a terrified Italian crew, who left their light to shine for nine minutes like an unerring homing beacon until British MP's shot it out.
After all, the henpecked husband with his shrewish wife is a comic figure of long standing, in literature and on the stage, as Dr. Schillinger points out.
After he'd got out fresh liver for Bast, he paused to look at her crouched daintily over her dish.
After Al Paschal gruonded out, Jay Cooke walked and Jim McDaniel singled home McAuliffe.
After playing a splendid first nine holes in 34 -- two strokes under par -- on this fifth and final day of the tournament ( Sunday's fourth round had been washed out by a violent rainstorm when it was only half completed ), Player's game rapidly fell to pieces.
After the sad impatient moment, waiting for comfort which could not come, she slipped out of bed and went to the open window.
After a short time, both George and Donald joined the class with me so they wouldn't feel lonely, and we used to hang a sign on the door of the Brush-off reading out to work.
After the Battle of Gettysburg, Lincoln clearly understood that his military decisions would be more effectively carried out by conveying his orders through his War Secretary or his general-in-chief on to his generals, who resented his civilian interference with their own plans.
After the Civil War, Doubleday mustered out of the volunteer service on August 24, 1865, reverted to the rank of lieutenant colonel, and became the colonel of the 35th U. S. Infantry in September 1867.
After seven days and nights in agony, Alcmene stretched out her arms and called upon Lucina, the goddess of childbirth ( the Roman equivalent of Eileithyia ).
After the pair donned and pressurized their spacesuits and depressurized the Lunar Module cabin, John Young climbed out onto the " porch " of the LM, a small platform above the ladder.
After completing more tasks at the ALSEP, Young and Duke returned to the LM to close out the moonwalk.

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