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Page "Sullivan's Travels" ¶ 5
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After and eating
After they had finished eating, Melissa took Sprite the kitten under her arm -- `` so that Auntie Grace can teach it about the whistle '' -- and climbed into the station wagon beside her mother.
After eating, they configured the cabin for their first sleep period on the Moon.
After eating a meal and proceeding with a debriefing on the day's activities with mission control, Young and Duke reconfigured the LM cabin and prepared for the sleep period.
After eating his own sons ' corpses, Thyestes asked an oracle how best to gain revenge.
After eating up to 80 percent of its body weight in one meal, it drags itself to a sunny location to speed digestion, as the food could rot and poison the dragon if left undigested for too long.
temptation of Adam and the “ fall of man .” After eating fruit from the
After Adam and Eve fell from God's favour by eating fruit from the tree of knowledge, they were cast out of the Garden of Eden.
After reading an article by the Dutchman Christiaan Eijkman that indicated people eating brown rice were less vulnerable to beri-beri than those who ate only the fully milled product, he tried to isolate the substance responsible and he succeeded around 1912.
After not eating for four days, he is found dead in Catherine's room.
After the junk food was taken away and replaced with a healthy diet, the rats starved for two weeks instead of eating nutritious fare.
After Kobayashi saves the day by eating a lot of hot dogs, a cartoon William Perry makes an appearance saying " Damn!
After the monster is done eating the machine, its voice is heard from within the monster as it states that nothing can stop it from performing its function which is to be the most powerful exploding device known to man.
After eating a meal with a group of relatives at Turner's home, Bostock and his uncle went to visit Joan Hawkins, a woman whom Bostock had tutored as a teenager, but had not seen for several years.
After eating, Tidemand surprised his guests with the finest vintage brandy.
After seeing this, Lone Starr & Barf leave without eating.
After defeating the wizard ( who had turned into a bird ), by turning into a cat and eating him ; He rescued the princess, returned to the village of Serenia, and received a junior-master adventure certificate.
After the holiday, eating from the etrog or etrog jam is considered a segula ( efficacious remedy ) for a woman to have an easy childbirth.
After eating, Haw reflects on his experience.
After a break from public life and an eating disorder and depression, Chisholm released her second studio album, Reason, in March 2003.
After consulting with Alex Roberts, whom sources suggest was Suge Knight's connection to the underworld, Knight and two bodyguards arrived at The Palm in West Hollywood, where Van Winkle was eating.
* After eating a pawn, it is possible to advance the score left with the same pawn ( this is forbidden in Parqués )
After he finishes eating, he needs to put down both the forks so they become available to others.
# After a philosopher is done eating, all his forks become dirty.
After eating, Pinocchio recognises the Fairy's turquoise hair.

After and soup
After Zeno began carrying the pot, Crates smashed it with his staff, splattering the lentil soup all over his surprised student.
After cooking, the pork is usually chopped and returned to the soup, or sometimes removed to slice thinly and served separately ... Newfoundland Pea Soup is very similar, but usually includes more vegetables such as diced turnips and carrots, and is often topped with small dumplings called dough boys.
After the broadcast, letters began pouring in asking for Chicken noodle soup.
After one taste, you'll duck soup for the rest of your life.
After having offal and vegetables, the rest of soup is used to cook champon noodles.
After cooking a while, garlic, whole or ground caraway seed, or soup vegetables like carrot, parsnip, peppers ( green or bell pepper ), celery and a small tomato may be added.
After hearing the name of the sample, they will ask why it was named that upon which the customer would have some calamity related to the name of the dish happen to him or her such as being tackled by a Dancing Lobster upon trying the ice cream " Lobster Tackle ," being punched by Abraham Lincoln upon trying the soup " Lincoln Punch ", being attacked by a samurai upon trying the sushi " Samurai Roll ", being crushed by a refrigerator upon trying the cookie " Refrigerator Crunch ", being abducted by aliens upon trying " Alien Abduction Jerky ," or being blown away by strong winds upon trying a " Hurricane Dog ".
After he became established, it was decided that " Hines " was too close to the Heinz soup company, so he chose the Sales, in part after vaudville comedian Chic Sale.
After being dried they are added to either clear or brown soup.
After the chicken is simmered in the pot or crock-pot, the broth is chilled so the fat rises to the top and can be skimmed off, at once providing schmaltz to set aside for other uses and a less-fat soup, which is brought back to heat before serving.
After their mail was cut off they subsisted on a soup of cabbage, water and salt.
After writing and releasing her cookbook in 1999, Rachel Ray went on NBC's Today show to make soup with Al Roker.
However, after constant and continuous pressure from environmental groups and schoolchildren, shareholders concerned about the company's image, Disney announced on June 24, 2005 that shark fin soup will not be served at all, because, according to their press release, " After careful consideration and a thorough review process, we were not able to identify an environmentally sustainable fishing source, leaving us no alternative except to remove shark's fin soup from our wedding banquet menu.
After the food is collected, sorted, and reviewed for quality, these food bank distribute it to non-profit community or government agencies, including food pantries, food closets, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, orphanages, and schools.
After he is sent to his room by his parents, Bart runs away from home and stays at a soup kitchen for homeless people.
After supporting a number of strikes in the first few years of its existence, the WTUL played a critical role in supporting the Uprising of the 20, 000, the New York City and Philadelphia shirtwaist workers ' strike, by providing a headquarters for the strike, raising money for relief funds, soup kitchens and bail for picketers, providing witnesses and legal defense for arrested picketers, joining the strikers on the picket line, and organizing mass meetings and marches to publicize the shirtwaist workers ' demands and the sweatshop conditions they were fighting.
After sidestepping grills and swimming through gallons of soup, Goemon confronts Poron, the final weirdo, who jokes that he lost the last miracle item in Zazen Town.
# After 13th Aunt boards the Russians ' carriage, Wong takes some soup for energy before going back.
After finding a treasure, Uncle Fyodor can afford to buy a tractor that runs on soup and potatoes, and a portable sun to do the heating during the winter.

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