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After and electronic
After producing the third volume of his series in 1976, he expressed such frustration with the nascent state of the then newly-developed electronic publishing tools ( especially those that provided input to phototypesetters ) that he took time out to work on typesetting and created the TeX and METAFONT tools.
After leaving school at the age of sixteen, he worked various odd jobs until, after receiving a scholarship, he began a five-year program at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough covering the practical and theoretical sides of electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering.
After a 1982 meeting with Stevie Wonder, in which the latter lamented the divide in capabilities and qualities between electronic synthesizers and traditional musical instruments, Kurzweil was inspired to create a new generation of music synthesizers capable of accurately duplicating the sounds of real instruments.
After working as a session musician with Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi in 1977, the trio formed the internationally successful electronic music band Yellow Magic Orchestra ( YMO ) in 1978.
After a flurry of interest in America following the end of the Second World War, the theremin soon fell into disuse with serious musicians, mainly because newer electronic instruments were introduced that were easier to play.
After moving to London, Vangelis signed with RCA Records, set up his own studio, Nemo Studios, and began recording a string of electronic albums, such as Heaven and Hell ( 1975 ), Albedo 0. 39 ( 1976 ), Spiral ( 1977 ), Beaubourg ( 1978 ), and China ( 1979 ).
After the war, development continued with tube-based computers including, military computers ENIAC and Whirlwind, the Ferranti Mark 1 ( the first commercially available electronic computer ), and UNIVAC I, also available commercially.
After the 1980s electronic instruments were no longer popular in rock but continued to be the main component of mainstream pop.
Below title bar: events after World War II: From left to right: The Declaration of the State of Israel in 1948 ; The Nuremberg Trials were held after the war, in which the prominent members of the political, military, and economic leadership of the defeated Nazi Germany were prosecuted ; After the war, the United States carried out the Marshall Plan, which aimed at rebuilding Western Europe ; ENIAC, the world's first general-purpose electronic computer .| 420px | thumb
After more than twenty years of intensive research the origin of high-temperature superconductivity is still not clear, but it seems that instead of electron-phonon attraction mechanisms, as in conventional superconductivity, one is dealing with genuine electronic mechanisms ( e. g. by antiferromagnetic correlations ), and instead of s-wave pairing, d-waves are substantial.
After print publication, the " cleaned up and finalized " electronic copy is available both on line through the monthly bundle or as a single title ( priced variably $ 3 – 6 ) and through the parallel practice Baen instituted of using promotional CD-ROMs with permissive copyright licenses with many of its stable of authors works.
After spending several years as assistant editor of Practical Wireless and Instrument Practice, Sinclair founded Sinclair Radionics in 1961, where he produced the first slim-line electronic pocket calculator in 1972 ( the Sinclair Executive ).
After that time, pachinko machines incorporated more electronic features, thus requiring electricity for operation.
After the printed circuit board ( PCB ) is completed, electronic components must be attached to form a functional printed circuit assembly, or PCA ( sometimes called a " printed circuit board assembly " PCBA ).
After multiplication by the real function from the left and integration over the electronic coordinates the total Schrödinger equation
After more than twenty years of intensive research the origin of high-temperature superconductivity is still not clear, but it seems that instead of electron-phonon attraction mechanisms, as in conventional superconductivity, one is dealing with genuine electronic mechanisms ( e. g. by antiferromagnetic correlations ), and instead of s-wave pairing, d-waves are substantial.
After the definition of MIDI in 1982 and the development of digital audio, the creation of purely electronic sounds and their manipulation became much simpler.
After that time for the last 20 years of his life he played primarily electronic keyboard instruments on stage and in the studio, but occasional lead guitar ( including the acoustic guitar given to him by John Lennon, with Maurice used on " This Is Where I Came In ", 2001 ).
After the sale of assets to DirecTV, ReplayTV's only ongoing activity was maintenance of the electronic program guide service by D & M Holdings, which was to be discontinued on July 31, 2011.
After a brief silence, a short electronic piece thought to be named " Genchildren " ( as it was named in a Napster leak in 2000 ) is played, before two additional minutes of silence.
After graduation, he worked at Harvard with Dr Howard Aiken on the design of the Mark IV, Aiken's first fully electronic computer.
After fifty years, during which solid-state electronic components have largely displaced the vacuum tube, the photomultiplier remains a unique and important optoelectronic component.
After becoming an independent non-profit organization in November 2000, EPIC has continued to work on governmental issues: surveillance ; transparency, using the Freedom of Information Act to publicize documents ; and the security, verifiability, and privacy of electronic voting.
After a highly publicized five-week jury trial that was the most closely watched of a wave of corporate fraud trials, Stewart was found guilty in March 2004 of conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding, and making false statements to federal investigators, and was sentenced in July 2004 to serve a five month term in a federal correctional facility and a two year period of supervised release ( to include five months of electronic monitoring ).

After and machines
After the release of the Apple Lisa computer in January 1983, Apple invested considerable effort in the development of a local area networking ( LAN ) system for the machines.
After the development of orthopedics in the eighteenth century, machines like the Gymnasticon were developed to treat gout and similar diseases by systematic exercise of the joints, similar to later developments in physical therapy.
After the Volta Associates gave several demonstrations in the City of Washington, businessmen from Philadelphia created the American Graphophone Company on March 28, 1887, in order to produce and sell the machines for the budding phonograph marketplace.
After a period of trial and error and modifications of Archer's invention, new machines based on the principles pioneered by Archer were purchased and in 1854 the U. K. postal authorities started continuously issuing perforated postage stamps in the Penny Red and all subsequent designs.
After this adventure, the stories in the Primer involve the exploration of castles with more complex situations which all prove, in the end, to also be Turing machines.
After the machines were returned to Minnesota, they were inspected and tested, and as each machine was sold, a notation was made in the corporate records that the machine had appeared in the film.
After an experimental machine known as the Little Character, they delivered the CDC 1604, one of the first commercial transistor-based computers, and one of the fastest machines on the market.
After several months of waiting with the machines ready to be shipped, the project was eventually cancelled.
After the official launch on Ottawa Cablevision in October 1983, the NABU Network was introduced by Ottawa's Skyline Cablevision in 1984 and a year later in Sowa, Japan, via a collaboration between NABU and ASCII Corp. NABU machines used Telidon for online banking and other services.
After a total production of about two thousand machines, it was withdrawn on November 19, 1970.
After World War II, Farris Craig started with a panel truck and peanut vending machines.
After logging and coal-mining declined, the major employers and industries became the nearby Northern State Hospital ( a mental-health facility ) and Skagit Steel & Iron Works, which rose from the back room of a local hardware store to became a major supplier of implements and parts for logging and railroad customers and which manufactured machines and parts for the war effort in World War II and artillery shells, starting in 1953.
After hosting the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, the United States Navy deemed Treasure Island an ideal location for transporting people and machines to the Pacific theater, and on April 1, 1941, established Treasure Island Naval Station which also included a portion of Yerba Buena Island.
After the war, the team continued to build codebreaking machines, targeted at specific codes.
After his death, his machines would be destroyed and thrown into Paulo Afonso Falls.
After visiting the McDonald brothers ' original store location in San Bernardino, California, the founders and owners ( Keith J. Kramer and his wife's uncle Matthew Burns ) purchased the rights to two pieces of equipment called " Insta " machines and opened their first restaurants, based around a cooking device called an Insta-Broiler.
After the network of coaxial cable and microwave relays carrying programs to the West Coast was completed in September 1951, CBS and NBC in 1952 instituted a " hot kinescope " process in which shows being performed in New York were transmitted west, filmed on two kinescope machines in 35 mm negative and 16 mm reversal film ( the latter for backup protection ) in Los Angeles, rushed to film processing, and then transmitted from Los Angeles three hours later for broadcast in the Pacific Time Zone.
After experimentation both machines proved to be failures.
After his memories are returned, he leads the seven sandworms being transported on the Ithaca to wreak havoc in Synchrony, homeworld of the thinking machines.
After the early Quadra machines, Apple started a short-lived experiment including AT & T 3210 digital signal processors ( DSP ) in the " AV " series machines ( the 840AV and 660AV ).
After a short period in the market, DEC let it be known that they were exiting the 36-bit market to concentrate on their smaller machines again.
After witnessing the invasion of Belgium, he was disillusioned saying: " The war is founded on a glaring mistake, men have been confused with machines ".

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