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After and electrophoresis
After the electrophoresis is complete, the molecules in the gel can be stained to make them visible.
After the gel is polymerized the comb can be removed and the gel is ready for electrophoresis.
After a successful insertion into a circular orbit at, the first experiments began ; the first two samples were run through the continuous electrophoresis system, and measurements were taken for the atmospheric luminosities study.
After separation of red cell membranes by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and staining with periodic acid-Schiff staining ( PAS ) four glycophorins have been identified.
After restriction digest, DNA can then be analysed using gel electrophoresis.
After washing, the precipitated protein ( s ) are eluted and analyzed by gel electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, western blotting, or any number of other methods for identifying constituents in the complex.
After the gel electrophoresis, the gel is scanned with the excitation wavelength of each dye one after the other, so we are able to see each sample separately ( if we scan the gel at the excitation wavelength of the Cy3 dye, we will see in the gel only the sample that was labeled with that dye ).

After and gel
After the experiment is finished, the resulting gel can be stored in a plastic bag in a refrigerator.
After a set amount of time ( usually a few hours, though this depends on the voltage applied across the gel ; protein migration occurs more quickly at higher voltages, but these results are typically less accurate than at those at lower voltages ) the proteins will have differentially migrated based on their size ; smaller proteins will have traveled farther down the gel, while larger ones will have remained closer to the point of origin.
After staining, different proteins will appear as distinct bands within the gel.
After vitrectomy to remove the vitreous gel, membranectomy is undertaken to peel away the tissue.
After the gold particles have impacted the dish, the gel and callus are largely disrupted.
Tipped by all pundits on the J-League After Game Show to finish the season in 18th position, the players struggled to gel and went for the first 13 games of the season without earning a point.
After the tooth is cleaned, a special gel is placed on the chewing surface for a few seconds.
After the integration in 1987 the business sectors brand-name products were assigned to Schwarzkopf & Henkel Cosmetics GmbH, Düsseldorf, and hair salon products to Hans Schwarzkopf GmbH & Co KG ( Schwarzkopf Professional ), Hamburg, respectively ), Schauma shampoo, Fa shower gel and deodorant, Diadermine skin and body care, Dial shower and hand soap
After DNA samples are run on an agarose gel, extraction involves four basic steps: identifying the fragments of interest, isolating the corresponding bands, isolating the DNA from those bands, and removing the accompanying salts and stain.
After a difficult first few months in National Division Two the team began to gel, and a decent run of results in the new year saw mid-table respectability achieved for the 2003 / 2004 season.

After and is
After how many generations is such wealth ( mounting all the while through the manipulations of high finance ) purified of taint??
After allowing for group exposures, it is apparent that other factors must be considered if we are to comprehend fanaticism.
After all, Shelley is no `` orthodox '' or Hellenic Platonist, and even his `` romantic '' Platonism can be distinguished from that of his contemporaries.
After Quiney was elected bailiff in September, 1601, without Greville's approval, Greene wrote him that Coke had promised to be of counsel for Stratford and had advised `` that the office of bayly may be exercised as it is taken upon you, ( Sr. Edwardes his consent not beinge hadd to the swearinge of you ) ''.
After all, it goes back to the days in which sedition was not un-American, the days in which the Sons of St. Tammany conspired to overthrow the government by force and violence -- the British government, that is.
After all, when one has asked whatever became of old Joe and Charlie when one has inquired who it was Sue Brown married and where it is they now live when questions are asked and answered about families and children, and old professors when the game and its probable outcome has been exhausted that does it.
After the Griffin-Byrd political troup has completed the circuit in November in the name of a Pre-Legislative Forum, this is going to be the most politically oriented Legislature in history.
After a minute he went on, `` People must think the curse is on me, seeing you fresh as an apple and me old and gray ''.
After the recommendation of the Department is forwarded to the appeal board, that is the appropriate place for a registrant to lodge his denial.
After you have taken a breather, reverse the position of your legs so that the front thigh of the previous exercise is now to the rear, and the rear thigh now to the front, and perform the same movement in the same manner.
After notching it for the keelson, chines and battens, the half-inch plywood transom is secured to it with glue and the same type nails.
After the frames and transom are set up on the jig and temporarily braced, a piece of three-inch-wide mahogany ( only widths will be given since the 13/16-inch thickness is used throughout ) is butted between frames one and two below the line of the keelson.
After trimming off the excess on the frames and transom which was used to fasten them to the jig at a working height, the top of the side planking is installed.
After the decking is on, the cabin sides are installed.
After it has been seen, have the child start on a mat on hands and knees ( a thin, inexpensive mat is quite sufficient for anything that does not require falling ).
After a few tortuous moments of wondering who `` he '' is, the camera pans across the room to the plaster statue, and we realize that Neitzbohr is trying to redeem himself in the eyes of a mute piece of sculpture.
After it has reached terminal velocity, the time for the tape to travel a known distance is recorded.
After the male and female andrenas have mated, the cycle is repeated.
After all, social life in the group of the bees is by no means general, although it certainly is a striking feature.
After being located for some years in the Village at the Equinox Pharmacy under the supervision of Mrs. Harry Mercier, it is presently located in the Hill and Dale Shop, Manchester Center.
After 1895 the number increases, and in the next thirty years there is only one year for which there is no dated poem -- 1903, when Hardy was at work on The Dynasts.

After and illuminated
After the first pass, only those patches which are in direct line of sight of a light-emitting patch will be illuminated.
After the second pass, more patches will become illuminated as the light begins to bounce around the scene.
After losing consciousness again the narrator discovers that the prison is slightly illuminated and that he is bound to a wooden board by ropes.
After dark, coloured lamps illuminated the gardens.
After the outburst was over, the Hubble Space Telescope was able to observe a light echo, which illuminated the dust surrounding the star.
After all target areas have been illuminated, the game returns to drawing graphics as usual.
After numerous trials in which even small atmospheric turbulence kept the aircraft from flying straight and level enough for good data, one pre-dawn flight in August 1957 yielded a map-like image of the Willow Run Airport area which did demonstrate resolution in some parts of the image, whereas the illuminated beam width there was.
After another unsuccessful, illuminated rescue attempt, and with his fuel dangerously low and his aircraft significantly damaged, he launched again and commenced another approach in the face of the continuing enemy opposition.
After dark, the structure is illuminated by a frieze of spotlights.
After, and possibly during, the long gestation period for Alhambra, Jones used his printing press to enter the lucrative market for illustrated and illuminated gift books which were becoming increasingly popular with the Victorian middle class.
With an orbital trajectory that permitted a fully illuminated view of the entire planet, the crew snapped a famous image of the globe, colloquially called " The Blue Marble ": File: The Earth seen from Apollo 17. jpg After three hours, rockets were fired and the three astronauts of Apollo 17 became the last persons to go beyond the orbit of the Earth.
After the conversion, which took most of the 7th century, the fusion of Germanic Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Late Antique techniques and motifs, together with the requirement for books, created Hiberno-Saxon style, or Insular art, which is also seen in illuminated manuscripts and some carved stone and ivory, probably mostly drawing from decorative metalwork motifs, and with further influences from the British Celts of the west and the Franks.
After this step, other numbered cells may be illuminated on one or more sides, narrowing down the possible bulb configurations around them, and in some cases making only one configuration possible.

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