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After and exiting
After exiting Orion, the pair drove the lunar rover away from the LM before adjusting their heading to travel to North Ray Crater.
After exiting office, former prime ministers of Canada have engaged in various pursuits.
After exiting the District into Maryland, U. S. 1 follows the Baltimore-Washington Boulevard, the first of several modern highways built along the Baltimore-Washington corridor ; I-95 is the newest, after the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.
After exiting the turnpike from the 8 toll gate, a ramp on the right would lead to Milford Road or Route 33.
After exiting the Indian subcontinent, Romani was heavily affected by European contact languages.
After exiting the presidential race, Gramm defeated Victor Morales of Dallas in November 1996 to win his third and final term in the Senate.
After exiting from Chapter 11 protection NTL produced an operating profit.
After a short period in the market, DEC let it be known that they were exiting the 36-bit market to concentrate on their smaller machines again.
After exiting the turnpike from the 8 toll gate, a ramp on the right would lead to Milford Road or Route 33.
After passing through the Vista Ridge Tunnel, heading into downtown Portland, it intersects with Interstate 405 and runs along the interstate southbound for about a half-mile before exiting onto surface streets at the waterfront, meeting Oregon Route 43 at Macadam Avenue before crossing Interstate 5.
After exiting Larkin's employment in 1941, Vinson picked up a few vocal tricks while on tour with bluesman Big Bill Broonzy.
After exiting Gillham Lake the river becomes leisurely until it joins with the Little River at the site where it empties into Millwood Lake.
The roll is normally used instead of a T rescue named so as two kayaks form a t shape when used. If the roll does not end up with the kayaker facing vertical he can set up again and try once more. However now the paddler may run out of breathe which will most likely result in a swim. A swim is exiting the boat completely and entering the water. After a swim a paddler will most likely be teased by fellow paddlers for not rolling or if they are rescue by another paddler they most likely will have to undertake a forfeit an example of this is drinking an alcoholic beverage from a kayaking boot or wetsuit sock.
After exiting the highway, US 69 immediately merges with SH-33 and heads northeast.
After exiting the Perisphere, visitors descended to ground level on the third element of the Theme Center, the Helicline, a spiral ramp that partially encircled the Perisphere.
After exiting the subway, the tracks continue west in the median of the Eisenhower Expressway as the Congress Branch.
After this incident and instructions from Tony to make a timely decision one way or the other, Ralph Cifaretto decided to get rid of Jackie Jr. As Jackie was exiting his hiding place, hitman Vito Spatafore came up behind him and shot him through the back of the head, killing him instantly.
After killing a criminal that Rocco had a personal hatred for at the former's house, the three men are ambushed by Il Duce as they are exiting the house.
After exiting Sidney later, the Pat Bay once again becomes a freeway, with two more interchanges along its length, toward its northern terminus at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal another north.
After exiting Herkimer, NY 5 continues east, closely paralleling this time the canal, through the city of Little Falls as Main Street, where two more concurrencies occur, with NY 167 and NY 169.
After exiting Phillips Reservoir, the river continues east for about before turning sharply north through the Bowen Valley and Baker City, Oregon.
After exiting the eye, the ARWO creates a Vortex Data Message that includes the precise latitude and longitude of the storm center as well as its maximum winds, maximum temperature, and minimum sea level pressure.
After exiting the German FA Cup after a thrashing 1 – 5 defeat to FC Bayern Munich in January, things improved considerably and the team ended up third, with 2nd place just being missed after a loss to Bayern Munich on the last matchday.
After exiting Emigration Canyon and cresting a small hill, he asked to look out of the wagon.
After exiting the large commercial developments near U. S. 101, Route 152 consists of a single lane in each direction, with narrow shoulders, rain ditches on either side of the road, no center dividers, and posted speed limit of < span style =" white-space: nowrap "> 55 mph ( 89 km / h )</ span >, making it prone to head-on collisions.

After and Arista
After their success with Lisa Stansfield, her label Arista offered Coldcut a deal.
" After RCA acquired Arista Records, Austin's publishing company, Reynsong Publishing, formed Wrensong Entertainment and signed to Madacy Entertainment for her next album, Followin ' a Feelin ', which produced another single in its lead-off single, a cover of Dolly Parton's " Jolene ".
After listening thru the tracks Arista Records refused to release the album as it felt the initial mixes were weak.
After numerous talks with Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, Lopes severed her solo deal with Arista ( despite remaining signed to the label as a member of TLC ) and signed with Knight's Tha Row Records, intending to record a second solo album under the pseudonym " N. I. N. A.
After taking time out to write his memoirs, he founded the company Arista Records ( named after New York City's secondary school honor society of which he was a member ).
After a label change to Clive Davis's Arista Records, Monica mainstream success was boosted, when Diane Warren-written " For You I Will ", from the Space Jam soundtrack, became her next top ten pop hit.
After Resaca de la Palma, Mexico's government recalled Arista, and he was removed from command.
After Lubinsky's death in 1974, Clive Davis ( then manager of Arista Records ) acquired Savoy's catalog.
After being dropped by Arista less than a month after the release of My So-Called Life, they went to work preparing for their third album.
After the death of Bob Marley, Island Records began looking for another third world artist to put on its contract, while Fela Kuti had just been signed by Arista Records.
After being signed by Arista, she became an international celebrity in the early 1990s.
( After signing with Arista Records, Elán is assigned numerous A & R executives ).
After a label change from A & M to Dallas Austin's Arista imprint Rowdy Records in 1996, For Real struck again with the Austin-produced, 60s-leaning single " Like I Do ", from their second album Free.
After the title track, failed to make the Top 40, Arista delayed the album's release so that it wouldn't compete with the compilation album Mama's Hungry Eyes: A Tribute to Merle Haggard, to which Foster had contributed the track " The Running Kind ".
After a short hiatus, the singer re-emerged on Arista Records with a new and more contemporary R & B album, 2001's Weekend.
After the run of their second album album Next transferred from Arista to J Records to continue to work under the guidance of former Arista head Clive Davis upon his leaving the label and launching J.
After the song gained in popularity in Europe, and Arista / BMG records came calling ( via Ariola / BMG, the group's label in its home country ), Münzing and Anzilotti recruited Durron Butler ( aka Turbo B ) to record a new version of the song, rather than continue lip-syncing the original Chill Rob G lyrics.
After touring with Brian Setzer, the band issued a live album, Coast to Coast, in 1999 on Arista as well.
After being dropped from Arista, they signed to Lucky Dog Records, a subsidiary of Epic Records.
The duo had major success with their debut single " After Party ," a jazzy dance track that started climbing the charts in early 2001 and is included on their Arista debut album Mars / Venus.
" After persuasion by Clive Davis, then president of Arista Records, Manilow relented and recorded the song, and his version of " I Write the Songs " was the first single taken from the album Tryin ' to Get the Feeling.

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