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After and filming
After filming Darkman, they took the script out and worked on it in more detail.
After filming Lucky Me with Phil Silvers and Young at Heart ( both 1954 ) with Frank Sinatra, Day chose not to renew her contract with Warner Brothers.
After filming Apocalypse Now, Coppola famously stated: " We were in the jungle, there were too many of us, we had access to too much money, too much equipment, and little by little, we went insane.
After exposure during filming, the Loader then removes the film from the magazines and places it back into the light-tight cans for transport to the laboratory.
After the filming of that scene was finished, three of the four were released.
After filming was complete on Scarface, Hawks left Hughes to fight the legal battles and returned to First National to fulfill his contract, this time with producer Darryl F. Zanuck.
After filming the initial 13 episodes, other professional demands caused him to leave the show, but he returned from time to time as a guest.
After the filming, Shearer's parents said they did not want him to be a regular in a series.
After filming for Fierce Creatures finished, Palin went on a travel journey for a BBC documentary and, returning a year later, found that the end of Fierce Creatures had failed at test screenings and had to be reshot.
After four days of filming, which reportedly included some nude scenes, Ransohoff disliked the rushes and immediately fired him.
After four years of filming ( from 1972 to 1976 ) the project was reluctantly canceled because of time, space and monetary constraints.
After one filmed series ( of 26 episodes ) in black and white, The Avengers began filming in colour for the fifth series in 1966.
After filming one season of The Green Hornet, Lee found himself out of work and opened The Jun Fan Institute of Gung Fu.
After the back-to-back filming of Rear Window, Toko-Ri, Country Girl and Green Fire, Kelly flew to France, along with department store heir Bernard " Barney " Strauss, to begin work on her third and last film for Alfred Hitchcock, To Catch a Thief.
After filming was completed, Colbert complained to her friend, " I just finished the worst picture in the world.
After filming, Tate remained in London where she immersed herself in the fashion world and nightclubs.
" After 140 days and going $ 4 million over budget, filming finally wrapped on December 8, 1988.
After filming This Woman Is Dangerous ( 1952 ), Crawford asked to be released from her Warner Bros. contract.
" After filming was completed, their public comments against each other propelled their animosity into a lifelong feud.
After extensive casting, filming began in October 2000 at Leavesden Film Studios and in London, with production ending in July 2001.
After filming was completed, Colbert complained to her friend, " I just finished the worst picture in the world.
After the Nazi occupation he became a filming adviser for the Nazi Party.
After filming, Mount Sunday was returned to its original state.
" After filming was completed, their public comments against each other allowed the tension to develop into a lifelong feud.

After and Cobra
After the Gulf War, Bahrain received additional military support from the United States, including the sale of 54 M60A3 tanks, 12 F-16C / D aircraft, and 14 Cobra helicopters.
USS Langley ( CVL-27 ) | CVL Langley struggles in Typhoon Cobra. After the Leyte Gulf engagement, December found the Third Fleet confronted with another powerful enemy in the form of Typhoon Cobra.
After the war, a number of leading artists and poets started to explore the functions and forms of the book ' in a serious way ' Concrete poets in Brazil such as Augusto and Haroldo De Campos, Cobra artists in Holland and Denmark and the French Lettrists all began to systematically deconstruct the book.
After the one-day postponement, Cobra got underway at 09: 38 on 25 July, when around 600 Allied fighter-bombers attacked strongpoints and enemy artillery along a-wide strip of ground located in the St. LĂ´ area.
After his schooner, the Cobra, is attacked and destroyed by the infamous rogue pirates, he goes to Shipwreck Cove to inform the Pirate Lords of his disaster.
After his departure due to differences in scope ( Stallone essentially rewrote Beverly Hills Cop as what would be the 1986 film, Cobra ), the role was re-written for Murphy.
After the Serpentor character was created in 1986, drawing power away from Cobra Commander, that role became very similar to Starscream's role.
After several moments of thinking and hearing Cobra, Pleakley, Jumba and Hämsterviel persuading them, Lilo and Stitch set Sparky free and break Jumba from his bonds.
After several successful series of the Alpine were released, director of US West-Coast operations, Ian Garrad, became interested in the success of the AC Cobra, which mounted a small-block V-8 engine in the small AC Ace frame to create one of the most successful sports cars of all time.
After persuading his former comrades of his true intention to better their lot ( and paying their share of the reward plus interest ), he had them contact other snake-themed criminals, these included the Asp, Diamondback, Constrictor, Cobra, Princess Python, the Viper, the Rattler, Cottonmouth, and Bushmaster.
After Sidewinder retired, the Cobra became King Cobra and led the group.
After spending time as an officer in the British Army ( he served with the Parachute Regiment in Aden, Yemen ), and then racing in various series with an AC Cobra and a Chevron, Purley raced in Formula Three with some success including three wins at Chimay between 1970 and 1972.
After Gregory left, Cobra used the Brand Corporation's equipment ( which had been long stolen by the Serpent Society ) to create more Sidewinders.
After Cobra Records went bankrupt in 1959, Rush landed a recording contract with Chess in 1960.
After Cobra discovered the location of The Pit and destroyed it in a surprise attack, G. I.
After the band parted ways, Carns now performs in the band Twin, formerly called King Cobra, while Sloan has been in the bands The Circuit Side, Fact or Fiction and Courtney Love's recent all-female backing band The Chelsea.
After many battles with Cobra, Scarlett was captured by Storm Shadow.
After discovering it was Zartan who killed his uncle, he left Cobra and joined G. I.
After Cobra Commander and Cobra, followed by G. I.
After Cobra Commander's repeated failures in this task, Golobulus sets into motion a plan to replace him.
After being trained by Dean Malenko and Rico Federico, Hayner debuted on World Championship Wrestling ( WCW ) pay-per-view Fall Brawl 1995 as a cadet delivering papers to Cobra for Craig Pittman.

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