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After and finding
After finding that its coasts led nowhere, however, he turned north again, toward the main, ice-filled passageway -- and the crew, at first uneasy, then frightened, rebelled.
After the indecisive < ref name =" British historian Townsend Miller "> British historian Townsend Miller: “ But, if the outcome of < nowiki > battle of </ nowiki > Toro, militarily, is debatable, there is no doubt whatsoever as to its enormous psychological and political effects ” in The battle of Toro, 1476, in History Today, volume 14, 1964, p. 270 </ ref > Battle of Toro in 1476 against King Ferdinand II of Aragon, the husband of Isabella I of Castile, he went to France to obtain the assistance of Louis XI, but finding himself deceived by the French monarch, he returned to Portugal in 1477 in very low spirits.
After finding fame in Red Dwarf, he regularly featured on national television, with celebrity appearances on many shows of the time, while he continued to host a wide variety of programmes.
After Cesare, Leonardo was unsuccessful in finding another patron in Italy.
After finding themselves with insufficient food, they resort to cannibalism.
After finding the quantized character of charge, in 1891 George Stoney proposed the unit ' electron ' for this fundamental unit of electrical charge.
After that first serious job in films, Capra then began focusing his efforts to finding similar openings in the film industry.
After the 1986 season came and went, the team had difficulty finding success again.
After finding sobriety in 1989, Mötley Crüe reached its peak popularity with the release of their fifth album, the Bob Rock produced Dr. Feelgood, on September 1, 1989.
After the discovery of a few meteorites in 1967, a public awareness campaign resulted in the finding of nearly 100 new specimens in the next few years, with many being
After Hurt's renditions of " Frankie " and " Spike Driver Blues " were included in The Anthology of American Folk Music in 1952, and an Australian man discovered a copy of " Avalon Blues ", there became increased interest in finding Hurt himself.
After finding enlightenment, Lord Gautama Buddha returned to his home place Kapilavastu to teach his wife Yasodhara what he had learned.
After his victory over Geryon, Hercules passes through the kingdom of Bebryx again, finding the girl's lacerated remains.
After his death the Australian Taxation Office audited his estate, and although it made no finding of criminality, it determined that a substantial part of it came from undisclosed income derived from sources other than shares or gambling.
After their wedding celebrations, Khurram " finding her in appearance and character elect among all the women of the time ," gave her the title Mumtaz Mahal ( Jewel of the Palace ).
After finding a suitably low-cost device, it was found that fumes from either the C-3 explosive or the cement used to adhere the sight to the top of the mine corroded the plastic mirrors, rendering them unusable.
After the preliminary finding of admissibility the Court examines the case by hearing representations from both parties.
After The Mikado opened in 1885, Gilbert, as usual, promptly turned his thoughts to finding a subject for a next opera.
After finding the initial Basic implementation limiting they moved onto writing some simple graphical demonstration computer programs in assembly.
After finding pieces of their Scrabble game missing, they decided to create their own game.
After accounting for the endogeneity of seatbelt usage, Cohen and Einav found no evidence that the risk compensation effect makes seatbelt wearing drivers more dangerous, a finding at variance with other research.
After a few months he left, finding monastic life too rigorous.
After finding the Separatist encampment, Obi-Wan engages Grievous in battle, eventually killing him with a blaster.
After finding a place for Ixion to sleep, Zeus created a cloud-clone of Hera named Nephele to test him to see how much he loved Hera.

After and door
After many years and many interruptions he was able to finish the canopy fresco, and slightly less than half the frieze, beginning with the Liberty group opposite the East door, and ending with William Penn, all but one leg, when a tragic accident ended his career.
After a short time, both George and Donald joined the class with me so they wouldn't feel lonely, and we used to hang a sign on the door of the Brush-off reading out to work.
After he inadvertently insulted a woman while working the door at a Brooklyn night club, Capone was attacked by her brother Frank Gallucio ; and his face was slashed three times on the left side.
After that, he moved to a tomb, where he resided and closed the door on himself, depending on some local villagers who brought him food.
After takeoff, Cooper told Mucklow to join the rest of the crew in the cockpit and remain there with the door closed.
He described the turn of events in his diary, " After twenty years of struggle and misery forces of good finally come to my aid in Germany — and a bright door opens up for me.
After he and Conrad separated in 1998, Conrad moved into a house next door to the mansion.
" After a slight pause the executioner pulled the lever, releasing the trap door.
After the release of Out My Way in 1986, however, the band was briefly sidelined by an accident when Curt's finger was broken after being slammed in their touring van's door.
After Kirk receives no answer, he discovers that the door is unlocked and enters the house, where Leatherface ( Gunnar Hansen ) appears and kills him.
After crash-landing on its back in Amelia Pond's garden in " The Eleventh Hour ", the doors uncharacteristically open outward ; additionally, the left door opened in tandem with the usual right door in that instance.
After the sons of Lehi marry the daughters of Ishmael, a " ball of curious workmanship " is discovered at Lehi's tent door.
After being ejected from the national team after the 1998 Nagano Games, his good relations with members of the Spanish cross-country skiing team, in particular Juan Jesús Gutiérrez Cuevas and Haritz Zunzunegui, opened the door for Mühlegg to obtain a Spanish citizenship.
After that, Napoleon was acclaimed at Grenoble and General Jean Gabriel Marchand could not prevent Napoleon from entering the city through the door of Bonne.
Writer Dick DeBartolo, a veteran of the original show, created funnier and often risqué questions (" After being hit by a steamroller, Norman had to slide his ____________ under the door.
After the puppet is finished, Geppetto teaches him to walk and Pinocchio runs out the door and away into the town.
After the attack, the work was painstakingly restored and returned to its place in St. Peter's, just to the right of the entrance, between the Holy door and the altar of Saint Sebastian, and is now protected by a bullet-proof acrylic glass panel.
After Chieco saw a prototype, he thought of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and the phrase " Open the pod bay door, Hal!
After pushing all three buttons, Klaymen unlocks a door that leads to a cannon.
After an expansion in 1989, the main building ( the one in the postcard ) became the children's section, and the expansion to the right of the main door became the main entrance.
After four hours of fluent ( albeit forced ) inspiration, Francisco regained his freedom by slipping all ten verses of his creation under the door.
After he goes to bed, he is then woken up by Pokey knocking at his door.
As Knight explains,After the door was shut, there would be no additional salvation.

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