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After and five
After that they had sat for five minutes without saying a word.
After five minutes with Blanche, one might welcome the astringency of Grazie, who was a sort of Gwen Cafritz to Francesca's Perle Mesta.
After heavy rains and an onslaught of mice, snow fell on October 15, 1825, and remained on the ground through a winter so cold that the ice on the Red was five feet thick.
After taxes and bequests to individuals, Nobel's will allocated 94 % of his total assets, 31, 225, 000 Swedish kronor, to establish the five Nobel Prizes.
After two orbits, the rocket's third stage reignited for just over five minutes, propelling the craft towards the Moon at approximately.
After spending 54 minutes on the slope, Young and Duke climbed aboard the lunar rover en route to the day's second stop, station five, a crater across.
After this, the Ionian revolt carried on ( without further outside aid ) for a further five years, until it was finally completely crushed by the Persians.
After five years of incessant labor, he completed another cenotaph, to the memory of Clement XIII, which raised his fame still higher.
After five years of pressure, Hill resigned.
After the defeat of Zurich in the second Battle of Kappel in 1531, the victorious five Catholic cantons marched their troops into the Freie Ämter and reconverted them to Catholicism.
After sweeping the Twins once again in the ALCS, the Orioles won the 1970 World Series by defeating the Cincinnati Reds ' Big Red Machine in five games.
* After Matthew Hayden had eclipsed his Test record for highest individual score 375 by five runs in 2003, he reclaimed the record scoring 400 not out in 2004 against England.
After five centuries, the Ottoman Empire lost virtually all of its possessions in the Balkans.
After five to six weeks these are weaned and become fully mature near the end of their first year or sometime in their second year, depending on the species.
After five straight championship wins in the AAFC and NFL, the Browns appeared poised to bring another trophy home in 1951.
After a tie in the 1969 voting, the process was changed, in which each writer was to vote for three different pitchers: the first-place vote received five points, the second-place vote received three points, and the third-place vote received one point.
After successfully standing for re-election five times, and becoming Chicago's longest serving mayor, Richard M. Daley announced he would step down at the end of his final term in 2011.
After that, censuses followed somewhat regularly in 1787, 1801, and 1834, and between 1840 and 1860, the censuses were taken every five years, and then every ten years until 1890.
After a general introduction, eighteen lectures follow for the competentes, and the remaining five are addressed to the newly baptized, in preparation for the reception of Holy Communion.
After five years of turbulence, in 1965 Mobutu used his position as ANC Chief of Staff to seize power in the Congo.
After graduating with the Emerson Class of 1979, he took a job at the school teaching comedy writing classes and maintained the job for five years.
After the incorporation of 1920, the five former municipalities became districts of the Municipality of Eindhoven, with Eindhoven-Centrum ( the City proper ) forming the sixth.
After enjoying five peaceful years in retirement at his family estate, he died on January 25 in 389.
After the " Helium Acts Amendments of 1960 " ( Public Law 86 – 777 ), the U. S. Bureau of Mines arranged for five private plants to recover helium from natural gas.
After the skit, five animated cartoon animals ( a duck, a sheep, a pig, a chicken and a goat ) would appear onscreen booing, as well.

After and operations
After the end of the operations in Thrace — and confirming Greek concerns — Bulgaria was not satisfied with the territory it controlled in Macedonia and immediately asked Greece to relinquish its control over Thessaloniki and the land north of Pieria, effectively handing over all Aegean Macedonia.
After his operations he even repainted some of these paintings, with bluer water lilies than before.
After a series of operations during a four-month hospitalisation, his doctors determined that the damage could not be fully repaired and Bowie was left with faulty depth perception and a permanently dilated pupil.
After Bush's promotion to Lieutenant ( junior grade ) on August 1, the San Jacinto commenced operations against the Japanese in the Bonin Islands.
After a temporary suspension due to nationwide political unrest in early 2007, the Peace Corps program in Guinea resumed operations at the end of July.
After the merger, with all operations under the management of Sir George Simpson ( 1826 – 1860 ), the company had a corps of commissioned officers, 25 chief factors and 28 chief traders, who shared in the profits of the company during the monopoly years.
After the January 2008 change of ownership, AkzoNobel fully integrated ICI's operations within its existing organisation.
After the government ceased NYA operations, Robinson traveled to Honolulu in fall 1941 to play football for the semi-professional, racially integrated Honolulu Bears.
After realising who the passengers were, the U-boat started rescue operations while flying the Red Cross flag.
He eventually marries a local woman named Ardora, with whom he fathers a son, Lex Luthor, Jr. After its debut, Lexor appears sporadically in various Superman comics as Luthor's base of operations, where he wages assaults on Superman.
After their struggles in the latter half of the 1960s and the entire 1970s, the Giants hired an outsider, George Young, to run the football operations for the first time in franchise history.
After Operation Weserübung, as the invasion of Norway had been code-named, the Kriegsmarine had only one heavy cruiser, two light cruisers and four destroyers available for operations.
After victory in Europe in May 1945, the OSS was better able to concentrate on operations in Japan.
After 28 March 1973, as a result of military operations while serving outside the territory of the United States as part of a peacekeeping force.
After 1942, Highway Post Office ( HPO ) service was utilized to continue en route sorting after discontinuance of some railway post office operations.
After resurging, the waters of the River Axe are used in a handmade paper mill, the oldest extant in Britain, which began operations circa 1610, although a corn grinding mill operated there as early as 1086.
After the war, Antonescu's merits as an operations officer were noticed by, among others, politician Ion G. Duca, who wrote that " his intelligence, skill and activity, brought credit on himself and invaluable service to the country ".
After a filter is designed, it must be realized by developing a signal flow diagram that describes the filter in terms of operations on sample sequences.
After completing training on the more advanced Yakovlev Yak-9D fighter at Tula, the expanded regiment rejoined front line operations for its second campaign.
After several years of failing to make a profit, more than a year of negotiations over revised financing arrangements with the government, and grave concern over its future viability, National Express Group announced on 16 December 2002, its decision to walk away from all of their Victorian contracts and hand control back to the state government, with funding for its operations to stop on 23 December 2002.
After a few operations using ethanol, Moniz and Almeida Lima changed their technique and cut out small cores of brain tissue.
After twenty operations they published an account of their work.
After operations have ceased, military organisations often fail to learn effectively from experience.
After repeated insistence on Haig's part, Nivelle agreed to a proviso that if the first two " phases " of the operations failed to lead to the phase three, they would be stopped so that the British could move their main forces north for the Flanders offensive, which Haig argued was of great importance to the British government.

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