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After and he's
After he's written the melody, then I write the lyrics.
After thirteen times he's got a hangknot.
After Occam mentions that he is aware of this and is fighting now on his own accord, he tells Occam he's honored to fight by his side.
After meeting with the beggar, the king, believing he's afflicted by leprosy, feels compelled to remove his mask ; he then tears his own eyes out and leaves his city.
After Chachi accidentally burns down Arnold's, for example, Fonzie very angrily yells at him for what he's done, even though other characters ( including owner Al ) understand it was just an accident.
After his actual parentage becomes more widely known ( he is the only child of the secret marriage between then-Lord Duncan McLain and Lady Maryse MacArdry ) late in The King's Justice, Dhugal's gillie Ciard O Ruane tells Kelson and Cardiel: " I canna ' speak for the clan, Sair, but young Dhugal is my chief, an ' will be sae long as he lives, whether he's Caulay's son or only his grandson.
After moping throughout the day thinking he's lost her, finally chases her to the airport and admits he loves her and pleads for her to come back with him.
After Mysterio's death, a conversation with Spider-Man leads Daredevil to realize that the infant he's saved represents something positive that has come of the whole affair.
After the heist Carl receives a phone call from an enraged Salvatore who repeatedly tells Carl he's, " Dead!
After hearing Thalberg play, in Vienna, Chopin wrote: " He plays splendidly, but he's not my man.
After Tamora reveals herself to be another Protectorate agent, Solomon escapes and goes into hiding under the name of " Preston Richards " while slowly recovering his lost memories and trying to learn whether or not he's still being affected by the Estrangement Programme.
After " borrowing " his master's armor and sword while he's asleep, Balin sets out into the moors and is enshrouded in a " blue bubbling fog " and winds up in the Land of the Lost just to save Christa from the Sleestaks.
After somewhat settling down, Ilić informs the host that he's been at home recovering from bronchitis for days and that he has no idea about any protests, but soon fires up again, this time against the Studio B radio station itself: " all of you bastards at Studio B can suck my cock, and also make sure to take good care of yourselves because I'll come to that shitty station of yours and throw all you asses out the window ".
After a few complicated months of trying to make Jennifer think Greta and he are involved while trying to make Greta think he's gay, eventually the truth comes out to Jennifer.
* The Tickle Feather Machine: After the narrator makes reference to Simon's previous failed inventions to conquer the world ( the Shrinking Water, the Weather Machine, the Snow Gun and the Forget-Me-Net, respectively ), Simon decides to run for dictator, but quickly realizes nobody will vote for him since he's the most wicked person in the world.
After Betty departs, brokenhearted, Joe tells Norma he's leaving her and returning to his hometown in Ohio.
After being taken to a pound, and eventually escaping from it, he is raised by an elderly homeless woman named Bella ( Collin Wilcox Paxton ), who gives him the name Fluke, stating that he's " a fluke by nature, and by name.
After hearing Paderewski for the first time, Moriz Rosenthal said: " Yes, he plays well, I suppose, but he's no Paderewski ".
Drummers from other bands sit round the back of him to see what he ’ s doing, but he ’ s got his kit set so he doesn't even look at what he's hitting half the time " After McBrain joined the band in 1982, Harris also noted how much easier playing with McBrain was for a songwriter, with Adrian Smith claiming that, " Steve loves playing with him.
After they split, Fawcett famously said, " If he's the six-million-dollar man, I'm the ten-billion-dollar woman.
After the dust clears, the rookie officer says that he's seen the true colors of the police force and requests that Axel hit him.
" After South Africa sealed a series victory against the West Indies, Graeme Smith paid tribute to Pollock, stating " It's very important that people celebrate what he's given to South African cricket and what he's achieved as an individual.
After losing a match of this time the wrestler must reveal his real name, where he's from and how long he has been a wrestler before taking the mask off to show his face.

After and called
After a roundup the pushin' of stray cattle of outside brands toward their home range was called `` throwin' over ''.
After supper, Doc called Whitey Gresham, who was now a lieutenant and had a family.
After metamorphosis, these organs become redundant and will be reabsorbed by controlled cell death, called apoptosis.
After Alex's fellow cellmates blame him for beating a troublesome cellmate to death, he agrees to undergo an experimental behaviour-modification treatment called the Ludovico Technique.
After approximately 1150, North America experienced significant climatic change in the form of a 300-year drought called the Great Drought.
After the death of his brother-in-law, Henry II, margrave of a small area on the Elbe called the Saxon Northern March, in 1128, Albert, disappointed at not receiving this fief himself, attacked Udo, the heir, and was consequently deprived of Lusatia by Lothar.
After seven days and nights in agony, Alcmene stretched out her arms and called upon Lucina, the goddess of childbirth ( the Roman equivalent of Eileithyia ).
After an attempt to arrest the queen herself failed, Joan called Sforza who defeated the Aragonese milices near Castel Capuano in Naples.
After screening hundreds of dyes against various organisms, he discovered a medicinally useful drug, the synthetic antibacterial Salvarsan now called arsphenamine.
After its introduction on Plancius's globe, the first known depiction of the constellation in a celestial atlas was in Johann Bayer's Uranometria of 1603, where it was called " Apis Indica ".
After his name was called a Kuhaylan Substrain: " Küheylan Abdülhamid ".
After the good experience of writing the screenplay for a film called Easy Wheels, Sam and his brother Ivan Raimi decided to co-write the film together.
After he recovered, he made a second effort and went back into the desert to a farther mountain by the Nile called Pispir, now Der el Memun, opposite Crocodilopolis.
) After his death the city was called Constantinople ( Greek Κωνσταντινούπολις or Konstantinoupolis ) (' city of Constantine ').
After receiving their initial two cards, players have the option of getting a " hit " ( taking additional cards ) to bring their total value of cards to 21 points, or as close as possible without exceeding 21 ( called " busting ").
After several small, studio and independent released films that included stand-outs Sisters, Phantom Of The Paradise, and Obsession, a small film based on a novel called Carrie was released directed by Brian De Palma.
After each competitor has delivered all of their bowls ( four each in singles and pairs, three each in triples, and two bowls each in fours ), the distance of the closest bowls to the jack is determined ( the jack may have been displaced ) and points, called " shots ", are awarded for each bowl which a competitor has closer than the opponent's nearest to the jack.
After a battle, the chief would organise a ceremony called ukundzabela – a ceremony for the heroes, at which feathers would be presented.
He founded the short lived Campaign for Social Democracy ( CFSD ) thereafter, and wrote a book about events surrounding the by-election called The Future of the Left – Lincoln and After ( 1972 ).
After the retreat from Gallipoli nearly 400, 000 men in 13 divisions from the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force and the Force in Egypt formed a strategic reserve in Egypt called the Egyptian Expeditionary Force.
After the 1920s, " inverse probability " was largely supplanted by a collection of methods that came to be called frequentist statistics.
After Spanish conquest in the 16th century Chilean economy came to revolve around autarchy estates called fundos and around the army that was engaged in the Arauco War.
After the point is established, a seven is typically called by simply " 7 out " or " 7 out 7 ".
After the completion of the Corpus Juris Canonici, subsequent papal legislation was published in periodic volumes called Bullaria.
After quarterback Jay Cutler came down with an injury in 2011, where the Bears lost 5 straight games and was knocked out of playoff contention, his absence was bemoaned in a song parodying the hit Baby Come Back as a parody called Cutty Come Back.

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