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After and high
After how many generations is such wealth ( mounting all the while through the manipulations of high finance ) purified of taint??
After the 1174 fire in Canterbury Cathedral, Ælfheah's remains together with those of Dunstan were placed around the high altar, at which Thomas Becket is said to have commended his life into Ælfheah's care shortly before his martyrdom during the Becket controversy.
After a slump in league form and the departure of high key players, Roma eventually rebuilt their squad adding goalscorers such as the Argentine Enrique Guaita.
After the bombs explode, throwing villains high into the air, the citizens of Rock Ridge attack the villains.
After graduating from high school in 1963, he moved to Europe, travelling around Paris and Liège, where he formed bands with local musicians and recorded some singles mainly in English and in French but also in Turkish.
After graduation from high school in 1952, against his parents ' wishes, he majored in drama at San Francisco City College, where he was a classmate of future actress Lee Meriwether.
After attending one such lecture, UFO investigator Robert Sheaffer wrote " Some of his “ rods ” were obviously insects zipping across the field at a high angular rate.
After the 1690 invention of the vacuum pump by Otto von Guericke, physicists began to experiment with passing high voltage electricity through rarefied air.
After completing high school Doppler studied philosophy in Salzburg and mathematics and physics at the k. k. Polytechnisches Institut ( now Vienna University of Technology ) where he worked as an assistant since 1829.
After dropping out of high school in 1942, Atkins landed a job at WNOX-AM radio in Knoxville.
After a very high level of consumption, the respiratory system becomes depressed and the person will stop breathing.
After dropping out of high school, he followed his brother Richard to France, where he performed with Le Grand Magic Circus, an avant-garde musical theater group.
After New Harvests disappointing chart performance, Parton turned to high profile pop producer Gary Klein for her next album.
After experimenting with high voltages applied to an evaccuated tube on 8 November, 1895, he noticed a fluorescence on a nearby plate of coated glass.
After 2002, the new geo-political dynamics and its subsequent business opportunities, rapid urban population growth and emergence of high unemployment, triggered the planning of urban extension towards the immediate north of Kabul, in the form of a new city.
After the banquet Haman ordered a gallows constructed, high, on which to hang Mordecai.
After winning the 2003 World Series, the Marlins entered 2004 with high hopes and a retooled roster.
After an electron absorbs a high energy photon the system is excited electronically and vibrationally.
After renormalization, calculations using Feynman diagrams match experimental results with very high accuracy.
After Leicester had pulled one back through a diving header from Ken Keyworth, Banks leapt high in the air to claim a high cross from Johnny Giles, only to drop the ball at Herd's feet.
After Gallienus was assassinated outside Milan in the summer of 268 in a plot led by high officers in his army, Claudius was proclaimed emperor and headed to Rome to establish his rule.
After 1973, Germany was hard hit by a worldwide economic crisis, soaring oil prices, and stubbornly high unemployment, which jumped from 300, 000 in 1973 to 1. 1 million in 1975.
After 1990 the Ruhr moved into service industries and high technology.
After this, Aaron returned to school to finish his secondary education, attending the Josephine Allen Institute, a private high school in Alabama.

After and levels
After Bohr's use of Einstein's explanation of the photoelectric effect to relate energy levels in atoms with the wavelength of emitted light, the connection between the structure of electrons in atoms and the emission and absorption spectra of atoms became an increasingly useful tool in the understanding of electrons in atoms.
After the war immigration rapidly returned to earlier levels.
After being kidnapped by the Norse God Loki and used as a pawn against Loki's half brother Thor, Iceman's powers are augmented to uncontrollable levels, through a cryo-condenser.
After declaring independence from the Soviet political structure completely dominated by Moscow and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union ( CPSU ) until 1991, Kazakhstan retained the basic governmental structure and, in fact, most of the same leadership that had occupied the top levels of power in 1990.
After the season began, the Royals ended April at the top of the AL Central, all of which raised excitement levels among fans.
After only 30 days of taking the tea daily researchers found Lemon balm tea resulted in a significant improvement in plasma levels of catalase, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione peroxidase and a marked reduction in plasma
After IM or SC injections, morphine plasma levels peak in approximately 20 minutes, and, after oral administration, levels peak in approximately 30 minutes.
After a dose of conventional oral oxycodone, peak plasma levels of the drug are attained in approximately one hour ; in contrast, after a dose of OxyContin ( an oral continuous release formulation ), peak plasma levels of oxycodone occur in about three hours.
After recessions in Britain in the 1980s and 1990s, it took five years for unemployment to fall back to its original levels.
After this company went out of business, Apogee released these levels in October 1999.
After the attack, the cell phone network of New York City was rapidly overloaded as traffic doubled over normal levels.
After years of low levels of foreign direct investment ( FDI ), in 2007 Turkey succeeded in attracting $ 21. 9 billion in FDI and is expected to attract a higher figure in following years.
After the war, many papers reduced the cost back to previous levels, with the notable exceptions of the New York World and the New York Morning Journal.
After fighting through many levels of Vorticon-infested cities and military installations, Keen arrives at the lair of the Grand Intellect.
After defeating Moz and being directed to the clock tower, Richard works up through the upper levels of the castle and finds Rachel and Garo.
After showing Bud his messages of self-sacrifice and caring and believing humanity to be capable of the same, the NTIs cause the standing waves to harmlessly recede back to normal ocean levels.
After that there are three levels in each stage that get progressively harder and longer.
After a conservative procedure that attempts to preserve the affected fallopian tube such as a salpingotomy, in about 15-20 % the major portion of the ectopic growth may have been removed, but some trophoblastic tissue, perhaps deeply embedded, has escaped removal and continues to grow, generating a new rise in hCG levels.
After these clashes, Fletcher was concerned about the losses to his carrier fighter aircraft strength, anxious about the threat to his carriers from further Japanese air attacks, and worried about his ships ' fuel levels.
After one or two such levels the player's first " building mission " occurs, requiring them to build and maintain a base while competing with one or more enemy forces.
After six months of antipsychotic therapy the expression went up ; according to authors, peripheral VLRLR levels may serve as a reliable peripheral biomarker of schizophrenia.
After reversal, sperm counts and motility are usually much lower than pre-vasectomy levels.
After Scrooge completes all the regular levels, Flintheart challenges him to a race in which the winner will take all of the treasure Scrooge has acquired.

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