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After and cases
After reading his statement discharging the 23d ward case, Karns told Wexler that if the seven cases scheduled for trial also involved persons who had been subpenaed, he would dismiss them.
After that case Poirot apparently came to the attention of the British secret service, and undertook cases for the British government, including foiling the attempted abduction of the Prime Minister.
After the war Poirot became a free agent and began undertaking civilian cases.
After the Circus Games, Caligula ordered written evidence of the court cases from Tiberius ’ treason trials to be brought to the Forum to be burnt, first being the cases of Agrippina and her two sons.
After revisions and further investigations, he published his findings on the 23 cases.
After a 60 Minutes / Washington Post investigation in November 2007 ( two years later ), the bureau agreed to identify, review, and release all of the pertinent cases, and notify prosecutors about cases in which faulty testimony was given.
After months of diplomatic negotiations, the governments accepted mediation by the League of Nations, and their representatives presented their cases before the Council.
" After Snell's appeal for murdering two people in unrelated cases was denied, he was executed the same day as the Murrah bombing.
After 12 years in bondage, he regained his freedom in January 1853 ; he was one of very few to do so in such cases.
After gaining prominence, he accepted William F. McNagny as a partner in 1879 and began taking many criminal defense cases.
After Imperial Commissioner Lin Zexu confiscated 20, 000 cases of British-owned opium in 1839, Jardine arrived in London in September, and pressed Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston for a forceful response.
After Whitney, bad tendency test continued to be used by the Court in cases such 1931's Stromberg v. California, which held that a 1919 California statute banning red flags was unconstitutional.
After the defeat of Nazi Germany, German civilians were sometimes forced to tour concentration camps and in some cases to exhume mass graves of Nazi victims.
After the resumption of hostilities in 1803 the returned colonies in most cases were soon reoccupied by the British.
After the murder of Sergei Kirov in 1934, Pavlov wrote several letters to Molotov criticizing the mass persecutions which followed and asking for the reconsideration of cases pertaining to several people he knew personally.
After her death with hundreds to several thousand eggs still inside, her offspring hatch and pass through her body, pupal shell and case over several months emerging to start their own cases.
After providing a mathematical formulation of locality and realism based on this, he showed specific cases where this would be inconsistent with the predictions of QM.
After battles in some cases, winners castrated their captives or the corpses of the defeated to symbolize their victory and seize their " power ".
After Ewer, 13 further cases would be heard in 1621.
After the Parliament reassembled in 1677, the cases involving members of the House of Commons were quietly dropped and neither House revisited the dispute.
After a series of court cases, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled in favor of Sapulpa on August 1, 1913.
After Steele, ( who until then had been viewed as one of the foremost referees in boxing ) was involved in several other cases where he appeared to stop fights too soon or other controversial calls, he gradually was picked less and less to be the referee in top caliber fights.

After and Middle
After 1180 BC, the Hittite empire disintegrated into several independent " Neo-Hittite " states, subsequent to losing much territory to the Middle Assyrian Empire and being finally overrun by the Phrygians, another Indo-European people who are believed to have migrated from The Balkans.
After a warm welcome by Caesar's soldiers at Brundisium, Octavian demanded a portion of the funds that were allotted by Caesar for the intended war against Parthia in the Middle East.
After the Communists took control in the 1940s Polish scholars were safer working on the Middle Ages and the early modern era rather than contemporary history.
After his rediscovery in the late Middle Ages, Catullus again found admirers.
After the Middle Ages most large cannon were abandoned in favor of greater numbers of lighter, more maneuverable pieces.
After the Middle Ages, systematic approaches to Christology were developed.
After the Suez Crisis the United States became the protector of unstable friendly governments in the Middle East via the " Eisenhower Doctrine ".
After spending the first months of 47 BC in Egypt, Caesar went to the Middle East, where he annihilated the king of Pontus ; his victory was so swift and complete that he mocked Pompey's previous victories over such poor enemies.
After the Vichy forces in the Middle East surrendered in July 1941, volunteers from the Troupes Spéciales du Levant enlisted in the Free French forces and participated in combat in Italy, North Africa, and southern France.
After the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the onset of the Early Middle Ages, the Greek tradition of medicine went into decline in Western Europe, although it continued uninterrupted in the Eastern Roman ( Byzantine ) Empire.
After plummeting in the Early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages | high and Late Middle Ages | late medieval period witnessed a sharp increase of manuscript production.
After King Zahir Shah's exile in 1973, President Daoud Khan made attempts to create a strong Afghan military in the Greater Middle East-South Asia region.
After the completion of 58-billion dollar Dawei deep seaport, Burma is expected be at the hub of trade connecting Southeast Asia and the South China Sea, via the Andaman Sea, to the Indian Ocean receiving goods from countries in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, and spurring growth in the ASEAN region.
After the Middle Ages, Rome was ruled by popes such as Alexander VI and Leo X, who transformed the city into one of the major centers of the Italian Renaissance, along with Florence.
After the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD, Sicily often changed hands, and during the early Middle Ages it was ruled in turn by the Vandals, Ostrogoths, Byzantines, Arabs and Normans.
After its adoption by the First Pan African Congress in 1947, the Three-Stage Chronology was amended by the Third Congress in 1955 to include a First Intermediate Period between Early and Middle, to encompass the Fauresmith and Sangoan technologies, and the Second Intermediate Period between Middle and Later, to encompass the Magosian technology and others.
After Iraq invaded Kuwait on 2 August 1990, Powell claimed that since Britain was not an ally of Kuwait in the " formal sense " and because the balance of power in the Middle East had ceased to be a British concern after the end of the British Empire, Britain should not go to war.
After the Middle Ages, the Mongols ' and Tartars ' repeated invasions decimated the population, now known as the Ossetians.
After the fall of the Western Empire Cagliari fell, together with the rest of Sardinia, into the hands of the Vandals, but appears to have retained its importance throughout the Middle Ages.
After the fall of Rome and through much of the Middle Ages, butter was a common food across most of Europe, but one with a low reputation, and was consumed principally by peasants.
After shedding most of these shows, Fox filled its lineup with acclaimed dramas such as 24, The O. C., House and Bones, and comedies such as The Bernie Mac Show, Malcolm in the Middle, and Arrested Development.

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