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After and masters
After being employed by a master for several years, and after producing a qualifying piece of work, the apprentice was granted the rank of journeyman and was given documents ( letters or certificates from his master and / or the guild itself ) which certified him as a journeyman and entitled him to travel to other towns and countries to learn the art from other masters.
After the stutterer masters these fluency skills, the speaking rate and intonation are increased gradually.
After several years of negotiations ( broken off because envoys of both sides falsely reported to their masters that the opposition surrendered ), Hideyoshi appointed Kobayakawa Hideaki to lead the invasion forces, but their efforts on the Korean peninsula met with less success than the first invasion.
After his death, some of his work was lost, but much was collected, and by the 19th century, Holbein was recognised among the great portrait masters.
After studying in the Middle East under various masters, possibly adhering to Sufism, he was unable to spread the knowledge he had acquired to any prominent European figures.
After exercising, servants covered their masters in oil and scraped it off with a strigil ( a scraper made of wood or bone ) which cleaned off the dirt.
After the war, Pir Vilayat pursued his spiritual training by studying with masters of many different religious traditions throughout India and the Middle East.
After studying at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris from 1854, he devoted much time to copying the works of the old masters in the Louvre.
After talking about the decay of art and the inferiority of the painters and writers of the age to the old masters ( 88 ), Eumolpus illustrates a picture of the capture of Troy by some verses on that theme ( 89 ).
After the Roman victory, however, the local population revolted against their Sarmatian masters, pushing them beyond the Roman border.
After the passing of these two early monks, the Hwaeom school became strongly established under the influence of a long series of Hwaeom masters.
After about four months he returned to Flanders, but moved on in late 1621 to Italy, where he remained for 6 years, studying the Italian masters and beginning his career as a successful portraitist.
After having learned from Funakoshi, and after their split, with Okinawan masters such as Kenwa Mabuni and Motobu Chōki, Ōtsuka merged Shindō Yōshin-ryū with Okinawan karate.
After Shawn Lane's death in 2003, Hellborg has continued to explore amalgamations of Indian and Western music, working with Indian masters as Debashish Bhattacharya, Niladri Kumar, Vikku Vinayakram, Tanmoy Bose and U. Shrinivas.
After the company closed, Savoy Records bought the masters by Gene Ammons and the Staple Singers.
After 1852, captains, commanders, lieutenants, pursers, surgeons, passed assistant and assistant surgeons, masters in the line of promotion and chief engineers wore epaulettes.
After giving Trent the manuscript, Cane tears his face open like a piece of paper, ripping a hole that leads into darkness and creating a portal to the dimension of Cane's monstrous masters.
After receiving his masters degree, Abbey spent 1957 at Stanford University on a Wallace Stegner Creative Writing Fellowship.
After receiving his masters degree in Physics in 1943, he moved to the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for further studies in theoretical physics and worked with Homi J. Bhabha.
He received his bachelor's degree from Cornell University in 1950, his masters in 1953 and his doctorate in 1955, and did postgraduate work with the State Plant Board in Gainesville, Florida After a brief stint as assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he returned to Cornell University where he remained until retirement.
After getting his masters degree, Kirk taught for one year at a private school in London.
After Ender masters the game under ordinary conditions, the game changes from one with direct control of ships to one where he relays commands to others-his friends and associates from Battle School, namely, Julian " Bean " Delphiki, Alai, Shen, Petra Arkanian, Dink Meeker, Crazy Tom, Hot Soup, Fly Molo, Vlad, Dumper, and Carn Carby.
After each is whipped, Dionysus is brought before Aeacus ' masters, and the truth is verified.
After a year of trying, the trainers found that the dogs did not have the right disposition for police work because they were too easily distracted and too eager to please their masters.

After and Singer
After the 1991 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, the Earth Summit, Singer started writing and speaking out to cast doubt on the science.
" After her findings were rejected, Singer sued the APA in 1992 for " defamation, frauds, aiding and abetting and conspiracy " and lost.
After leaving school, Singer studied law, history and philosophy at the University of Melbourne, gaining his BA degree ( hons ) in 1967.
After the release of The Jazz Singer in 1927, " talkies " became more and more commonplace.
After a moment of silence for Halas, Singer Barry Manilow performed the national anthem.
After obtaining her PhD, Singer worked at the University of Colorado ’ s School of Medicine, in their department of psychiatry for eight years.
After a fellowship at the Museum d ' Histoire Naturelle in Paris, Singer again moved, this time to Leningrad, where he was Senior Scientific Expert at the Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.
After retiring, he wrote The Singer and His Art ( Hamish Hamilton, 1971 ).
After John's older sister died at the age of two, his mother Mary ( née Singer ) suffered a breakdown, and the couple decided to go abroad to recover.
After the votes of more than 30, 000 international blues fans and industry professionals, on May 22, 2003 Burke won four Living Blues Awards in a ceremony at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tennessee: Critics ' Award for Most Outstanding Musician ( Vocals ), Readers ' Award for Best Live Performer, Readers ' Award for Most Outstanding Blues Singer, and Album of the Year for Don't Give Up on Me.
After Singer left the X-Men franchise to direct Superman Returns, Ratner became director of X-Men: The Last Stand ( 2006 ).
After bearing the already-married Craig a daughter, Isadora moves to Paris and meets Paris Singer, a millionaire who lavishes gifts upon her and later buys her an enormous estate for her to open a School for Life, where only beauty and simplicity are taught.
After The Jazz Singer, the first film with synchronized voices, was successfully released as a Vitaphone talkie in 1927, Hollywood film companies would respond to Warner Bros. and begin to use Vitaphone sound — which Warner Bros. owned until 1928-in future films.
Singer / songwriter Aimee Mann created a song called " Fifty Years After the Fair " for her 1993 album Whatever, the subject of which is the 1939 World's Fair.
After graduating he travelled to Italy in 1880, and from 1881 to 1883 he lived in Paris, where he studied with the French history painter Jean-Paul Laurens and met the American painter John Singer Sargent ( who was also a painter of male nudes, although this was little known in his lifetime ).
After the first two series, a special, " Battle of the Best " show took place, where the two Adult Singer, Junior Singer, and Comedian Grand Champions ( Modeling was only the first season, and Dance had only been around for one season ) were brought back to face off for an additional $ 100, 000.
After her husband's death in 1991 she taught at IU for many more years before moving to Florida where she continues to teach talented young singers, In 2010, having now taught for thirty years, the magazine Classical Singer named her Teacher of the Year.
After Singer left the project in favor of making Superman Returns, the character was dropped completely.
After her mother's death, she and her siblings were largely raised by their aunt Winnaretta Singer, Princess Edmond de Polignac, a noted patron of the arts, particularly music.
After Brennan's marriage broke up in 1922, he went to live with Violet Singer, the ' Vie ' of his later poems, and, as a result of both his divorce and increasing drunkenness, he was removed from his position at the University in June 1925.
After the outbreak of American Civil War, the Singer family moved to Paris, where they remained until the Franco-Prussian War.
After recording Songs We Should Have Written, Singer Tod A took an extended, three year sabbatical, travelling through Thailand, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia and chronicling his experiences on his blog " Postcards from the Other Side of the World.
After serving in World War II with the Royal Canadian Dragoons, Vernon Singer returned to Canada and became president of the Young Liberals in 1947.

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