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After and recovery
After recovery from a genetic bottleneck that might be due to the Toba supervolcano catastrophe, a fairly small group left Africa and briefly interbred with Neanderthals, probably in the middle-east or even North Africa before their departure.
After recovery from fugue, previous memories usually return intact, but there is typically amnesia for the fugue episode.
After a few more raids across the Rhine, which resulted in the recovery of two of the three legion's eagles lost in 9, Germanicus was recalled to Rome and informed by Tiberius that he would be given a triumph and reassigned to a different command.
After contracting substantially between 1991 – 93, the economy steadied in late 1994, led by recovery in light industry and a boom in commerce and finance.
After an arduous recovery, Doohan returned to racing for the final two races but could not prevent Yamaha rider Wayne Rainey from winning his third consecutive title ( by 4 points from Doohan ).
After a brief period of economic prosperity in the 15th century, the city's economy suffered during the wars of religion of the 16th and 17th centuries, and recovery did not happen until the industrial revolution in the early 19th century.
After lode ore is crushed, recovery of the valuable minerals is done by one, or a combination of several, mechanical and chemical techniques.
After 24 hours, the chance of recovery declines rapidly, since with continued pressure, the spinal cord tissue deteriorates and dies.
After the seizure if the person is not fully conscious and alert, they should be placed in the recovery position.
After a strong recovery from the global recession of the early 1990s, Spain experienced a property boom from 1997 to 2007.
After a difficult two-year recovery, Gould published a column for Discover magazine, entitled, " The Median Isn't the Message ", which discusses his reaction to discovering that mesothelioma patients had a median lifespan of only eight months after diagnosis.
After an experimental treatment of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, Gould made a full recovery, and his column became a source of comfort for many cancer patients.
After reconstruction and recovery, the private sector would give way to expanded public ownership in most areas of the economy.
After the war, as a result, Thailand had an obligation to supply 1. 5 million tons of rice to the Western allied countries without charge, which was a burden to the country's economic recovery.
After her recovery, she appointed Dudley to the Privy Council and created him Earl of Leicester, in the hope that he would marry Mary, Queen of Scots.
After a few more raids across the Rhine, which resulted in the recovery of two of the three legions ' eagles lost in 9 CE, Tiberius ordered the Roman forces to halt and withdraw across the Rhine.
As a result the emperor ordered at least once more that Theodore be flogged, and the command was this time carried out, with the result that Theodore became quite ill. After his recovery Theodore was moved to Smyrna.
After a brief period of recovery in February 1377, the king died of a stroke at Sheen on 21 June.
After the war and his recovery from the Chapultepec wound, Longstreet and his new wife served on frontier duty in Texas, primarily at Fort Martin Scott near Fredericksburg and Fort Bliss in El Paso.
After the recovery of Moro's body, the Minister of the Interior Francesco Cossiga resigned, gaining trust from the Communist party, which would later make him the first President of the Italian Republic.
After the financial and human losses suffered at the end of the reign of Louis XIV, the rule of Fleury is seen by historians as a period of " recovery " ( French historians speak of a gouvernement " réparateur ").
After the Paraguayan War, Asunción began a slow recovery attempt.
After the turmoil of the Amin period, the country began a program of economic recovery in 1981 that received considerable foreign assistance.
After his recovery he started work on a book to be called The Necessity for Zionism ; although the book was never written, he did publish a number of books on Jewish topics.

After and Alexandra
After Alexandra married the Prince of Wales in 1863, a new park and " Palace of the People ", a huge public exhibition and arts centre under construction on a hilltop overlooking north London, were renamed the Alexandra Palace and park to commemorate her.
After the births of her brother's two children, Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus, Märtha Louise was relegated to fourth in line.
After the war, his work was more directed towards developing several very sophisticated pieces of equipment, including radio location technology, and the first equipment used by the BBC in Alexandra Palace.
After his divorce from Geva, Balanchine was with Alexandra Danilova from 1926 through 1933.
After a successful initiation in Alexandra, Gauteng | Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, Gogo Michelle of the Tshwane Traditional & Faith Healers Forum welcomes new sangomas ( including a white thwasa )
After the October Revolution in Russia, Alexandra Kollontai became the most prominent woman in the Soviet administration.
After the introduction of the Alexandra Palace, London 405-line BBC channel B1 TV service in 1936, it soon became apparent that television reception was also possible well outside the original intended service area.
After the union of the Romanian principalities in 1859, with Alexandra Ioan Cruza as leader, development in Galați increased.
After their marriage, Alexandra was generally referred to as HRH Princess Arthur of Connaught, Duchess of Fife.
After the war the plan to incorporate the Alexandra Palace branch into the Underground was cancelled and it closed to passengers in the 1950s.
After graduating with a degree in sociology from the prestigious London School of Economics, Michael Peacock joined BBC Television in 1952 as a trainee producer, working in the Television Talks Department based at Alexandra Palace which moved to the Lime Grove Studios the following year.
After a hiatus from daytime, Gail Kobe, then executive producer of Guiding Light, lured McKinsey to Guiding Light in February 1984 in the newly created character of Baroness Alexandra Spaulding Von Halkein.
After Russian military reversals in 1915, Nicholas II went to the front to assume nominal leadership of the army, leaving behind his German-born wife, Alexandra, government and Duma.
After sustaining an injury in a pre-season friendly for Arsenal at Crewe Alexandra, Ball was not called up at all for England, let alone retained as captain, when Revie announced his squad for a game against Switzerland.
After the Concert the Choir were entertained to supper at the Alexandra Hotel, and a description of the entertainment is given in one of William Black's novels.
After the ascension of the Petru Groza government, Pătrăşcanu was also one of the initiators of purges and persecutions, being responsible for dismissing and arresting members of the civil service who were considered suspect, for the creation of the Romanian People's Tribunals, as well as the appointment of prosecutors ( promoting Avram Bunaciu, Constanţa Crăciun, and Alexandra Sidorovici ).
After more space was made available at St Catherine's House, the deaths indexes were moved from Alexandra House.
After Arzawa becomes an ally of the Hittites, Alexandra, who has come to adore Yuri, spends a great deal of time in the Hittite kingdom and later becomes the love interest for Prince Juda.
After attempting to escape from a metahuman prison, Alex was killed by an OMAC while his sister Alexandra escaped and joined the Secret Society of Super Villains under Alexander Luthor, Jr. ( who was posing as Lex Luthor ).
Standing: Tsar Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, Princess Victoria and Grand Duke Ernest Ludwig, Darmstadt, 1894 After her divorce, Victoria went to live with her mother at Coburg and at her house in the French Riviera.
After leaving the club in 2000, he spent a season with Crewe Alexandra, before returning to Ireland with Shelbourne, winning two League of Ireland titles in his three years there.
After further reorganisation, Creighton School and another comprehensive, Alexandra Park School, were combined under the new name of Fortismere School.

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