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After and leaving
After leaving Whiteman, Mercer joined the Benny Goodman band as a vocalist.
-- After 52 rainless days, moisture finally came to Del Mar, resulting in but one workout during the week for most of the horses, and leaving us with less than half our total average rainfall during the season.
After leaving Conrad, Gilborn had no destination.
After leaving office they were subject to a scrutiny ( euthunai, literally ' straightenings ') to review their performance.
After leaving school at 17, Ayckbourn's career took several temporary jobs in various places before starting a temporary job at the Scarborough Library Theatre, where he was introduced to the artistic director, Stephen Joseph.
After leaving her teaching position, she fulfilled her literary ambitions.
After leaving the IHÉS, Grothendieck became a temporary professor at Collège de France for two years.
" After leaving office, Clinton's Gallup Poll rating of 66 % was the highest approval rating of any postwar, three points ahead of both Reagan and John F. Kennedy.
) After leaving New York City, it is the main north – south street of western Yonkers, New York through Sleepy Hollow ( known as ether North or South Broadway in most sections ), before becoming Albany Post Road ( and Highland Avenue ) at the northern border of Sleepy Hollow, New York.
After leaving Vernon, Young founded the ACC Corp Inc. in 1993.
After leaving Red Hat he founded Lulu. com in 2002, a self-publishing web-site that claims to be the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.
After leaving the Army in 1943 Wills moved to Hollywood, moving into a rented house in September, and began to reorganize the Texas Playboys.
After leaving college in 1963 Fulcher worked as an assistant at the design company Michael Tucker + Associates in London.
After the fall of the Khmer Empire in the early 15th century, the Dongrek Mountains served as a natural border leaving the Khmer north of the mountains under the sphere of influence of Lan Xang.
After leaving Ireland, she traveled to Liverpool, where she met musicians Julian Cope and Ian McCulloch.
After leaving Rodin's workshop, Brâncuși began developing the revolutionary style for which he is known.
After leaving the Academy, the 24-year-old Beaux decided to try her hand at porcelain painting and she enrolled in a course at the National Art Training School.
After leaving nearby blood vessels, these cells recognize chemicals produced by bacteria in a cut or scratch and migrate " toward the smell ".
After leaving the UN, he worked the world over for the World Health Organization.
After a battle, Scarlet Witch again uses her powers to restore reality and, as a slight against her father, causes a large majority mutants to lose their powers, leaving the mutant race on the brink of extinction and causing the lost powers to become an energy mass, the Collective.
After leaving the Les Brown & His Band of Renown to try a solo career, she started her long-lasting partnership with Columbia Records, which would remain her only recording label.
After leaving Villanova, McLean became associated with famed folk music agent Harold Leventhal, and for the next six years performed at venues and events including the Bitter End and the Gaslight Cafe in New York, the Newport Folk Festival, the Cellar Door in Washington, D. C., and the Troubadour in Los Angeles.
After leaving Diff ' rent Strokes in 1986, Plato attempted to establish herself as a serious actress, but found it difficult to step out of the long shadows cast by her sitcom career.
After leaving the Admiralty, Lord Mountbatten took the position of Chief of the Defence Staff.
After leaving Paramount, she signed deals with various film companies, being cast in her first horror film roles among many other types of roles, including in The Bowery ( 1933 ) and Viva Villa ( 1934 ), both huge productions starring Wallace Beery.

After and John
After 1890 came philosopher Josiah Royce ( 1855 – 1916 ), botanist Liberty Hyde Bailey ( 1858 – 1954 ), the Southern Agrarians of the 1920s and 1930s, novelist John Steinbeck ( 1902 – 1968 ), historian A. Whitney Griswold ( 1906 – 1963 ), environmentalist Aldo Leopold ( 1887 – 1948 ), Ralph Borsodi ( 1886 – 1977 ), and present-day authors Wendell Berry ( b. 1934 ), Gene Logsdon ( b. 1932 ), Paul Thompson, and Allan C. Carlson ( b. 1949 ).
After working in a shipping office for four years, the twenty-year-old Fleming inherited some money from an uncle, John Fleming.
After the pair donned and pressurized their spacesuits and depressurized the Lunar Module cabin, John Young climbed out onto the " porch " of the LM, a small platform above the ladder.
After John Hinckley's attempted assassination of U. S. President Ronald Reagan, first lady Nancy Reagan commissioned astrologer Joan Quigley to act as the secret White House astrologer.
After George Frederick's death in 1603, the Polish king Zygmunt Waza appointed Joachim Frederick as regent in 1605, and permitted his son, John Sigismund, to succeed him in 1611.
After the disaster of The Representative, John Gibson Lockhart became a bitter enemy and the two never reconciled.
After the Globes closure, it was reestablished as a society news column in the Daily Express from 1917 onwards, initially written by social correspondent Major John Arbuthnot who invented the name " Beachcomber ".
" After wearing glasses for a while, his eyes became adjusted to the lenses, and at that point he became nearsighted and really did need glasses, which would years later establish John as one of the most famous " four-eyes " in rock and roll, though Holly is widely considered to be the first.
After that, he watched reruns of The Third Man, and he was a Jonathan Harris fan, growing up ( when he was actually a fan of Guy Williams's, Zorro, who played his future TV father – John Robinson ).
After a forty-five minutes or so of jokes and music, the procession then moves out to the lawn in front of Hartley, Wallach and John Jay residence halls to entertain the residents there.
After multiple drafts and many years of discussion, Pope John Paul II promulgated the revised Code of Canon Law ( CIC ) in 1983.
After the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War ( 19 July 1870 ), Monet took refuge in England in September 1870, where he studied the works of John Constable and Joseph Mallord William Turner, both of whose landscapes would serve to inspire Monet's innovations in the study of color.
After Seifert was fired following the disastrous 2001 season, the Panthers hired New York Giants defensive coordinator John Fox as the team's third head coach.
After a disappointing 2010 season, John Fox's contract was not renewed and most of his coaching staff were let go.
After being released by the Panthers, the Saints acquired " Original Panther " John Kasay, who had an excellent 2011 season in New Orleans.
After she died, Young tried several jobs, and eventually moved in with friends John and Ruth Benedum and did odd jobs for them.
After the Council of Ephesus had condemned Nestorianism, there remained a conflict between Patriarchs John of Antioch and Cyril of Alexandria.
After the election of November 1960, Eisenhower in briefing with John F. Kennedy pointed out the communist threat in Southeast Asia as requiring prioritization in the next administration.
After the disappointment of a dramatic film career, Day returned to her musical / comedic roots in 1957's The Pajama Game with John Raitt.
* 1962 – Vietnam War: After a trip to Vietnam at the request of US President John F. Kennedy, US Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield becomes the first American official not to make an optimistic public comment on the war's progress.
After Terry Burns, his half-brother, introduced him to modern jazz, his enthusiasm for players like Charles Mingus and John Coltrane led his mother to give him a plastic alto saxophone in 1961 ; he was soon receiving lessons from a local musician.
After Nikita Khrushchev's " secret speech " to the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1956, which revealed that the Soviet party leadership had long been aware of Stalin's crimes, Thompson ( with John Saville and others ) started a dissident publication inside the CP, called The Reasoner.
Director John Carpenter decided to add the original scenes into the special edition release as an extra only: " After we screened the rough cut, we realized that the movie didn't really start until Snake got to New York.
After the demise of BSA in 1972, Cheney joined with former BSA factory rider John Banks to develop and campaign a highly successful BSA powered motocross bike.

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