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After and leaving
After leaving Whiteman, Mercer joined the Benny Goodman band as a vocalist.
-- After 52 rainless days, moisture finally came to Del Mar, resulting in but one workout during the week for most of the horses, and leaving us with less than half our total average rainfall during the season.
After leaving Conrad, Gilborn had no destination.
After leaving office they were subject to a scrutiny ( euthunai, literally ' straightenings ') to review their performance.
After leaving school at 17, Ayckbourn's career took several temporary jobs in various places before starting a temporary job at the Scarborough Library Theatre, where he was introduced to the artistic director, Stephen Joseph.
After leaving her teaching position, she fulfilled her literary ambitions.
After leaving the IHÉS, Grothendieck became a temporary professor at Collège de France for two years.
" After leaving office, Clinton's Gallup Poll rating of 66 % was the highest approval rating of any postwar, three points ahead of both Reagan and John F. Kennedy.
) After leaving New York City, it is the main north – south street of western Yonkers, New York through Sleepy Hollow ( known as ether North or South Broadway in most sections ), before becoming Albany Post Road ( and Highland Avenue ) at the northern border of Sleepy Hollow, New York.
After leaving Vernon, Young founded the ACC Corp Inc. in 1993.
After leaving Red Hat he founded Lulu. com in 2002, a self-publishing web-site that claims to be the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.
After leaving the Army in 1943 Wills moved to Hollywood, moving into a rented house in September, and began to reorganize the Texas Playboys.
After leaving college in 1963 Fulcher worked as an assistant at the design company Michael Tucker + Associates in London.
After the fall of the Khmer Empire in the early 15th century, the Dongrek Mountains served as a natural border leaving the Khmer north of the mountains under the sphere of influence of Lan Xang.
After leaving Ireland, she traveled to Liverpool, where she met musicians Julian Cope and Ian McCulloch.
After leaving Rodin's workshop, Brâncuși began developing the revolutionary style for which he is known.
After leaving the Academy, the 24-year-old Beaux decided to try her hand at porcelain painting and she enrolled in a course at the National Art Training School.
After leaving nearby blood vessels, these cells recognize chemicals produced by bacteria in a cut or scratch and migrate " toward the smell ".
After leaving the UN, he worked the world over for the World Health Organization.
After a battle, Scarlet Witch again uses her powers to restore reality and, as a slight against her father, causes a large majority mutants to lose their powers, leaving the mutant race on the brink of extinction and causing the lost powers to become an energy mass, the Collective.
After leaving the Les Brown & His Band of Renown to try a solo career, she started her long-lasting partnership with Columbia Records, which would remain her only recording label.
After leaving Villanova, McLean became associated with famed folk music agent Harold Leventhal, and for the next six years performed at venues and events including the Bitter End and the Gaslight Cafe in New York, the Newport Folk Festival, the Cellar Door in Washington, D. C., and the Troubadour in Los Angeles.
After leaving Diff ' rent Strokes in 1986, Plato attempted to establish herself as a serious actress, but found it difficult to step out of the long shadows cast by her sitcom career.
After leaving the Admiralty, Lord Mountbatten took the position of Chief of the Defence Staff.
After leaving Paramount, she signed deals with various film companies, being cast in her first horror film roles among many other types of roles, including in The Bowery ( 1933 ) and Viva Villa ( 1934 ), both huge productions starring Wallace Beery.

After and show
After the usual Honorable Sirs, it went on to say that there had been set off to the widow one full third part of the real estate of the deceased Salu Norberg, one lower room, on the Western side, privileges to the well and bake-oven and to one third of the cellar ( I can show you the cellar when we go up ), also one Cow Right, and lastly they set off to the widow her own land that she brought with her as dower, namely the Beech Pasture.
After Milne's death in 1956, his widow sold her rights to the Pooh characters to the Walt Disney Company, which has made many Pooh cartoon movies, a Disney Channel television show, as well as Pooh-related merchandise.
After that he appeared as supporting act for Madonnas show in the Netherlands.
After multiple revisions, the show opened on Broadway on April 4, 1964 at the Majestic Theatre, where it closed after 9 performances and 12 previews, unable to overcome the generally negative reviews it had received.
After the votes are tallied, the " evictee " leaves the house and is interviewed live by the host of the show, usually in front of a studio audience.
After the show was canceled, Bixby and Cruz remained in contact.
After the Second World War, the growth of the Unitarians in Canada began to show the strength which would make some Canadian organization feasible, if not imperative.
After the Spanish and Portuguese ports were closed to the Dutch ships, the Republic began to show interest for trading in the Atlantic region.
After bringing cookies to a wrap party for the show Of Mice and Men at the Old Globe Theatre, he spotted 16 year-old Genaro Samano Villanueva, who had broken into a Canadian couple's motor-home.
After the popularity of game shows hit a nadir in the mid-1990s ( at which point The Price Is Right was the only game show still on daytime network TV ), the British game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
After filming the initial 13 episodes, other professional demands caused him to leave the show, but he returned from time to time as a guest.
After Little Richard left show business for the ministry, Brown was asked to fill in leftover dates leading to an increase in his concert success and the eventual recruitment of members of the vocal group, the Dominions, to replace the Famous Flames.
After Matthau's death in 2000, Lemmon appeared with friends and relatives of the actor on a Larry King Live show in tribute.
After the show, a party was thrown to celebrate Moon's 21st birthday party at the Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan.
After this marriage to Alderman, Grammer had a daughter, Kandace Greer ( who is currently a cast member on MTV's hit show Awkward.
After a tip generated by the show, she was arrested on June 16, 1999.
After the 23 July show at the Days on the Green festival at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California, Bonham and members of the band's support staff were arrested after a member of promoter Bill Graham's staff had been badly beaten during the band's performance.
After this initial show of deference to the Rump, Monck quickly found them unwilling to continue in cooperation with his plan for an election of a new parliament ( the Rump Parliament believed Monck was accountable to them and had its own plan for free elections ); so on 21 February 1660 he forcibly reinstated the members ' secluded ' by Prid's purge in 1648, so that they could prepare legislation for the Convention Parliament.
After Rosenbaum left the show, Lex made few appearances ( with his face obscured ) or had his presence felt by way of clones, or constant mentions of his intertwined destiny with Clark.
After Connelly, the traditional totality of circumstances analysis is not even reached unless the defendant can first show such coercion by the police.
After Connelly the totality of circumstances test is not even triggered unless the defendant can show coercive police conduct.
After Radio America dropped the show it was picked up by American Family Radio for about one year.
After Clan Undead's 1997 work Operation Bayshield built on the earliest Quake movies by introducing narrative conventions of linear media and sketch comedy reminiscent of the television show Saturday Night Live, the New-York-based ILL Clan further developed the genre in machinima through works including Apartment Huntin ' and Hardly Workin '.
After finishing university in 1965 Palin became a presenter on a comedy pop show called Now!

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