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Page "fiction" ¶ 99
from Brown Corpus
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After and looking
After Mr. Jack drove away, Winston went on looking out the window.
After World War II, with the arrival of electronics for reading chords and looking in tables of " codes ", the postal sorting offices started to research chordic solutions to be able to employ people other than trained and expensive typists.
After hearing him out, Doraemon often offers helpful advice to his problem ( s ), but that's never enough for Nobita, who is consistently looking for the " quick, easy " way out ( which offers insight to the viewers as to why Nobita's life turned out the way it did ).
After less than a year had passed in Silsbee's office, Wright learned that the Chicago firm of Adler & Sullivan was " looking for someone to make the finish drawings for the interior of the
After serving in the Air Force, he moved to New York City and worked at Radio City Music Hall while looking for acting work.
After beating him and urinating on his rug, they realize they are looking for a different person with the same name, and they leave.
After being checked by the doctor a family member and a friend offered words of hope that he was looking better to which Jefferson impatiently replied .. Do not imagine for a moment that I feel the smallest solicitude as to the result " at which point he calmly gave directions for his funeral, forbidding any sort of celebration or parade.
After repeated school shootings, societies were looking to find out why such tragedies were occurring.
After looking in several countries, he decided that none of the flight schools in Europe were adequate.
After briefly considering Lev Mey's The Tsar's Bride as a subject ( later taken up in 1898 by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, his 9th opera ), Borodin began looking for a new project for his first opera.
After learning that his family was looking for him, Shehhi telephoned them on January 20 and said he was living and studying in Hamburg.
After Margaret's death Arthur wandered aimlessly around Liguria ostensibly looking at Terramare Culture sites and for Neolithic remains in Ligurian caves.
After a scaled down version of Deep Blue, Deep Blue Jr., played Grandmaster Joel Benjamin, Hsu and Campbell decided that Benjamin was the expert they were looking for to develop Deep Blue's opening book, and Benjamin was signed by IBM Research to assist with the preparations for Deep Blue's matches against Garry Kasparov.
After blessing the country to the northward, he turned towards the south, and looking across the Baikal, he waved his hand, exclaiming ' Beyond this there is nothing.
" After only a few days of shooting, things were not looking good.
For example: After looking at a red object, one may see a cyan echo / halo of the original object.
After looking in 5, 10, 20, 40, etc.
As Enrique visits the hospital, Rosa laments that she will not live to enjoy the fruits of their harrowing journey to the U. S. After Rosa dies peacefully, Enrique is shown once again waiting with the other day-labor hopefuls in a parking lot, offering his services to a man looking for " strong arms "; reviewer Renee Scolaro Rathke observes: " It is a bitter realization that Arturo ’ s words about the poor being nothing but arms for the rich holds true even in El Norte.
After taking a job looking after another prospector's cabin, he falls in love with a lonely saloon girl ( Georgia Hale ) whom he mistakenly thinks has fallen in love with him.
After Round 18 of the season, the Tigers had registered a mere 1 win, 1 draw, and 16 losses, and were looking like recording their worst ever recorded season.
After their rebirth, the females are typically bald and have female characteristics, such as breasts, more noticeable eyelashes and lips, and tend to be less wrinkled and aged looking.
After the credits, Picky gives Ness a message from Pokey, daring him to come looking for him.
After discovering they might bribe their way into the club, the brothers drive around looking for an ATM.
After looking in various venues, they visited the Crazy Daisy Nightclub on High Street where Oakey spotted two teenage girls dancing together on the dance floor.

After and about
After they had finished eating, Melissa took Sprite the kitten under her arm -- `` so that Auntie Grace can teach it about the whistle '' -- and climbed into the station wagon beside her mother.
After casting about for a way of describing this spirit, we decided that it would be better to use Mr. Lyford's introduction as an illustration.
After making a short statement about human rights, and the freedom to travel, I told them I would be going to the Kehl bridge the next morning in order to cross the Rhine into Germany.
After a dinner party for which she had come down to New York, Mrs. Lewis and Casanova arrived to see them off, and Elinor Wylie made tart observations that indicated that Lewis had been less discreet than he had promised to be about the real nature of their separation.
After all, when one has asked whatever became of old Joe and Charlie when one has inquired who it was Sue Brown married and where it is they now live when questions are asked and answered about families and children, and old professors when the game and its probable outcome has been exhausted that does it.
After a nuclear blast, one bureaucrat suggested in those halcyon days, about all you had to do was haul out the broom and sweep off your sidewalks and roof.
After she had served the detectives coffee and toast ( they politely declined eggs, uncomfortable about their tenancy ), she settled down with a morning newspaper and began reading the stock market quotations.
After the first month, rates are considerably less, averaging only about $60 a month for most 4- and 5-passenger models.
After having mated, an Andrena female digs a hole straight down into the ground, forming a burrow about the size of a lead pencil.
After he had been away from home about a year he wrote: `` ( dear Wife ) if I did not write and receive letters from you I believe that I would forgit that I was married.
After a while he began to feel better about it, especially when no one bothered to ask any questions.
After his speech, reporters asked him about the report of his political intentions, published in yesterday's New York Times.
After all this destruction of old literature, it should be obvious why we have so little information about the early history and development of the Lo Shu, which was already semisecret anyhow.
After the publication of Science and Sanity he traveled about teaching briefly in many schools and universities.
After the longest reign since Augustus ( surpassing Tiberius by a couple of months ), Antoninus died of fever at Lorium in Etruria, about twelve miles ( 19 km ) from Rome, on 7 March 161, giving the keynote to his life in the last word that he uttered when the tribune of the night-watch came to ask the password —" aequanimitas " ( equanimity ).
After the Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers, the principal tributary of the Alabama is the Cahaba River, which is about long and joins the Alabama River about below Selma.
After about 125 BC, the eponyous archon, and probably the others, were normally prominent men, and this oligarchic tendency appears to have been produced by a system of election.
* 1945 – World War II: After an air raid accidentally destroys a train carrying about 4, 000 Nazi concentration camp internees in Prussian Hanover, the survivors are massacred by Nazis.
After being informed that the call was indeed from Virginia Thomas, Hill told the media that she did not believe the message was meant to be conciliatory and said, " I testified truthfully about my experience and I stand by that testimony.
* A. D .: New Orleans After the Deluge, a non-fiction graphic novel about Hurricane Katrina
After completing his term of apprenticeship, Dürer followed the common German custom of taking Wanderjahre — in effect gap year — in which the apprentice learned skills from artists in other areas ; Dürer was to spend about four years away.
After editors complained about the stylistic changes, the strip's previous look was restored.
After about 40 years, however, Capp's interest in Abner waned, and this showed in the strip itself ," according to Don Markstein's Toonopedia.

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