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After and narrowly
After narrowly winning the primary, he lost the general election.
" After the protagonist wins the fight, Deathshead narrowly escapes in a rocket plane and goes into hiding, not to be seen again for the rest of the story.
After having hit for the league's Triple Crown in 1947, Williams narrowly lost the MVP award in a vote where one midwestern newspaper writer left Williams entirely off his ten-player ballot.
After narrowly escaping arrest, he went into hiding and reemerged at Constantinople where he was able to convince two military units passing through the capital to proclaim him emperor on 28 September 365.
After the federal elections of 1994 Kohl was narrowly re-elected.
After successfully but narrowly defending their manufacturers ' title in 2001, Peugeot Sport dominated the 2002 season, taking eight wins in the hands of Grönholm and Gilles Panizzi.
After narrowly surviving the birth and death of her last baby, Sophia, in 1607, Anne ’ s decision to have no more children may have widened the gulf between her and James.
After scoring an eighth-round knockdown of Contreras, Dávila narrowly won a unanimous decision ; all three judges had him ahead by either one or two points.
After the House narrowly voted to impeach Clinton, Lott proceeded with the Senate trial in early 1999, despite criticisms that Republicans were far short of the two-thirds majority required under the Constitution to convict Clinton and remove him from office.
After narrowly avoiding yet another relegation in 2003 – 04 and a poor start to the 2004 – 05 Football League One campaign, Turner was replaced by former Southampton manager Paul Sturrock.
After narrowly losing that seat in 1987 to Andrew Smith, he re-entered the House of Commons at a by-election for Epping Forest in 1988.
After being relegated, Energie narrowly missed a prompt return to the top tier, losing out to 1.
After his father narrowly escaped the guillotine and the family house was sacked by a mob in 1797 during the events of 18 Fructidor, the entire family left for the United States in 1799.
In 1972, Kucinich ran for a seat in the United States House of Representatives, losing narrowly to incumbent Republican William E. Minshall, Jr. After Minshall's retirement in 1974 Kucinich sought the seat again, this time failing to get the Democratic nomination, which instead went to Ronald M. Mottl.
After narrowly defeating Republican Alexander Ramsey in the first state gubernatorial contest, Sibley declared in his inaugural address, " I have no object and no interests which are not inseparably bound up with the welfare of the state.
After the March 2007 election the Centre Party narrowly remained the largest party after losing four seats.
After a difficult 2 – 7 start to the season, which was not helped with injuries to starting quarterback Kerwin Bell, the Argos, led by veteran players Derrell Mitchell, Mike O ' Shea and Adrion Smith, won 4 of the last 6 games to narrowly miss out on the playoffs again, finishing with a 7 – 11 mark.
After several Union organizers were killed and narrowly escaping death, he retreated to woods where It possessed him, leading him to slaughter several anti-union organizers, possibly involved in the murder of his comrades, in broad daylight at the Silver Dollar Bar.
After narrowly escaping being torn apart in Thorndyke's workshop, and a destructive spree through Chinatown, Herbie is about to launch himself off the Golden Gate Bridge when Jim reaches him.
After eleven further seasons in the Third Division South, the club narrowly avoided another effective relegation with the creation of the Fourth Division for the 1958 – 59 season.
After Scamp and Angel narrowly escape from a train and fall into a river, the two dogs realize that their friendship has blossomed into love.
After narrowly escaping an attempt on their lives ( in which Jimba Ral died ), they flee to the Texas Colony.
After the 2006 general election in which centre-left The Union coalition won narrowly over the centre-right House of Freedoms, party leader Fausto Bertinotti was elected President of the Chamber of Deputies, and was replaced by Franco Giordano as party secretary.
After the election the conservative wing of the Liberal Party, led by Malcolm Fraser, challenged Snedden's leadership, but he was narrowly re-elected.

After and winning
After winning the First Test by an innings after being controversially sent in by Hutton, Australia lost its way and England took a hat-trick of victories to win the series 3 – 1.
After winning over the Sanhaja Berber tribe, they quickly took control of the entire desert trade route, seizing Sijilmasa at the northern end in 1054, and Aoudaghost at the southern end in 1055.
After winning at Eurymedon in 468 BC, Cimon and Themistocles ordered the reconstruction of its southern and northern walls, and Pericles entrusted the building of the Parthenon to Ictinus and Callicrates, under the general direction of Phidias.
After winning the opening game of the season on March 31 on the road against the Cincinnati Reds, the Diamondbacks found themselves with the best record in Major League Baseball, 20 – 8, by the start of May.
After winning the Dutch Mixing Championships ( DMC ) in 1988, he was invited for The World Mix Championships in the London Royal Hall and won third place in a fierce competition.
After several efforts, Spanish troops from Peru took advantage of the internecine strife to reconquer Chile in 1814, when they reasserted control by winning the Battle of Rancagua on October 12.
After winning a seat in the Senate representing the mining north in 1915, he earned the sobriquet " Lion of Tarapacá.
After losing the 1945 World Series to the Detroit Tigers, the Cubs finished with winning seasons the next two years, but those teams did not enter post-season play.
After losing a dismal 103 games in 1966, the Cubs brought home consecutive winning records in ' 67 and ' 68, marking the first time a Cub team had accomplished that feat in over two decades.
After a down-to-the-wire Wild Card chase with the San Francisco Giants, Chicago and San Francisco ended the regular season tied, and thus squared off in a one game playoff at Wrigley Field in which third baseman Gary Gaetti hit the eventual game winning homer.
After a rough start, which included a brawl between Michael Barrett and Carlos Zambrano, the Cubs overcame the Milwaukee Brewers, who had led the division for most of the season, with winning streaks in June and July, coupled with a pair of dramatic, late-inning wins against the Reds, and ultimately clinched the NL Central with a record of 85 – 77.
After World War II, the club reached the FA Cup Final twice, losing in 1946 and winning in 1947.
After winning Miss Pacific Coast in 1981, she gave up pageant life.
After winning the 2003 World Series, the Marlins entered 2004 with high hopes and a retooled roster.
After winning the United Kingdom general election, 1979, Margaret Thatcher appointed Keith Joseph, the director of the Hayekian Centre for Policy Studies, as her secretary of state for industry in an effort to redirect parliament's economic strategies.
After performances in the youth and A teams gained him promotion to the reserves, Banks was posted to Germany with the Royal Signals on National service, winning the Rhine Cup with his regimental team.
After winning the Golden Boot at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, Lineker was signed by Barcelona for £ 2, 800, 000.
After the year's previous success, King had Brown sign a new recording contract and in June 1965, released " Papa's Got a Brand New Bag ", which became his breakthrough hit single, becoming his first # 1 single on the R & B chart since " Try Me " and his first Top 10 pop single winning Brown his first Grammy.
After going through a summer filled with mostly ties and losses, a four game winning streak at the end of August helped get them back in the playoff race.
After the massacre and subsequent violence, Gandhi began to focus on winning complete self-government and control of all Indian government institutions, maturing soon into Swaraj or complete individual, spiritual, political independence.
After winning the division again in 1970, the team entered an eight-year dry spell, finishing around the. 500 mark.
After a winning season in 1992, the Twins fell into a years-long stretch of mediocrity, posting a losing record each year for the next eight years: 71 – 91 in 1993, 50 – 63 in 1994, 56 – 88 in 1995, 78 – 84 in 1996, 68 – 94 in 1997, 70 – 92 in 1998, 63 – 97 in 1999 and 69 – 93 in 2000.
After an arduous recovery, Doohan returned to racing for the final two races but could not prevent Yamaha rider Wayne Rainey from winning his third consecutive title ( by 4 points from Doohan ).

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