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After and naval
After years of intense rivalry between the navy and the air force for the control of naval aviation, President Castelo Branco decreed in 1965 that only the air force would be allowed to operate fixed-wing aircraft and that the navy would be responsible for helicopters.
After the invention of cannons, naval warfare became useful as support units for land warfare.
After the sinking of the RMS Lusitania by a German submarine in May 1915, Lieutenant-Commander Godfrey Herbert, commanding officer of Baralong, was visited by two officers of the Admiralty's Secret Service branch at the naval base at Queenstown, Ireland.
After their conquests in the Agrigentum campaign, and following several naval battles, Rome attempted ( 256 / 255 BC ) the second large scale land operation of the war.
After completing the 10-month course, he was commissioned as an ensign in the U. S. Naval Reserve at Corpus Christi, Texas on June 9, 1943, just three days before his 19th birthday, which made him the youngest naval aviator to that date.
After his naval service, Bogart worked as a shipper and then bond salesman.
After the September 11 attacks, Japanese naval vessels have been assigned to resupply duties in the Indian Ocean to the present date.
After the war, Rear-Admiral Michael Musmanno, a U. S. naval officer and judge, published an account apparently based on eye-witness testimony: " At about 8: 15 pm, Goebbels arose from the table, put on his hat, coat and gloves and, taking his wife's arm, went upstairs to the garden.
After an automobile accident cut short his career in naval aviation, Cousteau indulged his interest in the sea.
After failing the officer's qualification test, Audubon ended his incipient naval career.
After the captain of the naval vessel identifies himself and demands a course change, the other party responds with, " I'm a lighthouse.
After the German Empire's World War I-era army air force, the Luftstreitkräfte, and naval air units had been disbanded under the term of the Treaty of Versailles the Luftwaffe was reformed in 1935 and grew to become one of the strongest, most doctrinally advanced, and most battle-experienced air forces in the world when World War II started in Europe in September 1939.
After suffering a defeat at the hands of their colony of Corcyra, a sea power that was not allied to either Sparta or Athens, Corinth began to build an allied naval force.
After Mirza's retirement, Musharraf appointed Admiral Shahid Karimullah, whom Musharraf was trained together in special forces schools in 1960s, to four-star rank and chief of naval staff.
After the Roman conquest of the Nabataean Empire and the Roman naval presence at Aden to curb piracy, Arab merchants barred Indian merchants from trading in the free port cities of the Arabian Peninsula because of the nearby Roman presence.
After spending the day sifting through Royal Navy archives doing research for a book on the British naval war in the Indian Ocean during World War II, Ryan walks to meet his family at a London park.
After surviving and eventually being rescued, in 1917 Wild returned to naval duty on HMS Pembroke, later transferring to HMS Biarritz.
* After the bombings of U. S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania by Al-Qaeda militants, U. S. naval military forces launch cruise missile attacks against Al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan in 1998.
* After the completion of the Grand Canal of China, Emperor Yang of Sui led a recorded long naval flotilla of ships from the north down to his southern capital at Yangzhou.
After five naval confrontations that took place in August 663 at Baekgang, considered the lower reaches of Tongjin river, the Silla-Tang forces emerged victorious.
* After a naval battle, Venice wins the three year War of Chioggia against Genoa.
After returning to his own band at the end of the war, he continued to wear his naval uniform for most of his concerts and other public appearances.
After Cao's defeat at the naval Battle of Red Cliffs in 208 CE, China was divided into three spheres of influence, with Cao Cao dominating the north, Sun Quan ( 182 – 252 CE ) dominating the south, and Liu Bei ( 161 – 223 CE ) dominating the west.
After discussions broke down in 1904, the Japanese Navy attacked the Russian eastern fleet at Port Arthur, a naval base in the Liaotung province leased to Russia by China, which led to war.

After and studies
After three years of increasingly independent studies there he got a scholarship to go to continue his studies in Paris in 1948
After finishing his studies he went on long educational voyages from 1710 to 1724 through Europe, visiting other German states, England, Holland, Italy, and France, meeting with many famous mathematicians, such as Gottfried Leibniz, Leonhard Euler, and Nicholas I Bernoulli.
After completing his studies under Milhaud, Brubeck helped to establish Berkeley, California's Fantasy Records.
After an initial six-month review process, William Ruckelshaus, the Agency's first Administrator rejected an immediate suspension of DDT's registration, citing studies from the EPA's internal staff stating that DDT was not an imminent danger to human health and wildlife.
After he completed his studies, Bishop Martin Bazan and Prior Diego d ' Achebes appointed Dominic to the cathedral chapter and he became a regular canon under the Rule of St. Augustine and the Constitutions for the cathedral church of Osma.
After the Society was closed down by the government, he left his hometown and moved to Korçë, continuing his studies in a French secondary school.
After a year, not having much interest in biology, he left Montepelier to go to Paris hoping to continue his university studies.
After receiving a substantial inheritance upon his father's death in 1863, Cantor shifted his studies to the University of Berlin, attending lectures by Leopold Kronecker, Karl Weierstrass and Ernst Kummer.
After two years, he gave up his appointment to pursue his studies at Leipzig, where, as rector, he received the support of the professor of classics, Peter Mosellanus ( 1493 – 1525 ), a celebrated humanist of the time, with whom he had already been in correspondence.
After beginning his studies at the University of Berlin, he founded the 3rd psychological testing lab in Germany ( 3rd to Wilhelm Wundt and G. E.
After completing his undergraduate studies at Kyoto University, he received his Ph. D. from Harvard while under the direction of Oscar Zariski.
After Humfrey's death, Purcell continued his studies under Dr. John Blow.
After completing his studies, Berglin has been living in Gävle where he works as a teacher of Swedish and religion.
After several years in Rome, he travelled with Bonosus to Gaul and settled in Trier where he seems to have first taken up theological studies, and where he copied, for his friend Tyrannius Rufinus, Hilary of Poitiers ' commentary on the Psalms and the treatise De synodis.
After completing his studies there, he was admitted to Christ Church, Oxford.
After completing his degree in 1910, Nehru went to London and stayed there for two years for law studies at the Inns of Court School of Law ( Inner Temple ).
After his studies, he wrote for a radical newspaper in Cologne, and began to work out his theory of dialectical materialism.
After falling behind in his studies, Tsiolkovsky spent three years attending a library where Russian cosmism proponent Nikolai Fyodorov worked.
After the war, two studies of the repatriation of American prisoners of war by Robert Jay Lifton and by Edgar Schein concluded that brainwashing ( called " thought reform " by Lifton and " coercive persuasion " by Schein ) had a transient effect.
57 > After quitting his legal studies for a year and lapsing into a depression, he found another practicing attorney to mentor him, completing his studies and passing the bar examination in 1781.
After studies in Copenhagen, Rømer joined the observatory of Uraniborg on the island of Hven, near Copenhagen, in 1671.
He retained that interest during his subsequent medical studies at the universities of Breslau, Strassburg, Freiburg im Breisgau and Leipzig, After obtaining his doctorate in 1882 he worked at the Charité in Berlin as an assistant medical director under Theodor Frerichs, the founder of experimental clinical medicine, focusing on histology, hematology and color chemistry ( dyes ).

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