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After and Britain
After his cases in the Middle East, Poirot returned to Britain.
After the carnage of 1914 – 1918 the democratic reform of the Representation of the People Act 1918 instantly tripled the number of people allowed to vote in Britain from 7 to 21 million.
After the Second World War, surviving European monarchies almost invariably adopted some variant of the constitutional monarchy model originally developed in Britain.
All the presents being placed round the trees …" After her marriage to her German cousin Prince Albert, by 1841 the custom became even more widespread throughout Britain.
After tension between Russia and Britain in Europe ended with the June 1878 Congress of Berlin, Russia turned its attention to Central Asia.
After the end of Roman rule in Britain, the Imperator Cunedda forged the Kingdom of Gwynedd in northern Wales, but all his successors were titled kings and princes.
After the defeat of the Italians by the Ethiopians who were assisted by soldiers from Britain in 1941, Haile Selassie was restored to the throne but Victor Emmanuel did not relinquish his claim to the title until 1943.
After the war the bodies were recovered ; 14 were reburied at Blue Beach Military Cemetery and 64 were returned to Britain.
After Caesar's expeditions, the Romans began their real attempt to conquer Britain in 43 CE, at the behest of the Emperor Claudius.
After the defeat and death of Magnentius in the Battle of Mons Seleucus in 353, Constantius II dispatched his chief imperial notary Paulus Catena to Britain to hunt down Magnentius ' supporters.
After the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43, it developed as Verulamium and became one of the largest towns in Roman Britain.
After a failed attempt to sign an anti-German military alliance with France and Britain and talks with Germany regarding a potential political deal, on 23 August 1939, the Soviet Union entered into a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany, negotiated by Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov and German foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop.
After his house in Môtiers was stoned on the night of 6 September 1765, Rousseau took refuge in Great Britain with Hume, who found lodgings for him at a friend's country estate in Wootton in Staffordshire.
After the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805, where France decisively defeated the Austrian Hapsburgs, the conflict transformed into a grinding war between France and Britain.
After Napoleon achieved victory at Austerlitz over his enemies in continental Europe, he became more aggressive and tried to starve Britain into submission with an embargo that was economically ruinous to both sides.
After signing the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact, Ribbentrop expanded on this idea for an Axis alliance to include the Soviet Union to form a Eurasian bloc that would destroy maritime states such as Britain.
After the war, she excavated in Southwark, at The Wrekin, Shropshire and elsewhere in Britain, as well as at Sabratha, a Roman city in Libya.
After naval studies in England between 1871 and 1878, Togo's role as Chief Admiral of the Grand Fleet of the Imperial Japanese Navy in the Russo-Japanese War made him a legend in Japanese military history, and earned him the nickname ' Nelson of the Orient ' in Britain.
After the Indian Rebellion of 1857, in which Kashmir sided with the British, and the subsequent assumption of direct rule by Great Britain, the princely state of Kashmir came under the suzerainty of the British Crown.
After Britain succeeded in occupying the Libyan territories, the need for the British-trained and equipped Sanusi troops appeared to be over.
After Germany entered a Tripartite Pact with Japan and Italy, Ribbentrop wrote to Stalin, inviting Molotov to Berlin for negotiations aimed to create a ' continental bloc ' of Germany, Italy, Japan and the USSR that would oppose Britain and the USA.
After Tabu, Flaherty was considered finished in Hollywood, and Frances Flaherty contacted John Grierson of the Empire Marketing Board Film Unit in London, who assigned Flaherty to the documentary Industrial Britain ( 1933 ).
After retiring from playing in 1964, Benaud turned to full-time cricket journalism and commentary, dividing his time between Britain ( where he worked for the BBC for many years before joining Channel 4 in 1999 ), and Australia ( for the Nine Network ).

After and 1980s
After the " Polish October " of 1956 the Sixth Section in Paris welcomed Polish historians and exchanges between the circle of the Annales and Polish scholars continued until the early 1980s.
After becoming New York's de facto Red Light District in the 1960s and 1970s ( as can be seen in the films Taxi Driver and Midnight Cowboy ), since the late 1980s Times Square has emerged as a family tourist center, in effect being Disneyfied following the company's purchase and renovation of the New Amsterdam Theatre on 42nd Street in 1993.
After robust growth rates in the 1980s ( average annual growth was 6. 1 %), economic performance in the 1990s was mixed: real GDP growth was 9. 7 % in 1992, 1. 7 % in 1993, 6. 0 % in 1994, 6. 0 % in 1995, 1. 9 % in 1996 and 2. 3 % in 1997.
After previous failed attempts to bring the Major League Baseball to Colorado ( most notably the Pittsburgh Pirates nearly relocating to Denver following the Pittsburgh drug trials in 1985 ), by the late 1980s a team seemed to be a possibility in Denver.
After 1922, Cheka groups underwent a series of reorganizations, with the NKVD, into bodies whose members continued to be referred to as " Chekisty " ( Chekists ) into the late 1980s.
After the passing of Chiang Kai-Shek, the next president, Chiang's son, Chiang Ching-kuo, and Chiang Ching-kuo's successor, Lee Teng-hui a native Taiwanese, would, in the 1980s and 1990s, increase native Taiwanese representation in the government and loosen the many authoritarian controls of the early era of ROC control in Taiwan.
After Skylab, no more EVAs were made by the United States until the advent of the Space Shuttle program in the early 1980s.
After Sonia Brownell's death, other works on Orwell were published in the 1980s, with 1984 being a particularly fruitful year for Orwelliana.
After initial environmental issues like the highly publicized formaldehyde scandals in the early 1980s and 1992, IKEA took a proactive stance on environmental issues and tried to prevent future incidents through a variety of measures.
After his stint in prison during the late 1980s, Brown returned with the album, Love Overdue, in 1991, which included the single, "( So Tired Of Standing Still We Got To ) Move On ", which peaked at # 48 on the R & B chart.
After becoming popular in Japan, karaoke spread to East and Southeast Asia during the 1980s and subsequently to other parts of the world.
After the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, thousands of Biharis and Bengalis from Bangladesh arrived in the city, and today Karachi is home to 1 to 2 million ethnic Bengalis from Bangladesh ( see Bangladeshis in Pakistan ), many of whom migrated in the 1980s and 1990s.
After the early 1980s, however, the Revolutionary Guard, as a paramilitary wing of the Revolutionary Committees, became entrenched within the armed forces.
After Decade of Decadence was released, Neil left the band in February 1992, at a time when other bands in the 1980s glam metal scene ( Ratt, Stryper, White Lion, Winger, Europe & Britny Fox ) also broke up because of the rise in popularity of Grunge.
After its early 1980s introduction, it was used by the Israeli Isayeret and the US Secret Service.
After Feynman's death, scholars studying the historical development of nanotechnology have concluded that his actual role in catalyzing nanotechnology research was limited, based on recollections from many of the people active in the nascent field in the 1980s and 1990s.
After the mass arrests in the late 1980s, the group slowly faded into insignificance.
After the Abbé Pierre's death in January 2007, Italian magistrate Carlo Mastelloni recalled in the Corriere della Sera that the Abbé Pierre had " spontaneously testified " in the 1980s in support of a group of Italian activists who had fled to Paris and were involved with the Hyperion language school, directed by Vanni Mulinaris.
After a phase of steadiness during the early 1980s, the population grew further from 8. 3 to 8. 8 million during 1987 to 1997, followed by another phase of stagnation ( followed by another growth phase from 8. 8 to 9. 3 million over 2004 to 2010 ).
After that time, the birth rate plunged through the 1980s and Spain's population became stalled, its demographics showing one of the lowest sub replacement fertility rates in the world, only second to Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Ukraine, and Japan.
After being essentially unstudied for many decades, a small revival of critical interest in Scott's work began in the 1970s and 1980s.
After a brief boom in the 1980s, only a few thousand enthusiasts continue to use it.
After winning Super Bowl II after the 1967 regular season, the Packers became a losing team for much of the 1970s and 1980s, only making the playoffs in 1972 and the strike-shortened 1982 season.
After World War II, waka began to be considered out-of-date, but since the late 1980s has revived under the example of contemporary poets, such as Tawara Machi.

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