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from Brown Corpus
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After and day
After we got a script and the spots for the songs were blocked out, we'd get together for an hour or so every day.
After a week of precarious uphill landings and downwind takeoffs, Fogg one day looked down at the shattered yellow wreckage of an Army plane strewn across snow-covered Towne field.
After a day at Nikko, Mrs. Kodama put me on the train for Kyoto.
After a supper of unagi ( rice with eel -- eel which is raised in an ice-cold pond at the foot of Mt. Fuji ), I returned to my beautiful room to sleep as hard as possible to be ready for another busy day.
After playing a splendid first nine holes in 34 -- two strokes under par -- on this fifth and final day of the tournament ( Sunday's fourth round had been washed out by a violent rainstorm when it was only half completed ), Player's game rapidly fell to pieces.
After four years of war-torn London, Christie hoped she can return some day to Syria, which she described as " gentle fertile country and its simple people, who know how to laugh and how to enjoy life ; who are idle and gay, and who have dignity, good manners, and a great sense of humor, and to whom death is not terrible.
After narrowly winning the Second Test at Lord's, dubbed " The Battle of the Ridge " because of a protrusion on the pitch that caused erratic bounce, Australia mounted a comeback on the final day of the Fourth Test at Old Trafford and sealed the series after a heavy collapse during the English runchase.
Abby May wrote in her journal on January 17, 1843, " A day of some excitement, as Mr. Alcott refused to pay his town tax ... After waiting some time to be committed jail, he was told it was paid by a friend.
* 1967 – After refusing induction into the United States Army the day before ( citing religious reasons ), Muhammad Ali is stripped of his boxing title.
After waking up on flight day four, the crew began preparations for the maneuver that would brake the spacecraft into orbit around the Moon, or lunar orbit insertion.
After transfers were completed, the crew would sleep before jettisoning the empty lunar module ascent stage the next day, when it was to be crashed intentionally into the lunar surface.
After years of fighting, Paul is finally killed in October 1918, on an extraordinarily quiet, peaceful day.
After a failed attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis sank into the ocean " in a single day and night of misfortune ".
After the end of the official celebration, the day ended in a huge four-day popular feast and people celebrated with fireworks, as well as fine wine and running naked through the streets in order to display their great freedom.
After a one day series against South Africa, he scored his first Test century against the visiting Pakistanis in the first Test at Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados which the West Indies eventually won.
After a meager 60 day gestation, they will bear two to four ( usually two or three ) young.
" 9: 24 After making a comparison with events in the history of Israel, many scholars have concluded that each day in the seventy weeks represents a year.
After three months of intense work, he predicted a position for Ceres in December 1801 — just about a year after its first sighting — and this turned out to be accurate within a half-degree when it was rediscovered by Franz Xaver von Zach on 31 December at Gotha, and one day later by Heinrich Olbers in Bremen.
After miracles were reported to take place at her grave, Raymond moved her inside the Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, where she lies to this day.
After more delays, he finally achieved his seventh WSR at Lake Dumbleyung near Perth, Western Australia, on the last day of 1964, at a speed of.
After the seven day Deluge, the flood hero frees a swallow, a raven and a dove in an effort to find if the flood waters have receded.
After that, the souls return to their bodies which will be resurrected on the Day of Judgement, on which day they will receive whatever they deserve according to their beliefs and deeds in life.
After a 45-minute term of office, Pedro Lascuráin was replaced by Huerta, who took over the presidency later that day.
After the canal was opened, Motala Verkstad focused on producing equipment, locomotives and rolling stock for the newly constructed railways, beginning a tradition of railway engineering that continues to this day in the form of AB Svenska Järnvägsverkstädernas Aeroplanavdelning ( ASJA ) that was bought by the aeroplane manufacturer SAAB in Linköping.

After and Blanche
After five minutes with Blanche, one might welcome the astringency of Grazie, who was a sort of Gwen Cafritz to Francesca's Perle Mesta.
After Alice died, Blanche looked after and cared for Monet.
After her death in July 1852 he married secondly Norah Creina Blanche, daughter of Sir William Napier, the historian of the Peninsular War, whose biography he edited.
After his first publication in La Revue Blanche in 1891, he became increasingly a writer and adopted the pseudonym Tristan.
After the election of Theobald I as king of Navarre, his father tried to arrange a marriage for Alfonso with Theobald's daughter, Blanche of Navarre, but the move was unsuccessful.
After Joan died in 1348, Philip married Blanche of Navarre, daughter of Joan II and Philip III of Navarre, on 11 January 1350.
After Charles assumed the throne he refused to release Blanche, their marriage was annulled and Blanche retreated to a nunnery.
After two months, Jeanne gave birth to another daughter, Blanche, and thus Philip became King and in May was consecrated and crowned Philip VI.
After graduating from Frederick Douglass High School Calloway joined his older sister, Blanche, in a touring production of the popular black musical revue Plantation Days.
After Maria's death Martin I the Younger married at Catania on May 21, 1402 by proxy and on December 26, 1402 in person Blanche of Navarre, who was heiress of the Evreux family and the future queen of Navarre, by whom he had an only son Martin in 1403, who died in Valencia in 1407.
After helping Strickland recover from a life-threatening condition, Stroeve is repaid by having his wife, Blanche, abandon him for Strickland.
After this incident, Blanche then shifts her affections to PC Wilson.
After a brief spell as a temporary instructor at Upavon, he joined 70 Squadron at Estree Blanche on 21 July 1917.
After Faulks, American writer Jeffery Deaver was then commissioned by Ian Fleming Publications to produce Carte Blanche, which was published on 26 May 2011.
After the death of Charles III in 1425, the Duchy was claimed both by the descendants of his younger daughter, Beatrix d ' Evreux, and his elder daughter and heiress, Blanche I of Navarre.
After Henry's death, Blanche married Edmund Crouchback ( 1245 – 1296 ), in 1276, an English prince who was a younger son of Henry III and Eleanor of Provence.
After a hiatus of six years she returned to the Met in 1982 and remained a pillar of the ensemble, higly appreciated by critics and loved by the public in such roles as Idamante in Idomeneo, Hansel in Hansel and Gretel, Rosina in Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Octavian in Der Rosenkavalier, Blanche in Dialogues des Carmélites, Cherubino, Mélisande in Pelléas et Mélisande, Charlotte in Werther and Hanna Glawary in The Merry Widow.
After David confided in Blanche, she told Janet that she wanted David to live with her, leading to a bitter falling out between mother and daughter.
After this, Blanche was sent home to Navarre, where she was imprisoned by her family: from 1462, she was under the custody of her sister.
After the death of her brother in 1461, some Navarrese dissatisfied elements and some of the anti-Aragonese party regarded Blanche as the rightful monarch, as they had regarded Charles.
") After arguing over whether John had sent Blanche a Christmas card ( he had — it was buried in a stack of newspapers ), they exchanged their gifts to each other ... with a twist.
After Ned Flanders is cast as Stanley Kowalski, Marge and several other women audition for Blanche DuBois.
After a brief struggle, Blanche smilingly acquiesces as she devolves into her fantasy life, addressing the doctor with the most famous line in the play: " I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

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