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After and 2000
After the November 2000 G8 protest in Montreal, at which many protesters were beaten, trampled, and arrested in what was intended to be a festive protest, the tactic of dividing protests into " green " ( permitted ), " yellow " ( not officially permitted but with little confrontation and low risk of arrest ), and " red " ( involving direct confrontation ) zones was introduced.
After two previous failures, voters in the city passed a ballot measure in 2000 authorizing a bond measure for construction of a new library to replace the city's Carnegie library, damaged during the Loma Prieta earthquake.
After showing its first growth since the communist era in 2000, Bulgaria ’ s industrial sector has grown slowly but steadily in the early 2000s ( decade ).
Columbus has been home to many manufacturing companies, including Noblitt-Sparks Industries ( which built radios under the Arvin brand in the 1930s ) and Arvin Industries, now Meritor, Inc. After merging with Meritor Automotive on July 10, 2000, the headquarters of the newly created ArvinMeritor Industries was established in Troy, Michigan, the home of parent company, Rockwell International.
After his death, the Looney Tunes cartoon Daffy Duck for President, based on the book that Jones had written and using Jones ' style for the characters, originally scheduled to be released in 2000, was released in 2004 as part of disc 3 of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 2 DVD set.
After an urgent call for help from the Legation, Seymour set out on 10 June with 2000 troops to attempt to break through to Peking.
After being shut down in the spring of 2000, it has been superseded by systems such as the American GPS and the planned European GALILEO positioning system.
After the adoption of a new Constitution in 2000, the judicial branch of the country was completely renewed.
After 2000, the Afghan ministry of agriculture and livestock and USAID have been helping to regrow the number of livestocks throughout the country.
After posting the worst record in baseball for the 1999 season, the Marlins had the first overall pick in the 2000 first-year player draft and selected first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, a 16-year-old native of Bonita, California.
After the Liberal Party left the coalition in April 2000, Prime Minister Mori welcomed a Liberal Party splinter group, the New Conservative Party, into the ruling coalition.
After Matthau's death in 2000, Lemmon appeared with friends and relatives of the actor on a Larry King Live show in tribute.
After Steve Jackson Games licensed the Traveller setting, JTAS was revived once again as a weekly, then bi-weekly subscriber-supported web magazine in February, 2000.
After subduing and executing nearly 2000 members of the rebellion, and blinding his renegade son Khusraw, Jahangir had Arjun Dev executed, causing a permanent deterioration of relations between the imperium and the Sikhs.
After receiving Golden Globe Awards and Academy Award nominations for Steel Magnolias ( 1989 ) and Pretty Woman, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Erin Brockovich ( 2000 ).
After reacquiring the rights to his early material in 2000, Rock released The History of Rock, a collection of remixed and re-recorded songs from The Polyfuze Method and Early Mornin Stoned Pimp.
After supporting roles in the television series ER ( 1996 ) and films such as Wag the Dog ( 1997 ), Small Soldiers ( 1998 ) and The Virgin Suicides ( 1999 ), Dunst transitioned into romantic comedies and comedy dramas, starring in Drop Dead Gorgeous ( 1999 ), Bring It On ( 2000 ), Get Over It and Crazy / Beautiful ( both 2001 ).
After 2000, Latvian GDP grew by 6 – 8 % a year for 4 consecutive years.
After being diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes in 2000, which led to a brief hospitalisation, Lemmy again appeared with Motörhead at WrestleMania 17.
After a relatively low phase, she reinvented herself with the romance Dil To Pagal Hai ( 1997 ) and subsequently received critical acclaim for her work in films like Mrityudand ( 1997 ), Pukar ( 2000 ), Lajja ( 2001 ) and Devdas ( 2002 ).
After a winning season in 1992, the Twins fell into a years-long stretch of mediocrity, posting a losing record each year for the next eight years: 71 – 91 in 1993, 50 – 63 in 1994, 56 – 88 in 1995, 78 – 84 in 1996, 68 – 94 in 1997, 70 – 92 in 1998, 63 – 97 in 1999 and 69 – 93 in 2000.
After serving almost 20 years of a life sentence in prison in Italy, Ağca was pardoned by the then Italian president Carlo Azeglio Ciampi in June 2000 and deported to Turkey.
After 2000, most modern mainframes have partially or entirely phased out classic terminal access for end-users in favour of Web-style user interfaces.
After winning consecutive championships with Benetton in 1994 / 5, Schumacher moved to Ferrari in 1996 and won another five consecutive drivers ' titles with them from 2000 to 2004.
After decades of “ low intensity conflict ” in Maguindanao between 1976 and 2000, President Estrada ’ s “ All Out War ” strategy declared in 2000 led to the displacement of more than 930, 000 individuals.

After and election
-- After a long, hot controversy, Miller County has a new school superintendent, elected, as a policeman put it, in the `` coolest election I ever saw in this county ''.
After the election Johnson was most anxious to complete the re-establishment of civil government in Tennessee ; Union forces brought the war to an end in that state with their victory in the Battle of Nashville in December.
After about 125 BC, the eponyous archon, and probably the others, were normally prominent men, and this oligarchic tendency appears to have been produced by a system of election.
After the victory of the PdL in the 2008 general election, AN was merged into the PdL in early 2009.
After the 2011 state election, there is a coalition of the Social Democratic Party with the Christian Democratic Union, and for the first time ever, the Pirate Party won seats in a state parliament in Germany.
After only about a month, Clinton postponed his plans to be a coordinator for the McGovern campaign for the 1972 United States presidential election in order to move in with her in California.
After six years in opposition, Disraeli and the Conservative Party won the election of 1874, giving the party its first absolute majority in the House of Commons since the 1840s.
After a decade as president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, he entered parliament as a Labor MP at the 1980 federal election and became Prime Minister within three years, leading Labor to victory at four consecutive federal elections: 1983, 1984, 1987 and 1990.
After a brief Conservative interlude ( during which the Second Reform Act was passed by agreement between the parties ), Gladstone won a huge victory at the 1868 election and formed the first Liberal government.
After many buffetings and, finally, after the catastrophic results of the June European Parliament election, 2004 Špidla resigned after a revolt in his own party and the government was reshuffled on the same basis.
After the 1974 federal election and subsequent Joint Sitting of parliament, legislation was passed to create a unicameral Legislative Assembly, as well as members with full voting rights at a federal level.
After the election of November 1960, Eisenhower in briefing with John F. Kennedy pointed out the communist threat in Southeast Asia as requiring prioritization in the next administration.
After the recount, President Chen was confirmed the winner of the election by a smaller margin ( 25, 563 as opposed to 29, 518 originally ).
After redistricting, he won a three candidate primary election in 1992 with a plurality of 48 %.
After the election the New-Flemish Alliance ( N-VA ) also joined the EFA.
* 1825 – After no presidential candidate receives a majority of electoral votes in the election of 1824, the United States House of Representatives elects John Quincy Adams President of the United States.
After the February 2011 election, it moved from being the largest party to the third-largest party in the 31st Dáil.
After winning the United Kingdom general election, 1979, Margaret Thatcher appointed Keith Joseph, the director of the Hayekian Centre for Policy Studies, as her secretary of state for industry in an effort to redirect parliament's economic strategies.
After some success at state-level elections, the party won 27 seats with 5. 7 % of the vote in the Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament, in the 1983 federal election.
After the 1994 federal election, however, the merged party returned to the Bundestag, and the Greens received 7. 3 % of the vote nationwide and 49 seats.
After Richard's death in 1273, the Interregnum ended with unanimous election of Rudolph I of Habsburg, a minor pro-Staufen count.
After United Fruit bought out Cuyamal, Sam Zemurray, a strong supporter of the Liberal Party, left the country and the Liberals were short on cash by the 1932 general election.
After the election in 2010 of the new Fidesz-party government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Hungarian banks were forced to allow the conversion of foreign-currency mortgages to the forint.
After PASOK also failed to negotiate a successful agreement to form a government, emergency talks with the President ended with a new election being called while Panagiotis Pikrammenos was appointed as Prime Minister in a caretaker government.
After eight years in opposition, the Coalition won the federal election of December 1949 and Menzies began his record-setting second term as Prime Minister.

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