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After and 2006
After suggestions of selling Jaguar Cars, Land Rover or Volvo Cars, Ford appointed UBS AG to sell all or part of Aston Martin by auction and announced the fact in August 2006.
After the six-year voting ban on Bal Thackeray was lifted in 2005, he voted for the first time in the 2006 BMC elections .< ref name =" Voting ban lifted ">
After years of operating profits at Community Newspaper and losses at the Herald, Purcell in 2006 sold the suburban chain to newspaper conglomerate Liberty Group Publishing of Illinois, which soon after changed its name to GateHouse Media.
After the 2006 reorganization, the management cadre ran the business, while the chairman oversaw the controls of the business through compliance and audit and the direction of the business.
After more than 40 years, a second edition has been commenced at UBC in Vancouver in 2006.
After finishing the 2006 and 2007 seasons with records of 8 – 8 and 7 – 9, respectively, the Panthers rebounded in the 2008 season, finishing the season with a 12 – 4 record, claiming the NFC South title and a first round bye in the playoffs.
After it was shown that at least one such body was larger than Pluto, on August 24, 2006 the International Astronomical Union ( IAU ) reclassified Pluto, grouping it with two similarly sized " dwarf planets " rather than with the eight " classical planets ".
After recovering, he continued to blow glass until he dislocated his right shoulder in a 1979 bodysurfing accident. No longer able to hold the glass blowing pipe, he hired others to do the work ; Chihuly explained the change in a 2006 interview, saying " Once I stepped back, I liked the view " and pointing out that it allowed him to see the work from more perspectives and enabled him to anticipate problems faster.
After the severe economic troubles of the early 1990s, brought on by a drop in the vital fish catch and poor management of the economy, the Faroe Islands have come back in the last few years, with unemployment down to 5 % in mid-1998, and holding below 3 % since 2006, one of the lowest rates in Europe.
After the completion of the New York run, the production then transferred to the Edinburgh Festival where it was a 2006 Edinburgh Festival Pick of the Fringe.
After public outcry, it is repealed at the beginning of 2006.
After being postponed several times, these were held in February 2006.
After Alfred Moisiu, in 2006 Bamir Topi was elected President of Albania until 2010.
* After the Pakistan earthquake of 2006, IKEA gave 500, 000 blankets to the relief effort in the region
After the campaign appeared in the Metro newspaper London the business news website www. mad. co. uk remarked that the IKEA campaign had amazing similarities with the marketing activity of UK home refurbishment company Onis living who had launched their own Not For Sale advertising campaign two years prior and was awarded the Interbuild 2006 Construction Marketing Award for best campaign under £ 25, 000.
After several surgeries and long recuperations, Hingis returned to the WTA tour in 2006.
After the acquisition, an Oracle press release mentioned that the contracts that make the company's software available to MySQL AB would be due for renewal ( and presumably renegotiation ) some time in 2006.
After Friedman's death in 2006, Keynesian Nobel laureate Paul Krugman praised Friedman as a " great economist and a great man ," but criticized him by writing that " he slipped all too easily into claiming both that markets always work and that only markets work.
After Huwala retired in October 2006, Martin Shalli headed the NDF.
After the victory of Loktantra Andolan in the spring of 2006, a unicameral interim legislature replaced the previous parliament.
On March 23, the Saints announced that the team's two 2006 preseason games were to be played at Shreveport, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi. After a $ 185 million renovation of the historic stadium, on April 6 the Saints released their 2006 schedule, with all home games scheduled to be played at the Superdome.
After the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas Day 2006, the Saints clinched a first-round playoff bye for the first time in franchise history.
After the first-round bye, the Saints beat the Philadelphia Eagles 27 – 24 in the Superdome in the 2006 Divisional Playoffs.
After suffering defeat in the 2006 Queensland poll, Lawrence Springborg was replaced by Jeff Seeney, who indicated he was not interested in merging with the Liberal Party until the issue is seriously raised at a Federal level.

After and local
After Larkin has been persuaded to restock his tangled acres with pheasants, he poaches only what he needs for the nourishment of his family and local callers.
After the war, Keizo went to Korsakov to work in the local harbor.
After pitching his team to a 26 – 2 victory over a local men's amateur team ( the Mercantiles ), he was approached by another, the Forest Citys, for whom he played for two years.
After the release of the Apple Lisa computer in January 1983, Apple invested considerable effort in the development of a local area networking ( LAN ) system for the machines.
After the attacks, before the release of the FBI pictures of the hijackers, Arab News reported that Haznawi's brother Abdul Rahman had told al-Madinah newspaper that a photograph published by local newspapers bore no resemblance to his brother.
After that, he moved to a tomb, where he resided and closed the door on himself, depending on some local villagers who brought him food.
After the Second World War, manufacturers in Europe and the Far East, such as Mercedes-Benz buses and Mitsubishi Fuso expanded into other continents influencing the use of buses previously served by local types.
" After South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond switched his allegiance to the Republican Party in 1964, BJU faculty members became increasingly influential in the new state Republican party, and BJU alumni were elected to local political and party offices.
After graduating from high school in 1963, he moved to Europe, travelling around Paris and Liège, where he formed bands with local musicians and recorded some singles mainly in English and in French but also in Turkish.
After the war ended local parties started to develop in Chad.
After ten years, he extended the brewery, adding a grand building as his own private residence, where he entertained other local figures.
After taking a break in a local pub, Hunt achieved the desired mournful sound by playing very close to the microphone.
After Terry Burns, his half-brother, introduced him to modern jazz, his enthusiasm for players like Charles Mingus and John Coltrane led his mother to give him a plastic alto saxophone in 1961 ; he was soon receiving lessons from a local musician.
After months of chaos in Kabul, Mohammad Akbar Khan secured local control and in April 1843 his father Dost Mohammad, who had been released by the British, returned to the throne in Afghanistan.
After recovering at home, Capra then moved out and spent the next few years living in flophouses in San Francisco and hopping freight trains, wandering around the Western U. S. To support himself, he took odd jobs working on farms, as a movie extra, playing poker, or selling local oil well stocks.
After the Belgian Revolution, with the loss of port access to the sea for more than a decade, the local economy collapsed and the first Belgian trade-union originated in Ghent.
After each output code, the local string is initialized to the latest pixel color ( that could not be included in the output code ).
After 1948, when Himachal Pradesh was established as an administrative unit, the local Takri variants were replaced by Devanagari.
After a stay in Jamaica, Fox's first landfall on the North American continent was at Maryland, where he participated in a four-day meeting of local Quakers.
After qualification he sought adventure as a ship's surgeon, voyaging the Pacific Ocean, taking the opportunity to study local crafts, linguistics, and tropical plants.
After a much-disputed truce on 3 January 1928, the Italian policy in Libya reached the level of full scale war, including deportation and concentration of the people of the Jebel Akhdar to deny the rebels the support of the local population.
After stepping down from his $ 189, 000 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development job, Kemp personally earned $ 6. 9 million in the next three years, primarily for speaking on behalf of local Republican candidates.
After being inspired by a poster featuring a local, Hollywood burlesque performer Virginia Lee Hicks, who was then performing as Jennie Lee, the " Bazoom Girl ", at the New Follies Burlesk at 548 S. Main St, Los Angeles, Ginsburg wrote a tribute song " Jennie Lee " that he brought to Berry and Torrence.
After local and foreign pressure, in December 1991, parliament repealed the one-party section of the constitution.
After making his way to Palestine, Imi joined Israel ’ s pre-state Haganah paramilitary organization to protect newcoming Jewish from local inhabitants.

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