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After and 2008
* Patterson, James G. In the Wake of the Great Rebellion: Republican, Agrarianism and Banditry in Ireland After 1798 ( 2008 )
After the victory of the PdL in the 2008 general election, AN was merged into the PdL in early 2009.
After the second terminal of International Airport Sofia was built the total number of passengers rose and reached 3 230 696 in 2008, and in April 2011 Airport Sofia serviced 282 694 passengers, 13 % more than the same period of 2009, when the record was 250 000 passengers.
Examples include Arsenic and Old Lace ( 1944 ), Monsieur Verdoux ( 1947 ), Kind Hearts and Coronets ( 1949 ), The Ladykillers ( 1955 ), Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb ( 1964 ), The Loved One ( 1965 ), MASH ( 1970 ), Monty Python's The Meaning of Life ( 1983 ), Brazil ( 1985 ), The War of the Roses ( 1989 ), Heathers ( 1989 ), Your Friends & Neighbors ( 1998 ), Keeping Mum ( 2005 ), and Burn After Reading ( 2008 ).
After finishing the 2006 and 2007 seasons with records of 8 – 8 and 7 – 9, respectively, the Panthers rebounded in the 2008 season, finishing the season with a 12 – 4 record, claiming the NFC South title and a first round bye in the playoffs.
After years of stagnation, the " new thinking " ( Anatoli Cherniaev, 2008: 131 ) of younger Communist apparatchiks began to emerge.
After a major rehabilitation program, the company restarted copper production in December 2007 and cobalt production in May 2008.
After 24 years of playing at the RCA Dome, the Colts moved to their new home Lucas Oil Stadium in the fall of 2008.
After the January 2008 change of ownership, AkzoNobel fully integrated ICI's operations within its existing organisation.
After the nephew died without heirs in 1835, President Andrew Jackson informed Congress of the bequest, which amounted to about US $ 500, 000 ($ 10, 100, 997 in 2008 U. S. dollars after inflation ).
After Hamas assaulted a neighborhood in Gaza mostly populated by the Fatah-aligned Hilles clan in response to their attack on Hamas which killed six of its members, the Hilles clan was relocated to Jericho on 4 August 2008.
After a strong presence in 2007 and 2008, the Sudakas have largely faded from the section, although some chants remain in use.
After various colour combinations in the 1990s, including gold and navy, bright yellow, black and grey, and ecru, the club alternated between yellow and white away kits until the 2008 – 09 season, when it re-introduced the grey kit.
After Jacobs ' death, Rabbi Dr. Reuven Hammer served as interim Rabbi of New London Synagogue until Rabbi Jeremy Gordon was appointed in January 2008.
* 2008After critical failures in the US financial system began to build up after mid-September, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaches its lowest level since 1997.
After the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the Mumbai Police created specialized, quick response teams to deal with terror threats.
Gillick retired as general manager after the 2008 season and was succeeded by one of his assistants, Ruben Amaro, Jr. After adding outfielder Raúl Ibañez to replace the departed Pat Burrell, the Phillies retained the majority of their core players for the 2009 season.
After leading in national polls for much of 2007, his candidacy faltered late in that year ; he rated poorly in the caucuses and primaries of January 2008 and withdrew from the race.
After Washington prosecutors showed " a renewed interest in the case in the final months of 2008 ," a federal grand jury was convened in January 2009 to hear evidence of Clemens ' possible perjury before Congress.
After being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars in April 2008, Elizabeth began dating Derek Hough, her dancing partner on the show.
In 2008, King published both a novel, Duma Key, and a collection, Just After Sunset.
** 2008: Just After Sunset
After beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday December 21, 2008, the Chargers stood at 7 – 8, one game behind the Denver Broncos.
After Johnson 2008
After going 7 – 5 in his first stint in 2007 with the Giants, he exploded onto the scene this year winning four straight before losing his 1st game of the year on April 29, 2008, to the Colorado Rockies.

After and South
After much experience at sea, including command of a ship that was saved in a storm by convicts, Phillip sailed with the First Fleet, as Governor-designate of the proposed British penal colony of New South Wales.
After her death, Josiah was married to Abiah Folger on July 9, 1689, in the Old South Meeting House by Samuel Willard.
After a one day series against South Africa, he scored his first Test century against the visiting Pakistanis in the first Test at Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados which the West Indies eventually won.
After performing for Queen Elizabeth II at a command performance in 1979, Haley made his final performances in South Africa in May and June 1980.
) After leaving New York City, it is the main north – south street of western Yonkers, New York through Sleepy Hollow ( known as ether North or South Broadway in most sections ), before becoming Albany Post Road ( and Highland Avenue ) at the northern border of Sleepy Hollow, New York.
" After South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond switched his allegiance to the Republican Party in 1964, BJU faculty members became increasingly influential in the new state Republican party, and BJU alumni were elected to local political and party offices.
After defeating Peru and Bolivia, Chile dominated the Pacific Coast of South America.
After the tectonic creation of Drake Passage, when South America fully detached from Antarctica during the Oligocene, the climate cooled significantly due to the advent of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current which brought cool deep Antarctic water to the surface.
After some reverses, UN and Congolese government forces succeeded in recapturing the breakaway provinces of South Kasai on 30 December 1961, and Katanga on 15 January 1963.
After several expeditions to South America, Pizarro secured his stay in Peru and explored the territory held by the Incas.
After a failed attempt to bomb Canary Wharf, a large IRA bomb exploded at South Quay on 9 February 1996.
After a 17 point second semi final loss to South Melbourne defeated Fitzroy ( who had beaten South Melbourne ) in the challenge final: Essendon 8. 15 ( 63 ) to Fitzroy 6. 10 ( 46 ).
After finishing 5th, seventh and ninth ( out of twenty-two teams ) in their first three seasons in the Third Division South, Fulham won the division in the 1931 – 32 season.
After the inauguration of Jacob Zuma as South Africa's president in May 2009 de Klerk said he is optimistic that Zuma and his government can " confound the prophets of doom ".
After the success of travelogues based on voyages to the South Seas and stories based on misadventures in the merchant marine and navy, Melville's popularity declined dramatically.
After the World Cup Cronje was part of the tour to the West Indies ; he featured in the three ODI's and in the Test match at Bridgetown that followed he made his Test debut, this was South Africa first Test since readmission and they came close to beating a strong West Indian side, going into the final day at 122 / 2 chasing 200 they collapsed to 148.
After Korea was divided, the North and South revised orthographies separately.
After the rise of Benito Mussolini, the " Iron Prefect " Cesare Mori tried to defeat the already powerful criminal organizations flourishing in the South with some degree of success.
After the Civil War, the timber industry deforested millions of acres in the South, leaving only sparse isolated tracts of suitable habitat.
After various Korean border conflicts, war broke out with U. S .- allied South Korea in 1950, starting the Korean War.
After negotiations, the pact was signed in Paris at the French Foreign Ministry by the representatives from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, British India, the Irish Free State, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.
After the independence of Pakistan, the city population increased dramatically when hundreds of thousands of Muhajirs from India and other parts of South Asia came to settle in Karachi.
After 1783 the ranks of free blacks expanded markedly, due both to manumission of the enslaved in the South during the first two decades after the Revolutionary War, attributable both to slaveholders inspired by its ideals and to others inspired to manumission by Quaker, Methodist and Baptist preachers active in those years.

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