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After and CCC
After the first three games of the 2007 Championship season, they were lying at the top of the county table, following innings victories over Worcestershire CCC and defending champions Sussex CCC, and a draw with hotly-tipped Lancashire CCC.
After their defeat of Derbyshire CCC, they were the only first class cricket club not to have been defeated in any competition so far at that point in the season.
After that, he worked as the cricket correspondent of The Independent newspaper ( 2002 – 2009 ), until his appointment to the newly-created role of Managing Director of Cricket by Middlesex CCC in January 2009.
After graduating from high school, he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps ( CCC ), where he became an assistant forestry clerk and assistant educational advisor for his company.
After its suggestion that the city's justice system begin collecting criminal records was rejected, the CCC assumed a more active role in fighting crime.
After his election to the presidency of the United States, he advocated the establishment of the Civilian Conservation Corps, known as the CCC.
After serving in the CCC, Roybal studied business at UCLA and law at Southwestern University.

After and disbanded
After the group disbanded, Beaux set in earnest to prove her artistic abilities.
After the 1888 season, the team disbanded and the city was relegated to minor league status.
After the band disbanded in 1971, Jones reunited with Micky Dolenz as well as Monkees songwriters Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart in 1974 as a short-lived group called Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart.
After the Monkees officially disbanded in 1971, Jones kept himself busy by establishing a New York City-style street market in Los Angeles called " The Street ," which cost him approximately $ 40, 000.
After the French Revolution they fell in most European nations through the 19th century, as the guild system was disbanded and replaced by free trade laws.
After Moon went to the dentist, the party was disbanded.
After the German Empire's World War I-era army air force, the Luftstreitkräfte, and naval air units had been disbanded under the term of the Treaty of Versailles the Luftwaffe was reformed in 1935 and grew to become one of the strongest, most doctrinally advanced, and most battle-experienced air forces in the world when World War II started in Europe in September 1939.
After the defeat of the Third Reich the Luftwaffe was disbanded in 1946.
After the United Nations was founded in 1945 and the League of Nations was disbanded, all but one of the mandated territories that remained under the control of the mandatory power became United Nations trust territories, a roughly equivalent status.
After the Matale Rebellion led by Puran Appu in 1848, in which a number of Sinhalese recruits defected to the side of the rebels, the recruitment of Sinhalese to the British forces was temporarily halted and the Ceylon Regiments disbanded.
After YMO disbanded in 1983, he produced more solo records, including collaborations with various international artists, through to the 1990s.
After recording demos for a fourth album the group disbanded in 1981, when Shelley took up a solo career.
After his Club was disbanded, Wharton became a Freemason, and in 1722 he became the Grandmaster of England.
After the Beatles disbanded, Lennon and Ono cohabited in London and then in New York.
After Fritz disbanded in 1972, Nicks and Buckingham continued to write and record as a duo, producing demo tapes at the coffee plant belonging to Buckingham's father Morris.
After the dismaying result in the 1992 general election ( 29. 7 %) and two years of mounting scandals ( which included several Mafia investigations that touched notably Andreotti ), the party was disbanded in 1994.
After making three albums in New York with the second quintet and producer Kip Hanrahan, two of which he described on separate occasions as " the greatest thing I've done ", he disbanded the quintet, formed a sextet with an extra bandoneón, cello, bass, electric guitar, and piano, and wrote music for this ensemble that was even more adventurous harmonically and structurally than any of his previous works ( Preludio y Fuga ; Sex-tet ).
After the February Revolution of 1917, the Gendarmes and the Okhrana were disbanded as anti-revolutionary.
After the High Command's administrator, V ' Las, was revealed to be a Romulan agent, the High Command was disbanded, and a more traditional and human-friendly Vulcan government was formed.
After Bauhaus disbanded, the members of the band did various solo work.
After Layforce ( and No. 8 Commando ) were disbanded on 1 August 1941, Stirling remained convinced that due to the mechanised nature of war a small team of highly trained soldiers with the advantage of surprise could exact greater damage to the enemy's ability to fight than an entire platoon.
After releasing the albums Around the World in a Day ( 1985 ) and Parade ( 1986 ), The Revolution disbanded and Prince released the critically acclaimed double album Sign " O " the Times ( 1987 ) as a solo artist.
After the end of the movement, the CMDO disbanded.
After McLaughlin's departure, and several more albums, Lifetime disbanded.

After and federal
After a decade as president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, he entered parliament as a Labor MP at the 1980 federal election and became Prime Minister within three years, leading Labor to victory at four consecutive federal elections: 1983, 1984, 1987 and 1990.
After years of extensive lobbying for federal dollars, a 1987 public works bill appropriating funding for the Big Dig was passed by U. S. Congress, but it was subsequently vetoed by President Ronald Reagan as being too expensive.
After the 1974 federal election and subsequent Joint Sitting of parliament, legislation was passed to create a unicameral Legislative Assembly, as well as members with full voting rights at a federal level.
After the American Civil War, the federal government increased greatly in influence on everyday life and in size relative to the state governments.
After that the National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Executive Committee was established by presidential directive in 2004 to advise and coordinate federal departments and agencies on matters concerning the GPS and related systems.
After some success at state-level elections, the party won 27 seats with 5. 7 % of the vote in the Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament, in the 1983 federal election.
After the 1994 federal election, however, the merged party returned to the Bundestag, and the Greens received 7. 3 % of the vote nationwide and 49 seats.
After repeated victories in 1983, 1987, 1990 and 1994 he was finally defeated by a landslide that was the biggest on record, for the left in the 1998 federal elections, and was succeeded as Chancellor by Gerhard Schröder of the SPD.
After eight years in opposition, the Coalition won the federal election of December 1949 and Menzies began his record-setting second term as Prime Minister.
After leaving office, Rau lived with his family in the federal capital, Berlin.
After the defeat of the Howard government at the 2007 federal election, Fraser claimed Howard approached him in a corridor, following a cabinet meeting in May 1977 regarding Vietnamese refugees, and said: " We don't want too many of these people.
After the federal government asked Ontario to pay for construction in the new disputed area, the province asked for an elaboration on its limits, and its boundary was moved north to the 51st parallel north.
After an April 21, 1995, court hearing on the gun charges, but before McVeigh's release, federal agents took him into custody as they continued their investigation into the bombing.
After a nine-hour interrogation, Terry Nichols was formally held in federal custody until his trial.
After President George W. Bush approved the execution ( McVeigh was a federal inmate and federal law dictates that the President must approve the execution of federal prisoners ), he was executed by lethal injection at the Federal Correctional Complex, Terre Haute in Terre Haute, Indiana, on June 11.
After marathon negotiations, the PDS and WASG agreed on terms for a combined ticket to compete in the 2005 federal elections and pledged to unify into a single left party in 2006 or 2007.
After the war the West Germany judicial system awarded Heydrich's widow a federal pension.
After Washington prosecutors showed " a renewed interest in the case in the final months of 2008 ," a federal grand jury was convened in January 2009 to hear evidence of Clemens ' possible perjury before Congress.
After a successful signature gathering, the federal council may create a counterproposal to the proposed amendment and put it to vote on the same day as the original proposal.
After Arizona finally adopted the federal holiday in 1992, the NFL again began to consider Tempe.

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