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After and East-West
After leading the Stars to league titles in 1928, 1930, and 1931, he moved to the Detroit Wolves of the East-West League when the Negro National League disbanded.
After 1990, the international situation changed from East-West confrontation to one of general uncertainty and instability.
After a 20-for-28, 349-yard performance in the 1962 East-West Shrine Game at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, Lamonica was named the game's Most Valuable Player.
After the East-West schism the early Christian communities and structures remained.
His works include The Meaning of Tradition, I Believe in the Holy Spirit, and After Nine Hundred Years, which addresses the East-West Schism.
After each round, the East-West pairs move to the next higher table and the boards move to the next lower table.
After the East-West Schism, the church in China was divided into two groups, Roman Catholicism and Chinese Orthodoxy, both present in significant amounts.
After coaching the West team wide receivers for the 2011 East-West Shrine Game, McCardell was hired by the Washington Redskins to coach their wide receivers on January 27, 2010.
After the season, he played in the East-West Shrine Game, where he intercepted four passes and threw for his team's touchdown in a 6 – 6 tie.
After several singles (" Mourir pour elles " – EMI Records and " Made In Japan "- East-West France ), she released a dance version of Goran Bregovic's song " Ederlezi ".

After and Schism
After an initial support for the anti-Rome party in the Schism of the Three Chapters, Theodelinda remained a close contact and supporter of Pope Gregory I.
The Council then set aside Antipope John XXIII ( 1410 – 15 ), the successor of Alexander V. After the former follower of Benedict XIII appeared, the council declared him deposed ; and the Great Schism was ended.
After the Schism, those who lived under the Orthodox sphere of influence became Orthodox and those who lived under the Catholic sphere of influence became Catholic.
After the Great Schism of 1054, the polarized religious atmosphere served to strengthen Guiscard's alliance with papal forces, resulting in a formidable papal-Norman opposition to the Eastern Empire.
After a coup deposed King Constantine during the First World War, Crown Prince George, by then a Major, followed his father into exile in 1917 ( see National Schism ); his brother Alexander was installed as king by prime minister Eleftherios Venizelos, an avowed Republican.
After the Schism, around half of all the mutants on Utopia accompany Wolverine to Westchester to be a part of the new school.
After the Great Schism, there existed a Catholic Bishopric of Cumania ( later, separate bishoprics in both Wallachia and Moldavia ).
After the Great Schism, it remained a part of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
After the Great Schism of the Church in 1054, the majority of Vicianum's population remained Orthodox.
After the Nestorian Schism, when the Byzantine emperor Zeno ordered the school closed for its teachings of Nestorian doctrine, deemed heretical by Chalcedonian Christianity, the School moved back to Nisibis.
After the Nestorian Schism, when the teaching of Nestorius were branded heretical at the First Council of Ephesus in 431, the School of Edessa in Mesopotamia was closed for its Nestorian teachings, and moved to its original home in Nisibis, in the Sassanid Empire.
After the Great Schism most Basilian monasteries became a part of the Eastern Orthodox Church, however some Basilian monasteries which were in Italy remained in communion with the Western Church.
After the Schism of the Three Chapters, two different Patriarchs were elected: the Patriarch of Grado exerted its jurisdiction over the Latin-origin people living in the coast and in the Venetian Lagoon, while that of Old-Aquileia, later moved to Cividale, had its jurisdiction on the mainland.
After the events of X-Men: Schism, Wolverine and half of the X-Men are set to return Westchester, New York and the X-Mansion.
After the Schism, those who lived under the Byzantine sphere of influence became Orthodox and those who lived under the Roman sphere of influence became Catholic.

After and conventionally
After the war, he is commemorated as Righteous among the Nations by the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, but he is never seen as a conventionally virtuous character.
After taking control of Yamato province he established the imperial throne and acceeded in the year of kanototori ( conventionally dated to 660 B. C .).
After a moment's temptation not to reveal their whereabouts, Crichton makes the conventionally decent choice and launches a signal.
After the mission, the Minions would return to base and land conventionally on retractable landing gear.
After they returned to Yugoslavia, Cukić left Bajaga i Instruktori conventionally and formed his Spori Ritam Band.

After and dated
After Thompson came to London to live, he received a letter from Katie, which was dated February 8, 1897.
After 1895 the number increases, and in the next thirty years there is only one year for which there is no dated poem -- 1903, when Hardy was at work on The Dynasts.
After the military coup, in 1980 PAIGC admitted in its official newspaper " Nó Pintcha " ( dated November 29, 1980 ) that many were executed and buried in unmarked collective graves in the woods of Cumerá, Portogole and Mansabá.
After the Yarmukians came the Ghassulians ( carbon dated c. 4300 – 3300 BCE ).
After this short romance, she dated Frank Sinatra, Jr. who, at the time, was more than twice her age.
After 1660, all legal documents were dated as if Charles had succeeded his father as king in 1649.
After The Economist ran a critique of Amnesty International and human rights in general in its issue dated 24 March 2007, its letters page ran a vibrant reply from Amnesty, as well as several other letters in support of the organisation, including one from the head of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.
After their father died on 12 April 1550, Claude was allowed to come to Scotland with a passport from Edward VI dated 11 May.
After his wife's death, McNamara dated Katharine Graham, with whom he had been friends since the early 1960s.
After many years of trying to compete with the ever-expanding railroad network, the James River and Kanawha Canal was conveyed to a new railroad company by a deed dated March 4, 1880.
After defining a " First Period " of inscriptional Latin and the literature of the earliest known authors and fragments, to which he assigns no definitive name ( he does use the term " Old Roman " at one point ), Teuffel presents " the second period ", his major, " das goldene Zeitalter der römischen Literatur ", the Golden Age of Roman Literature, dated 671 – 767 AUC or 83 BC – 14 AD according to his time reckoning, between the dictatorship of Lucius Cornelius Sulla and the death of the emperor Augustus.
After she graduated from Eitoku, she dated a man of common wealth, which led to her mother forcing them apart so that Tsubaki could marry a wealthier man.
" After rumors of engagement, the couple broke up in 2010, after which Kuehne dated and ( in May 2011 ) married his current wife Andy.
After a review of the United Kingdom coinage, it was decided that a general-circulation £ 2 coin was needed, and a new bi-metallic design was issued on 15 June 1998 ( dated 1997 ).
After the divorce Basinger dated casting director Jon Peters and singer Prince.
After it was discovered that Jerry Seinfeld once dated writer and comedian Carol Leifer, speculation grew that Elaine was based upon Leifer, though that was later largely denied.
After minor adjustments, King George V granted the design by Royal Warrant dated 8 October 1928.
After Purdy set off, Hampton received a letter from Armstrong, dated 16 October, informing him that Armstrong himself was relinquishing overall command of the combined American forces, leaving Wilkinson in charge.
** The record dated by February 2, 1836 says: " Через три часа после этого общего бедствия ... осветился великолепный Энгельгардтов дом, и к нему потянулись кареты, все наполненные лучшим петербургским дворянством, тем, которые у нас представляют всю русскую европейскую интеллигенцию " (" After three hours after this common disaster ... the magnificent Engelhardt's house was lit up and coaches started coming, filled with the best Peterburg dvoryanstvo, the ones who represent here the best Russian European intelligentsia.
After World War II the car was officially dated by the Veteran Car Club as a 1904 model, and Lucas and Proctor entered it in the London to Brighton Run in November 1948-the first London to Brighton run for the car.
After Saigō rejected a letter dated September 1 from Yamagata drafted by a young Suematsu Kenchō ( see M. Matsumura, Pōtsumasu he no michi, pub.
After the military coup, in 1980 PAIGC admitted in its official newspaper Nó Pintcha ( dated November 29, 1980 ) that many were executed and buried in unmarked collective graves in the woods of Cumerá, Portogole and Mansabá.
After issue 3282 ( dated 16 October 2004 ) The Dandy underwent a radical format overhaul.

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