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After and Republicans
After a failed health care reform attempt, Republicans won control of Congress in 1994, for the first time in forty years.
After the war, many thousands of Republicans were imprisoned and up to 151, 000 were executed between 1939 and 1943.
* July 24 – Sack of Cuenca ( Third Carlist War ): After Carlist forces successfully defended Estella, Don Alfonso de Bourbon, brother of the Don Carlos VII, led 14, 000 Catalan Carlists south to attack Cuenca 136 km from Madrid, held by Republicans under Don Hilario Lozano.
After Lincoln's assassination, the Radical Republicans had strong goals in the South to suppress the former rebels.
After the 1998 midterm elections where the Republicans lost seats, Gingrich did not stand for re-election.
After the war ended in 1815 the " Old Republicans " in Congress, with their Jeffersonian ideology for economy in the federal government, sought at every turn to reduce the operations and finances of the War Department.
After the South seceded and their delegations left Congress in 1861, the Republicans and other supporters of the Upper South passed the act.
After the Civil War, Democrats were generally the party of trade liberalization, while Republicans were generally for higher tariffs.
After stays in Zwickau, Hof, Karlsruhe and Strasbourg, Semper eventually ended up back in Paris, like many other disillusioned Republicans from the 1848 Revolutions ( such as Heinrich Heine and Ludwig Börne ).
After returning to the United States, Seward gave a conciliatory, pro-Union Senate speech that reassured moderates but alienated some radical Republicans.
After the republican defeat at Pharsalus, Afranius, like most Republicans, fled to Africa province.
After Republicans took the majority in the Senate, Lott became Senate Majority Whip in 1995 and then Senate Majority Leader in 1996, upon the resignation of presidential nominee Bob Dole of Kansas.
After Nixon released the infamous " smoking gun " transcripts ( which proved Nixon's involvement in the Watergate cover-up ), however, Lott announced that he would vote to impeach Nixon when the articles came up for debate before the full House ( as did the other Republicans who voted against impeachment in committee ).
After the House narrowly voted to impeach Clinton, Lott proceeded with the Senate trial in early 1999, despite criticisms that Republicans were far short of the two-thirds majority required under the Constitution to convict Clinton and remove him from office.
After the 2000 elections produced a 50-50 partisan split in the Senate, Vice President Al Gore's tie-breaking vote gave the Democrats the majority from January 3 to January 20, 2001, when George W. Bush took office and Vice President Dick Cheney's tie-breaking vote gave the Republicans the majority once again.
After Foley was unseated in the Republican landslide of 1994 that gave the Republicans a 52-seat majority, Gephardt became the leader of the House Democrats, as minority leader, initially opposite Newt Gingrich and then, from 1999 onwards, Dennis Hastert.
After the establishment of the Third Republic in September 1870, he became one of the leaders of the Opportunist Republicans faction.
After the 2000 election, the Senate was divided evenly between the parties, with Republicans retaining the right to organize the Senate due to the election of Dick Cheney as Vice President and ex officio presiding officer of the Senate.
After defeat on the treaty in Congress, the Jeffersonian Republicans lost the 1796 presidential election on the issue.
After the chaos of the initial uprising, two sides coalesced and began to consolidate their position — the Popular front ( the Republicans ) and the Spanish Nationalist front.
After the 1994 Republican sweep of Congress, Moynihan agreed that correction was needed for a welfare system that possibly encouraged women to raise their children without fathers: " The Republicans are saying we have a helluva problem, and we do.
After the war ended with the defeat of the loyalist Republicans, Cárdenas gave specific instructions to his ambassador and envoys in Europe to give safe haven and protection to all exiles, including President Manuel Azaña, actively sought for deportation by the Spanish fascist government and by French collaborationist authorities.
After this a Charbonnerie démocratique was formed among the French Republicans ; after 1841, nothing more was heard of it.
After the war, Ludendorff became a prominent nationalist leader, and a promoter of the stab-in-the-back legend, convinced that the German Army had been betrayed by Marxists and Republicans in the Versailles Treaty.

After and gained
After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, at which time Belarus gained its independence, Belarus became a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States ( CIS ), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ( OSCE ), NATO's Partnership for Peace, the North Atlantic Cooperation Council, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank.
After a prolonged guerrilla campaign, Hatuey and successive chieftains were captured and burnt alive, and within three years the Spanish had gained control of the island.
After the band gained complete creative control from their record company, they decided to expand their follow-up of the Metropolis story into a full album: Metropolis Pt.
After obtaining power, the vast majority of " idealistic " reformers gained huge possessions of state property using their positions in the government and became business oligarchs in a manner that appeared antithetical to an emerging democracy.
After Eraserhead became a cult classic on the midnight movie circuit, Lynch was employed to direct The Elephant Man ( 1980 ), from which he gained mainstream success.
After its introduction, dynamite rapidly gained wide-scale use as a safe alternative to gunpowder and nitroglycerin.
After the neighboring countries of Egypt and Libya both gained independence in the early 1950s, relations were initially cooperative.
After laying charges of sedition against the Jews, Haman gained the king's approval to write a decree for their destruction ; offering ten thousand silver talents to the king for approval of this plan, but the king refused to take them ().
After the Bannier Report it gained overall executive authority for spacecraft operation.
After it was used against a major school on a national stage in this game, the forward pass rapidly gained popularity.
After appearing in minor movie roles, Wray gained media attention being selected as one of the " WAMPAS Baby Stars ".
After the collapse of the First Empire in 1815, the French public lost the rights and privileges earned since the Revolution, but they remembered the participatory politics that characterized the period, with one historian commenting: " Thousands of men and even many women gained firsthand experience in the political arena: they talked, read, and listened in new ways ; they voted ; they joined new organizations ; and they marched for their political goals.
After the oaths were taken, the Æsir, aware of Baldr's newly gained invincibility, had Baldr stand in front of the thing.
After a short residence at Göttingen, Bopp gained, on the recommendation of Humboldt, appointment to the chair of Sanskrit and comparative grammar at Berlin in 1821, which he occupied for the rest of his life.
After performances in the youth and A teams gained him promotion to the reserves, Banks was posted to Germany with the Royal Signals on National service, winning the Rhine Cup with his regimental team.
After the Ostrogoths successfully revolted against the Huns at the Battle of Nedao in 454, their leader Theodoric the Great settled his people in Italy, founding a Kingdom which eventually gained control of the whole peninsula.
After his death he gained considerable fame, particularly among 19th-and early 20th-century commentators who, focusing on his astronomical beliefs, regarded him as a martyr for free thought and modern scientific ideas.
After prolonged years of struggle, in 1834 the Evangelicals gained control of the General Assembly and passed the Veto Act, which allowed congregations to reject unwanted " intrusive " presentations to livings by patrons.
After India gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1947, it soon joined the Commonwealth of Nations and strongly supported independence movements in other colonies, like the Indonesian National Revolution.
After its inception, Ido gained support from some in the Esperanto community, but following the sudden death in 1914 of one of its most influential proponents, Louis Couturat, it declined in popularity.
After the deaths of Calvin and his successor, Beza, the Geneva city council gradually gained control over areas of life that were previously in the ecclesiastical domain.
After the success of Welles's War of the Worlds 1938 Halloween radio broadcast, Welles gained a unique contract with RKO Pictures.
After Baldwin I extended his rule over Oultrejordain, Jerusalem gained revenue from the taxation of Muslim caravans passing from Syria to Egypt or Arabia.
After the neighboring countries of Egypt and Libya both gained independence in the early 1950s, relations were initially cooperative.
After the Bolsheviks gained a majority in the Petrograd Soviet, Trotsky was elected Chairman on 8 October.

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