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After and Soviets
After Germany's failure to destroy the Soviets before the winter of 1941, the strategic failure above the German tactical superiority became apparent.
After midnight on 29 April, with the Soviets advancing ever closer to the bunker complex, Hitler dictated his last will and testament.
After being refused recognition as official representative of the Bolshevik regime, Radek alongside other delegates ( Adolph Joffe, Nikolai Bukharin, Christian Rakovsky and Ignatov ) to the German Congress of Soviets.
After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks considered only batraks and bednyaks as true allies of the Soviets and proletariat.
After Marshall's appointment in January 1947, administration officials met with Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov and others to press for an economically self-sufficient Germany, including a detailed accounting of the industrial plants, goods and infrastructure already removed by the Soviets in their occupied zone.
After the adjournment of the Moscow conference following six weeks of failed discussions with the Soviets regarding a potential German reconstruction, the United States concluded that a solution could not wait any longer.
After the exile of King Zahir Shah in 1973, President Daud Khan forged stronger ties with the Soviets by signing two highly controversial military aid packages for his nation in 1973 and 1975.
After Finnish defenses surprisingly held out for over three months while inflicting stiff losses on Soviet forces, the Soviets settled for an interim peace.
After the occupation of Lithuania by Nazi Germany, the fort was used as a place of execution for Jews, captured Soviets, and others.
After World War II, the Soviets again used the Ninth Fort as a prison for several years.
After losing the first game of a best-of-three final series against the Soviets, Gretzky propelled Canada with a five-assist performance in the second game, including the game-winning pass to Lemieux in overtime, to extend the tournament.
After fierce fighting, Budapest was taken by the Soviets.
After Soviet offensives were fought to a standstill, Ryti's successor as president, Marshall Mannerheim, dismissed the agreement and opened secret negotiations with the Soviets, which resulted in a ceasefire on 4 September and the Moscow Armistice on 19 September 1944.
After the fall of Communism in Russia, many prominent Soviets came to Turku to study Western business practices, among them Vladimir Putin, then Leningrad's deputy mayor.
After the Soviets refused to provide China with R-12 ( SS-4 ) missile design, China decided to develop their own IRBM in early 1960s.
After passage of the Munich Agreement, she said that if the Czech refugees fleeing Nazi oppression were Communists, they should seek asylum with the Soviets instead of the British.
After discovering this, and also the fact that the package he delivered contained a deadly virus, the protagonist must stop the virus from falling into the hands of both the Soviets and the madman billionaire-and prevent a nuclear war between the superpowers in the process.
After Gorbachev's May agreement on German NATO membership, the Soviets further agreed that Germany would be treated as an ordinary NATO country, with the exception that former East German territory would not have foreign NATO troops or nuclear weapons.
After some delay, the Soviets returned after they were warned that they would lose their salary for the entire series.
After the withdrawal of the Soviets the DRA forces were left fighting alone and had to abandon some provincial capitals, and it was widely believed that they would not be able to resist the mujahideen for long.
After the war, he became the USSR's chief rocket and spacecraft engineer, essentially the Soviets ' counterpart to von Braun.
After receiving considerable criticism in London following Yalta regarding the atrocities committed in Poland by Soviet troops, Churchill wrote Roosevelt a desperate letter referencing the wholesale deportations and liquidations of opposition Poles by the Soviets.
After a June 1940 Soviet Ultimatum demanding Bessarabia, Bukovina, and the Hertza region from Romania, the Soviets entered these areas, Romania caved to Soviet demands and the Soviets occupied the territories.

After and conquered
After the Turks conquered the city in 1453 they converted it to a mosque, adding the stubby minarets.
After being conquered by the Arabs in the early 8th century, it was reconquered in 801 by Charlemagne's son Louis, who made Barcelona the seat of the Carolingian " Hispanic March " ( Marca Hispanica ), a buffer zone ruled by the Count of Barcelona.
After the Mongols conquered China and founded the Yuan Dynasty, they used the Chinese gunpowder-based weapons technology in their invasion of Japan ; they also used gunpowder to fuel rockets.
In the spring of 1945 Germany itself was invaded from the east by the Soviet Union and from the west by the other Allies respectively ; After Red Army conquered the Reichstag in Berlin, Hitler committed suicide and Germany surrendered in early May ending the war in Europe.
After Alexander's death, his generals fought over the territory he had conquered.
After the death of both Fulk and Emperor John in separate hunting accidents in 1143, Zengi invaded and conquered Edessa in 1144.
After gradual decline of its strength, Phoenician city states on the Lebanese coast were conquered outright by the Achaemenid dynasty of Persia, which organized it as a satrapy, though many of Phoenician colonies continued their independent existence-most notably Carthage.
After the fall of the Ostrogoths, the Franks also conquered Provence.
After Burma was conquered by British, it became the wealthiest country in Southeast Asia.
After the Order's acquisition of the area, Poles began to settle in the south-east part of the conquered region.
After capturing Belgrade in 1521, Suleiman conquered the southern and central parts of the Kingdom of Hungary.
After the collapse of the Hun empire after the Battle of Nedao ( 453 ), the Ostrogoths under Theodoric the Great first moved to Moesia ( c. 475 – 488 ) and later conquered the Italian Kingdom of the German warrior Odoacer.
After the region of Veraguas was conquered, the two regions settled for a mutual dislike of each other.
After the death of Emperor Henry VI, who had recently also conquered the Kingdom of Sicily, the succession became disputed: as Henry's son Frederick was still a small child, the partisans of the Staufen dynasty elected Henry ’ s brother, Philip, Duke of Swabia, king in March 1198, whereas the princes opposed to the Staufen dynasty elected Otto, Duke of Brunswick, of the House of Welf.
After expelling the Muslims from Narbonne in 759 and driving their forces back over the Pyrenees, the Carolingian king Pepin the Short conquered Aquitaine in a ruthless eight year war.
After 1792 they conquered the region and made it part of the French Republic.
After a short period of Genoese rule ( 1205 – 1220 ), which favoured a rise of trades, Syracuse was conquered back by emperor Frederick II.
After World War II, he conquered it from a group of pirate radio broadcasters with the intention to set up his own station from the base.
After conquering some parts of the Balkans, the Ottoman Turks conquered Skopje in 1392 beginning 520 years of Ottoman rule.
After Germany conquered the Balkan states, and the Axis ( Germany and Italy ) became neighbours with Turkey in the Aegean Sea, Turkey signed a Treaty of Friendship and Non-Aggression with Germany on June 18, 1941.
After Timur the state began to split, and by 1510 Uzbek tribes had conquered all of Central Asia.
After the United States purchased the islands due to fear that if Denmark were conquered by Germany, Germany would attempt to take over Denmark's overseas dependencies.
After a siege, the Vikings conquered Lisbon ( at the time, the city was under Muslim rule and known as Al-Ushbuna ).
After war had broken out, he warned that America could not be conquered.

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