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After and Turks
After the devastating 1354 earthquake, the Greek city of Gallipoli was almost abandoned, but swiftly reoccupied by Turks from Anatolia, the Asiatic side of the straits, making Gallipoli the first Ottoman position in Europe, and the staging area for their expansion across the Balkans.
After a series of invasions and conquest by the Mongols and Turks, Iraq fell under Ottoman rule in the 16th century, intermittently falling under Mamluk and Safavid control.
After traditional land routes to India had been closed by the Ottoman Turks, Portugal hoped to use the sea route pioneered by Gama to break the Venetian trading monopoly.
After further advances by the Turks in 1543, the Habsburg ruler Ferdinand officially recognized Ottoman ascendancy in Hungary in 1547.
After the last prince of the family of Alaeddin, to whom Osman's empire was indebted for its foundation in Asia Minor, died, there was no one to compete with Osman for the headship of the Turks of the region and dominion over the whole peninsula, save the Emir of Karamanids.
After the expansion from its home in Bithynia, the Ottoman principality began incorporating other Turkish-speaking Muslims and non-Turkish Christians, becoming the Ottoman Turks and ultimately the Turks of the present.
After allying himself with Ferdinand, the Aragonese claimant to the throne of Naples, his next important act was to convene a congress of the representatives of Christian princes at Mantua for joint action against the Turks.
After the siege was raised, Innocent again spared no efforts to induce the Christian princes to lend a helping hand for the expulsion of the Turks from Hungary.
After the failed 1848 Revolution, the Great Powers did not support the Romanians ' expressed desire to officially unite in a single state, forcing Romania to proceed alone against the Turks.
After the fall of the Abbasids in 1258, a practice known to the Turks and Mongols transformed itself into Qanun, which gave power to caliphs, governors, and sultans alike to " make their own regulations for activities not addressed by the sharia.
After conquering some parts of the Balkans, the Ottoman Turks conquered Skopje in 1392 beginning 520 years of Ottoman rule.
After reopening on 23 April, and following more protests by the Turks and tense debates, the treaty was signed on 24 July as a result of eight months of arduous negotiation.
After a rough start Britain under David Lloyd George successfully mobilised its manpower, womanpower, industry, finances, Empire and diplomacy, in league with the French and Americans, to defeat the Germans and Turks.
After the fragmentation of the Caliphate, the city became subject to various rulers, including the Mamluks of Cairo in the 13th century and finally, in 1517, the Ottoman Turks.
After the elimination of their indigenous population by Spanish slavers, the Turks Islands, or Salt Islands, were not fully colonised until 1681, when salt collectors from Bermuda built the first permanent settlement on Grand Turk Island.
After this military victory, Emperor Taizong won the title of Great Khan amongst the various Turks in the region who pledged their allegiance to him and the Chinese empire ( with several thousand Turks traveling into China to live at Chang ' an ).
After traditional land routes to India had been closed by the Ottoman Turks, Portugal hoped to use the sea route pioneered by da Gama to break the Venetian trading monopoly.
After his death Sixtus IV and a selected group of cardinals inspected the treasure laid up against expenditures against the Turks: they found 54 silver shells filled with pearls, to a value of 300, 000 ducats, jewels and gold intended for refashioning, worth another 300, 000 ducats, and a magnificent diamond worth 7, 000 ducats, which was sent to Cardinal d ' Estouteville to cover monies he had advanced to the pontiff.
After the liberation from the Turks in the Serbian Revolution, Serbs remained to practise Roman Law by enacting Serbian civil code in 1844.
After Germany passed a law in 1983 to pay foreigners to leave the country, Turks set up their own services to mediate between individuals and the government, creating institutionalized space.
After the failed crusade of Władysław III of Poland in 1443 towards Sofia, the city's Christian elite was annihilated and the city became the capital of the Ottoman province ( beylerbeylik ) of Rumelia for more than four centuries, which encouraged many Turks to settle there.
After his death in battle during the fall of Constantinople, he became a legendary figure in Greek folklore as the " Marble Emperor " who would awaken and recover the Empire and Constantinople from the Turks.

After and conquered
After being conquered by the Arabs in the early 8th century, it was reconquered in 801 by Charlemagne's son Louis, who made Barcelona the seat of the Carolingian " Hispanic March " ( Marca Hispanica ), a buffer zone ruled by the Count of Barcelona.
After the Mongols conquered China and founded the Yuan Dynasty, they used the Chinese gunpowder-based weapons technology in their invasion of Japan ; they also used gunpowder to fuel rockets.
In the spring of 1945 Germany itself was invaded from the east by the Soviet Union and from the west by the other Allies respectively ; After Red Army conquered the Reichstag in Berlin, Hitler committed suicide and Germany surrendered in early May ending the war in Europe.
After Alexander's death, his generals fought over the territory he had conquered.
After the death of both Fulk and Emperor John in separate hunting accidents in 1143, Zengi invaded and conquered Edessa in 1144.
After gradual decline of its strength, Phoenician city states on the Lebanese coast were conquered outright by the Achaemenid dynasty of Persia, which organized it as a satrapy, though many of Phoenician colonies continued their independent existence-most notably Carthage.
After the fall of the Ostrogoths, the Franks also conquered Provence.
After Burma was conquered by British, it became the wealthiest country in Southeast Asia.
After the Order's acquisition of the area, Poles began to settle in the south-east part of the conquered region.
After capturing Belgrade in 1521, Suleiman conquered the southern and central parts of the Kingdom of Hungary.
After the collapse of the Hun empire after the Battle of Nedao ( 453 ), the Ostrogoths under Theodoric the Great first moved to Moesia ( c. 475 – 488 ) and later conquered the Italian Kingdom of the German warrior Odoacer.
After the region of Veraguas was conquered, the two regions settled for a mutual dislike of each other.
After the death of Emperor Henry VI, who had recently also conquered the Kingdom of Sicily, the succession became disputed: as Henry's son Frederick was still a small child, the partisans of the Staufen dynasty elected Henry ’ s brother, Philip, Duke of Swabia, king in March 1198, whereas the princes opposed to the Staufen dynasty elected Otto, Duke of Brunswick, of the House of Welf.
After expelling the Muslims from Narbonne in 759 and driving their forces back over the Pyrenees, the Carolingian king Pepin the Short conquered Aquitaine in a ruthless eight year war.
After 1792 they conquered the region and made it part of the French Republic.
After a short period of Genoese rule ( 1205 – 1220 ), which favoured a rise of trades, Syracuse was conquered back by emperor Frederick II.
After World War II, he conquered it from a group of pirate radio broadcasters with the intention to set up his own station from the base.
After Germany conquered the Balkan states, and the Axis ( Germany and Italy ) became neighbours with Turkey in the Aegean Sea, Turkey signed a Treaty of Friendship and Non-Aggression with Germany on June 18, 1941.
After the Soviets conquered these republics, the territory under Armenian control, by and large, went to Turkey ; whereas the territory under Georgian control mostly reverted to the Soviet Union after Georgia's fall in March 1921.
After Timur the state began to split, and by 1510 Uzbek tribes had conquered all of Central Asia.
After the United States purchased the islands due to fear that if Denmark were conquered by Germany, Germany would attempt to take over Denmark's overseas dependencies.
After a siege, the Vikings conquered Lisbon ( at the time, the city was under Muslim rule and known as Al-Ushbuna ).
After war had broken out, he warned that America could not be conquered.

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