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After and X-Men
After the rest of the X-Men arrive, Xorn / Magneto kills Jean Grey with an electromagnetically induced stroke, and Wolverine decapitates him.
After mutant Layla Miller restores the memories of some of the X-Men and Avengers, they head to Genosha where they discover that Magneto has erected a memorial garden for Xavier commemorating his death.
After the events of Utopia, Xavier has come to live on the risen Asteroid M, rechristened Utopia, along with the rest of the X-Men, X-Club, and mutant refugees and is also allowed to join the Utopia lead council ( Cyclops, Storm, Namor, Iceman, Beast, Wolverine and Emma Frost ).
After the Muir Island Saga, Iceman rejoins the X-Men along with the rest of X-Factor.
After several missions with the X-Men, Xavier removes Jean's mental blocks and she is able to use and control her telepathic powers.
After the Gamesman is defeated, Francis accepts an invitation to join the X-Men, while Louise accepts him and his abilities.
After her aforementioned initial appearance, the Marvel Comics version of Firestar debuted in the pages of Uncanny X-Men # 193 as part of Emma Frost's Hellions team.
After Singer left the X-Men franchise to direct Superman Returns, Ratner became director of X-Men: The Last Stand ( 2006 ).
After the box office success of the live-action X-Men film in the summer of 2000, Fox began airing reruns of the cartoon on weekday afternoons.
After being tortured by the Canadian mutant, Gambit reveals that Cable has the baby before Sinister manages to regain the advantage and drive the X-Men off with Gambit later revealed not to be harmed.
After the battle between the X-Men and the Dark Avengers is over, Cyclops orders Gambit to destroy the Omega Machine chair that Osborn had built to neutralize mutant powers.
After his parents were killed, Bishop was taken in by a man named LeBeau, also called Witness, who was reportedly the last man to see the legendary X-Men alive.
After the X-Men learn of Destiny's prophetic diaries, the Books of Truth, Storm forms a splinter group that leaves the X-Mansion to hunt down the missing volumes.
After the prophecies of the diaries are determined to be ( apparently ) invalid, the group still remains separate from the main team of X-Men due to differences in philosophy with Xavier.
After the series, Longshot joined the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men Annual # 10 in 1986, and remained with them until Uncanny X-Men # 248 ( September 1989 ), appearing in various Marvel books occasionally, such as Exiles, the 1997 one-shot Fools and X-Factor, a book whose cast he joined in issue # 35 ( November 2008 ).
After an unsuccessful rebellion, a once-again amnesiac Longshot is sent back to Earth by Mojo, where he joins the X-Men.
After his return to the X-Men, Cable's son Genesis kidnaps Wolverine and attempts to re-bond adamantium to his skeleton.
After leaving the X-Men title with issue # 94, Angel and fellow X-Men Iceman were transitioned into a new series called The Champions, which ran from 1975-1978.
After rejoining the X-Men, Archangel's brooding behavior lessens, after Jean reveals to Warren that his wings ( which Warren believes have a mind of their own ) have actually been operating off Warren's own subconscious desires for violence.
After Psylocke is eviscerated by X-Men prisoner Sabretooth during an escape attempt, Warren and the X-Men track him down and capture him, but not before he is able to badly damage Warren's metal wings.

After and defeated
After leading in the first six rounds of voting in the Illinois assembly, his support began to dwindle, and Lincoln instructed his backers to vote for Lyman Trumbull, who defeated opponent Joel Aldrich Matteson.
After an attempt to arrest the queen herself failed, Joan called Sforza who defeated the Aragonese milices near Castel Capuano in Naples.
Andrew in the Holy Land ( After he defeated Sultan of Egypt )
After several victories he was at last completely defeated ( 307 BC ) and fled secretly to Sicily.
After being defeated, Naxos is believed ( based on similar, later revolts ) to have been forced to tear down its walls, and lost its fleet and its vote in the League.
After four years, however, the Egyptian rebellion was defeated by the Achaemenid general Megabyzus, who captured the greater part of the Athenian forces.
After Beowulf slays him, Grendel's mother attacks the hall and is then also defeated.
After Duke Eudes's defeat, Aquitaine pledged allegiance formally to the new rising Carolingian dynasty, but still remained out of Frankish central rule until 768 ( Duke Waifer defeated ).
After spending almost the entire 2009 / 2010 season in the top six of League One, Charlton were defeated in the Football League One play-offs semi-final second leg on penalties to Swindon Town, condemning Charlton to another season in the third tier of English Football.
After a lengthy civil war, the CPC defeated its primary rival, the Kuomintang ( KMT ), and assumed full control of mainland China by 1949.
After the Party defeated the Nationalists, participation at National Party Congresses became much less representative.
After a number of initial successes, Sucre's army was defeated at Ambato in the central Sierra and he appealed for assistance from San Martín, whose army was by now in Peru.
After a series of brilliant manoeuvres the Imperial commander defeated Catinat at the Battle of Carpi on 9 July.
" After a spectacular fight in a room full of mirrors, Han is defeated by Lee and impaled on his own spear.
After a 17 point second semi final loss to South Melbourne defeated Fitzroy ( who had beaten South Melbourne ) in the challenge final: Essendon 8. 15 ( 63 ) to Fitzroy 6. 10 ( 46 ).
After fierce fighting, the Carthaginians were defeated and the city fell.
After some initial drawbacks, he defeated the Neapolitan commander Niccolò Piccinino, who had invaded his possessions in Romagna and Marche, through the help of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta ( who had married his daughter Polissena ) and the Venetians, and could return to Milan.
After crossing the Delaware River in the dead of winter, he defeated the British in two battles, retook New Jersey and restored momentum to the Patriot cause.
After he defeated them in the Battle of Lake Benacus, he was finally able to take care of the invasions in the Balkan provinces.
After repeated victories in 1983, 1987, 1990 and 1994 he was finally defeated by a landslide that was the biggest on record, for the left in the 1998 federal elections, and was succeeded as Chancellor by Gerhard Schröder of the SPD.
After this, James attempted to retake the throne by force in the Williamite War, and was finally defeated by William at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.
After the Huns defeated the Alans, the Huns and Alans started plundering Greuthungic settlements.
After Menander's death, the Indo-Greeks steadily declined and the last Indo-Greek king was defeated in c. 10 CE.
After three weeks, the Communists were defeated: the Varkiza agreement ended the conflict and disarmed ELAS, and an unstable coalition government was formed.
After several wars including the Battle of Rajasthan, where the Hindu Rajput clans defeated the Umayyad Arabs, their expansion was checked and contained to Sindh in Pakistan, many short-lived Islamic kingdoms ( sultanates ) under foreign rulers were established across the north western subcontinent over a period of a few centuries.

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