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After and banquet
After their brief meeting, Mayer gathered up a group of thirty-six people involved in the film industry and invited them to a formal banquet at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on January 11, 1927.
After his return to England, James attended Queen Catherine's coronation on 23 February 1421 receiving an honoured position of sitting immediately on the queen's left at the coronation banquet.
After the inauguration, a banquet was held in honor of then-President Carlos P. Garcia, who was conferred, the very same day, the honorary degree Doctor of Laws, the first honorary degree given by the university.
After the ceremony, a banquet was given in the Hall of Mirrors with all the princes and princesses of the blood royal in attendance.
After the sacrifice, a banquet was held ; in state cults, the images of honoured deities took pride of place on banqueting couches and by means of the sacrificial fire consumed their proper portion ( exta, the innards ).
After riding to London the same day where a procession of citizens greeted the bridal pair, Eleanor was crowned queen consort of England in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey which was followed by a magnificent banquet with the entire nobility in full attendance.
After this escapade, Tintin is invited to a banquet held in his honor, where he is kidnapped by Chicago gangsters who have decided to wreak revenge upon him for his crackdown upon the city's criminals.
After everyone has presented their gifts and feasted at a banquet in Ozma's honor, the Wizard demonstrates a method of using bubbles as transportation by which to send everyone home.
After this, there is a large shared banquet with food provided by area residents to the mock soldiers.
After the banquet, when night had fallen, she was induced to return to Bauli in the vessel which had been prepared for her destruction.
After the banquet, Wei-Wei seduces the drunken Wai-Tung, and becomes pregnant.
After the wedding, a banquet is held.
After a performance at the court theatre which is followed by a lush banquet, the officers of the court write a formal petition to the King, requesting the permission to deal with the unruly revolutionaries.
After the ceremony is the annual banquet dinner and then dancing with live musical entertainment often provided by talented young musical artists of the day.
However, after constant and continuous pressure from environmental groups and schoolchildren, shareholders concerned about the company's image, Disney announced on June 24, 2005 that shark fin soup will not be served at all, because, according to their press release, " After careful consideration and a thorough review process, we were not able to identify an environmentally sustainable fishing source, leaving us no alternative except to remove shark's fin soup from our wedding banquet menu.
After the banquet, the drunk Chen Qin insulted Ling Tong again on the road.
After dressing himself again with finer clothing, and feasting alone at a banquet table, Dymer sleeps with an unseen female figure who comes to him in the darkness of the mansion.
* After the Greeks ended the threat of the second Persian invasion with their victory at Plataea, the Spartan commander Pausanias ordered that a sumptuous banquet the Persians had prepared be served to him and his officers.

After and Haman
After laying charges of sedition against the Jews, Haman gained the king's approval to write a decree for their destruction ; offering ten thousand silver talents to the king for approval of this plan, but the king refused to take them ().
After doing this, Haman rushed home, full of grief.
After the fall of Gaya, Haman was absorbed into Silla as Asirang-gun ; in 757 its name was changed to Haman-gun, which it bears today.

After and ordered
After the Circus Games, Caligula ordered written evidence of the court cases from Tiberius ’ treason trials to be brought to the Forum to be burnt, first being the cases of Agrippina and her two sons.
After her thirteenth birthday in 28, Tiberius arranged for Agrippina to marry her paternal second cousin Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus and ordered the marriage to be celebrated in Rome.
After an unsuccessful revolt, the Athenians ordered the death of the entire male population.
After winning at Eurymedon in 468 BC, Cimon and Themistocles ordered the reconstruction of its southern and northern walls, and Pericles entrusted the building of the Parthenon to Ictinus and Callicrates, under the general direction of Phidias.
After their divorce in 1981, Lerner was ordered to pay her a settlement of $ 50, 000.
After this, Caesar ordered his six cohorts from his left flank to attack the flank of Pompey's army, the battle was more or less decided.
After a meeting with the suspicious Ottoman commander Sayyid Muhammad Kurayyim, Nelson ordered the British fleet northwards, reaching the coast of Anatolia on 4 July and turning westwards back towards Sicily.
After seeing a corrugated iron cottage at the Great Exhibition of 1851, Prince Albert ordered a pre-fabricated iron building for Balmoral from E. T. Bellhouse & Co., to serve as a temporary ballroom and dining room.
After clearing out an abandoned mine, the player finds a scrap of parchment that reveals the death of the player's godparents was ordered.
After consulting with a priestly doctor who he had specially ordered, the General came to the realization that his niece was being visited by a vampire.
After the Adventure Prize and Rouparelle came in, Kidd ordered his crew to attack Culliford's Mocha Frigate.
Cuitláhuac was made tlatoani of Tenochtitlan during the Spanish conquest of Mexico ; After Pedro de Alvarado had ordered the massacre in the Main Temple, the Aztecs were very upset and started to fight and put a siege to the Spaniards.
After his demise, but still during the siege of Valencia, legend holds that Jimena ordered that the corpse of El Cid be fitted with his armor and set atop his horse Babieca, to bolster the morale of his troops.
After the execution, the Queen ordered Bacon to write the official government account of the trial, which was later published as A DECLARATION of the Practices and Treasons attempted and committed by Robert late Earle of Essex and his Complices, against her Majestie and her Kingdoms ... after Bacon's first draft was heavily edited by the Queen and her ministers.
After witnessing a gassing, he gave 28 people promotions, and ordered the operation of the camp to be wound down.
After Christmas, Lee ordered Stuart to conduct a raid north of the Rappahannock River to " penetrate the enemy's rear, ascertain if possible his position & movements, & inflict upon him such damage as circumstances will permit.
After the Partisan victory and the end of hostilities in Europe, all external forces were ordered off Yugoslav territory.
After a dramatic pause, Landis ordered the young man to take his wife and daughter and go home with them, expressing his unwillingness to have the girl be the daughter of a convict.
After their success in the first month of the war, mass production was ordered and the development of other models proceeded.
After the battle at Valverde, Colonel Canby and most of the regular troops were ordered to the eastern front.
After the bomb was discovered, all Los Angeles police were ordered to search under their cars, and another bomb was found in front of a police department about a mile away.
After the emigration of the Brahmins, Sikandar ordered all the temples in Kashmir to be thrown down.
After the creation of the French Second Republic in 1848, the new government allocated two million francs for repair work and ordered the completion of the Galerie d ' Apollon, the Salon Carré, and the Grande Galérie.
After his death, his lyre was thrown into the river ; Zeus sent an eagle to retrieve the lyre, and ordered both of them to be placed in the sky.

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