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After and departures
After the departures of Ramírez and Sandy Alomar, Jr., the Indians signed Ellis Burks and former MVP Juan González, who helped the team win the Central division with a 91 – 71 record.
After the departures of early leads such as Franky Doyle, Karen Travers and Lynn Warner, the trio of Bea Smith, Doreen Burns ( née Anderson ) and Lizzie Birdsworth emerged as the front-line prisoners.
After their departures, Annette Hamm began handling anchoring duties on a shortened CHCH News at Noon, as well as co-hosting Morning Live with Bob Cowan, while Nick Dixon took over anchoring duties on CHCH News at 6: 00.
After several line-up changes ( including the bassist Yoshiko " Yama " Yamaguchi, who was the bassist featured in the Kill Bill movie ), the band eventually became a threesome after Rico and Yoshie's departures.
After seeing that fixed-wing departures were not an option ( a mammoth decision Martin did not want to make without firsthand responsibility in case the helicopter lift failed ), Martin gave the green light for the helicopter evacuation to begin in earnest.
After the amicable departures of Annis and Lawrence, Dr. Eric Goedken joined as a full-time lyricist and producer.
After the end of the 1993 – 1994 season, having already lost star cast member Dana Carvey, who left midway through the previous season, SNL's 1994 post-season saw more departures.
After several high profile departures from the Dundee first team, Mackay eventually left the club in 1983.
After the merger with United Airlines, Wilkes-Barre / Scranton now sees four daily Dash-8 departures to Newark-Liberty complementing the existing two daily Embraer 145 departures to Chicago-O ' Hare.
After their departures from the project, Jay Sean subsequently went on to become one of the most successful groundbreaking international Asian artists ( prestigiously topping the US Hot 100 in 2009 ), while Juggy D became one of the most successful British artists in the mainstream Indian market.
After the security checkpoint are stairs and escalators which lead to the departures level.
After her departure from the Hollyoaks show, Atkinson and Marcus Patrick ( Ben Davies ) signed to appear in spin-off Hollyoaks: Let Loose, which saw the characters moving on with their lives following their departures from Hollyoaks village.

After and band's
After Wood's departure following the band's debut record, Lynne wrote and arranged all of the group's original compositions and produced every album.
After the 23 July show at the Days on the Green festival at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California, Bonham and members of the band's support staff were arrested after a member of promoter Bill Graham's staff had been badly beaten during the band's performance.
After modifying the spelling slightly, " Mötley Crüe " was eventually selected as the band's name, with the stylistic decision suggested by Neil to add the two sets of metal umlauts supposedly inspired by the German beer Löwenbräu, which the members were drinking at the time.
After the band's break-up, Frantz, Harrison, and Weymouth released an album as The Heads and Frantz and Weymouth have continued in Tom Tom Club.
After Strummer's departure, the remaining seven Pogues recorded Waiting for Herb, which contained the band's third and final top twenty single, " Tuesday Morning ", which became their best-selling single internationally.
After being impressed by the band's performance, Westerberg regularly listened in after work.
After covering the Elvis Presley standard " Can't Help Falling in Love " for the Ted Danson / Howie Mandel film A Fine Mess, she rejoined Fleetwood Mac to record the Tango in the Night album, which went on to become the band's biggest success since Rumours ten years earlier.
After the band's six-night stand at New York's Uris Theatre in May 1974, Brian May collapsed and was diagnosed as having hepatitis.
A minor controversy came to light when Paul Leary of the Butthole Surfers revealed on Marcy Playground's website forum that the cover art for Shapeshifter had originally been conceptualized and commissioned by Leary for his band's aborted After the Astronaut album.
After Gonzalo Martinez's departure from the band, family friend Shlomi Lavie stepped in to fill the void as drummer for the band's 2009 tour.
After leaving Essex Records in the spring of 1954, Bill Haley signed with the then-important Decca Records label, and the band's first recording session was set for April 12, 1954 at the Pythian Temple studios in New York City.
After the second CD release, the band's revolving lineup and shifting influences lead to Hill and Cahill parting ways.
After lengthy legal battles, informal contact between Fish and the other four band members apparently did not resume until 1999 ; Fish would later disclose in the liner notes to the 2-CD reiussue of Clutching at Straws that he and his former bandmates had met up and discussed the demise of the band and renewed their friendship, and had come to the consensus that an excessive touring schedule and too much pressure from the band's management led to the rift.
After the release of Pornography ( 1982 ), the band's future was uncertain and Smith was keen to move past the gloomy reputation his band had acquired.
After unsuccessfully searching for a vocalist for nearly six months, Mustaine decided to handle lead vocal duties himself, while also serving as the band's primary lyricist, main songwriter, and co-lead and rhythm guitarist.
The band's manager, Martin Roos, said in a press release: " After sixteen years with BMG / Sony Music it feels great with a new beginning, and Universal Music gave us the best offer.
The band's third LP, After Bathing at Baxter's, was released on November 27, 1967 and eventually peaked in the charts at No. 17.
After taking a short break to allow Scott to support his recently released second solo album, production for the band's sixth studio album began in mid-2009.
After reconvening in the studio for their second album, Purple, the band's style developed, taking influence from psychedelic rock, country music, and jangle pop.
After the Kinks obtained a recording contract in early 1964, Davies emerged as the chief songwriter and de facto leader of the band, especially after the band's breakthrough success with his early composition " You Really Got Me ", which was released as the band's third single in August of that year.
After the Children of God album, Gira professed himself tired with the band's fearsome reputation for noise, feeling that their audience now had expectations that he had no intention of fulfilling.
After the band's stint at the Apollo, they moved on to their regular residency at the Savoy Ballroom, also in Harlem.

After and lineup
After a lengthy workout yesterday, an open date, Hemus said that Bob Nieman definitely would stay in the lineup.
After the retirement of Sandberg and the trade of Dunston, the Cubs had holes to fill and the signing of Henry Rodriguez, known affectionately at " H-Rod " to bat cleanup provided protection for Sammy Sosa in the lineup, as Rodriguez slugged 31 round-trippers in his first season in Chicago.
After a number of lineup changes, Benton assumed the additional role of vocals and the band was renamed Carnage.
After several misadventures, and escaping from Pontius Pilate, the fugitive winds up in a lineup of would-be mystics and prophets who harangue the passing crowd in a plaza.
After shedding most of these shows, Fox filled its lineup with acclaimed dramas such as 24, The O. C., House and Bones, and comedies such as The Bernie Mac Show, Malcolm in the Middle, and Arrested Development.
After the release of 06: 21: 03: 11 Up Evil and 05: 22: 09: 12 Off, there was no new material from Front 242 under any lineup.
After scoring the game's first run, Henderson was removed from the lineup.
After New Jersey won Game 5, Lindros returned to the lineup for the first time since March for Game 6 in another losing effort.
After a short hiatus, the band returned with a new lineup.
After some early personnel changes their lineup solidified with George Clinton, Ray Davis, Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, and Grady Thomas.
After the release of Maggot Brain, the Funkadelic lineup was expanded greatly.
After the 1979 release of Freedom at Point Zero ( which spawned the hit single " Jane " (# 14 )), the new lineup toured, augmented by saxophonist Steve Schuster.
After their Quadrophenia tour was successful, the band returned as the Who in a stripped-down, five-piece lineup for tours in 1999-2000.
After over a decade of work and many lineup changes, the band intends to release their first album with all-new material in 12 years in 2012.
After being dropped from MCA, the band explored a new musical direction and reshuffled their lineup somewhat.
After a brief tour in October 1997, this lineup disbanded.
After that release, the group stabilized around a nine-person lineup with Menuck, Moya and David Bryant on guitars, Pezzente and Thierry Amar on bass guitars, Aidan Girt and Bruce Cawdron on drums, and Sophie Trudeau and Norsola Johnson on violin and cello respectively.
After a tour in 1997, Slash approached Blues Ball bassist Johnny Griparic about forming a new lineup of Slash's Snakepit.
After several lineup changes, the band broke up in 1998, but reformed in 2003 before releasing their first new album of original material in over a decade in 2006.
The 28 May 1969 compilation by Johns contained the following lineup: " One After 909 ", " Rocker ", " Save the Last Dance for Me ", " Don't Let Me Down ", " Dig A Pony ", " I've Got a Feeling ", " Get Back ", " For You Blue ", " Teddy Boy ", " Two of Us ", " Maggie Mae ", " Dig It ", " Let It Be ", " The Long and Winding Road ", and " Get Back ( Reprise )".
After the success of their debut album, Destiny's Child re-entered the studio quickly, bringing in a new lineup of producers, including Kevin " She ' kspere " Briggs and Rodney Jerkins.
After some recording for Crooklyn Dub Consortium and Wordsound, " Interpretive Belief System ", HiM settled on a lineup of Scharin with Bundy K. Brown, Rob Mazurek and Jeff Parker, members or occasional members of Tortoise and Isotope 217.
After bass guitarist Rayna Foss joined, the Coal Chamber lineup was complete.

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