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After and doctor
After his pains got worse, Tom decided to see a real doctor, from whom he learned he was suffering from cancer of the lung.
After consulting with a priestly doctor who he had specially ordered, the General came to the realization that his niece was being visited by a vampire.
After traversing some dirty lanes, the doctor and his escort arrived at a narrow alley.
" After students completed their post-graduate education, they were awarded doctorates giving them the status of faqih ( meaning " master of law "), mufti ( meaning " professor of legal opinions ") and mudarris ( meaning " teacher "), which were later translated into Latin as magister, professor and doctor respectively.
After being checked by the doctor a family member and a friend offered words of hope that he was looking better to which Jefferson impatiently replied .. Do not imagine for a moment that I feel the smallest solicitude as to the result " at which point he calmly gave directions for his funeral, forbidding any sort of celebration or parade.
After one more film role as an aging doctor in The Last Angry Man ( 1959 ), for which he was again nominated for an Oscar, his failing eyesight and other health problems forced him to retire from acting.
After attending the gymnasium at Schweidnitz, he was sent in 1715 by his father, a country doctor, to study medicine at Wittenberg ; but he was idle and dissipated, had no taste for the profession chosen for him, and came to a complete rupture with his family.
After several meetings, they go to a room belonging to a friend and fellow doctor of Alec's, Stephen ( Valentine Dyall ), but they are interrupted by Stephen's unexpected return.
After an examination, a doctor gives him the awful news: Gehrig has a rare, incurable disease, and only a short time to live.
After leaving Streets of San Francisco in 1976, Douglas played a hospital doctor in the medical thriller Coma ( 1978 ), and in 1979 he played the role of a troubled marathon runner in Running.
After she figures out that he is becoming attracted to Belinda, she starts to resent both the doctor and Belinda.
After the head cut, during round eight, the referee called for the doctor, who then stopped the fight.
After Shadwell leaves, Frances learns from his doctor the truth about Shadwell's condition, and then follows him to a café, where she proceeds to match him drink for drink while bickering about whether he should pursue treatment.
After that committee moves back to a room where a defense is held, introduced by a Bedel, and if the doctorate is granted promotor presents laudation praising a new doctor.
After she broke-up with Richard Chanfray, Dalida had relationships with various anonymous men such as a sound technician, a lawyer, an Egyptian jumbo jet pilot, and lastly a French doctor named François during the period 1986-1987.
After the war he graduated as a medical doctor, and became an assistant to Kurt Goldstein, who worked with brain injured soldiers.
" After assessment by a doctor, she was offered a place in a rehabilitation centre, but she decided to take control of her life.
After falling ill and checking into a hospital in Pittsburgh, Slash was ordered by his doctor to stay at home to recuperate, reportedly from pneumonia.
After being hit by a motor vehicle outside the Galaxy Bar on the corner of 16th and Ridge Streets, Philadelphia, Burke was taken into the Germantown home of the driver, Lathella Thompson, a recently widowed doctor, who feared losing her driver's licence.
After a short exam, the doctor confirmed the weak lung condition and advised the father to try an unorthodox treatment: purchase the child a musical instrument, anything he has to blow into.
After two years passed in the Levant he had thoroughly mastered Arabic, and had acquired such accurate knowledge of the Qur ' an, and of the commentaries upon its religion and laws, that after a critical examination the most learned Muslims entertained no doubt of his being really what he professed to be, a learned doctor of their law.
After graduating doctor juris, Jhering established himself in 1844 at Berlin as privatdocent for Roman law, and delivered public lectures on the Geist des römischen Rechts, the theme that may be said to have constituted his life's work.
After being examined by the doctor, Abdullaev indicated to the referee that he could not continue and Cotto retained the Light Welterweight Championship.
After being professor of philosophy at several provincial universities, he received the degree of doctor, and came to Paris in 1858 as master of conferences at the École Normale.
After studying philology and especially ancient classics and Sanskrit at Bonn and Berlin ( 1830 – 1835 ), he took the degree of doctor of philosophy and established himself in 1837 at Bonn as Privatdozent for classical literature.

After and saves
After just one month, the Brewers released Jeff Suppan, Doug Davis got injured, and Trevor Hoffman struggled to get saves.
After travelling to Fribbulus Xax, Keen explores the alien planet and saves Molly from being eaten, and also finds out that Molly is Mortimer's sister.
After he saves Esmeralda from abduction, she becomes infatuated with him, and he is intrigued by her.
After seeing his friends brain-washed into behaving, Plug quickly saves them by installing a virus into the robot teachers disc drive.
* After the defeat at Cannae, Roman general, Marcus Claudius Marcellus, commands the remnants of the Roman army at Canusium and saves the city of Nola and southern Campania from occupation by Hannibal.
After Batman saves her from a Mutant attack, 13-year-old Carrie Kelley buys herself a knock-off Robin costume, and searches for Batman to aid him.
After that, he sets off to reunite with the Daleks, hoping to get his final revenge on the Doctor, in Lucie Miller / To the Death, only for his plans to backfire when the Daleks betray him, resulting in the deaths of Tamsin, Lucy, and the Doctor's great-grandson Alex, although the Monk saves the Doctor and Susan to make up for his role in the Dalek attack.
After Kobayashi saves the day by eating a lot of hot dogs, a cartoon William Perry makes an appearance saying " Damn!
After a lengthy magical battle between Raziel and Bavmorda, Willow, using his sleight-of-hand trick, saves Elora and causes Bavmorda to get caught in her own ritual, banishing her own body and soul.
After he saves his sister ( Rosella ) and father from the ravages of the dragon ( and restoring the magic mirror ), she travels to another land ( after learning about it through the magic mirror ) on a quest to save her father, the king.
* 1932 After great crash, saves Junkers Flugzeugbau and Motorenbau from bankruptcy, by selling virtually all his other assets
; The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You ( 1978 ): After freeing his family from various forms of incarceration, the Stainless Steel Rat saves the all-human galaxy from invading aliens.
After Moses saves her sisters from bandits, Tzipporah gets her own back on Moses by dropping him in a well.
After the wizard Rincewind has fallen from the edge of the Discworld, the Octavo magic book saves his life and he lands back onto the world.
After removing all of the Auditors ' human agents from the Tooth Fairy's country, Susan saves the Hogfather from being destroyed by a group of Auditors who have taken the forms of dogs.
After rebuking Terminus and Hoagie, Elliott saves the mayor and other dignitaries from a falling utility pole, revealing himself to the grateful townsfolk.
After blazing through the hitters at AAA Syracuse to the tune of a 0. 88 ERA and 18 saves in 51 1 / 3 innings over 38 appearances, he was promoted to Toronto and never looked back, not allowing a run in his first 11 appearances and finished the season with 13 saves.
After leaving the apple isle for Sydney on the mainland to patent his discovery, he goes on to develop rock music and surfing, romances Marie Curie, and saves Paris from an atomic bomb.
After a crisis of conscience, Tenma saves the life of a young boy instead of Mayor Roedecker.
After Drizzt saves him from a remorhaz and Bruenor chases away a bounty hunter looking for Drizzt, the pair become close friends.
After Gibson discovers his identity and reports this to APO, Sark is hired by the agency to help recover the weapon, though he ultimately refuses payment after Gibson saves his life.
After a brief scene in which Whiskers saves Slater and Danny from betrayal by Slater's friend, Slater tells Danny to commandeer a construction crane, takes the body and escapes from the funeral, and disposes of the body into a tar pit with Danny's help at the crane.
After some minutes from the beginning of the match Nigeria has the first great opportunity to score the first goal in the match with a penalty kick but the Japanese goalkeeper Genzo Wakabayashi saves in corner kick.

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