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from Brown Corpus
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After and factors
After allowing for group exposures, it is apparent that other factors must be considered if we are to comprehend fanaticism.
After deletion, retrace the path back up the tree ( parent of the replacement ) to the root, adjusting the balance factors as needed.
After more than 8 years of follow-up, despite similar rates of drug use, sexual contact, and other supposed risk factors in both groups, only the HIV-positive group suffered from opportunistic infections.
After the merger, with all operations under the management of Sir George Simpson ( 1826 – 1860 ), the company had a corps of commissioned officers, 25 chief factors and 28 chief traders, who shared in the profits of the company during the monopoly years.
After binding dsRNA, this receptor activates the transcription factors IRF3 and NF-κB, which are important for initiating synthesis of many inflammatory proteins.
After reaching its apogee in the 1230s, Bulgaria started to decline due to a number of factors, most notably its geographic position which rendered it vulnerable to simultaneous attacks and invasions from many sides.
After the fall of Calais, factors outside of Edward's control forced him to wind down the war effort.
After taking these factors into account, there are approximately 1. 75 unique games.
After adjusting for potentially confounding factors ( i. e., age, sex, and military training ), there was a robust association between individuals with MCS-type symptoms and psychiatric treatment ( either therapy or medication ) before deployment and, therefore, before any possible deployment-connected chemical exposures.
After the Council of Chalcedon, the Monophysite controversy ( together with institutional, political, and growing nationalistic factors ) led to a lasting schism between the Oriental Orthodox churches, on the one hand, and the Western and the Eastern Orthodox churches on the other.
After reading Little Women some women felt the need to “ acquire new and more public identities ”— which of course was also dependent on other factors like financial resources.
After 1910 steady population decline was driven by the lack of significant population in outlying areas, migration to larger urban centers, and the absence of dynamic economic factors to generate wealth.
After the release of vasoactive and chemotactic factors, angiogenesis and the proliferation of tenocytes are initiated.
After 1913, other factors were also taken into account, and the force delivered was reduced to about 1, 000 lbf ( 4, 400 N or 450 kgf ).
After considering all relevant factors, the textual critic seeks the reading that best explains how the other readings would arise.
In the study of the servers, an attempt by the author to isolate other possible contributing factors, such as poor service, found that " After controlling for these other variables … the server race effect is comparable across customer race.
After one has pressed " clear " and done nothing else, the number of factors one has entered is zero.
After death, rigor mortis will set in and remains for about two days, depending on many factors including water temperature.
After drawing a sample story and sketch for their editor and receiving approval, Ohkawa assigns the roles to each group member and then chooses the visual styles depending on factors such as the complexity of the story, the chosen art style, and its relationship to the group's other works.
After the development of hospital clinical training the basic source of knowledge in medicine was experimental medicine in the hospital and laboratory, and these factors together meant that over time mostly doctors abandoned ethnography as a tool of knowledge.
After examining the evidence of cooperation in nonhuman animals, in pre-feudal societies and medieval cities, and in modern times, he concluded that cooperation and mutual aid are the most important factors in the evolution of species and the ability to survive.
After a series of claims and annexations, British fears of Boer expansionism ultimately led to its demise and, among other factors, set the stage for the Second Boer War.
After just 2 weeks Ricky Wong resigned from his position due to many factors.
After combining a number of factors, a final point total was created and the teams that received the 25 lowest scores were ranked in descending order.

After and just
After a while, Kitty murmured something to Cappy, and he held her close, answering, `` We'll just have to wait till we pull into Philly, honey ''.
After I would finish playing the songs, he'd just go away without a comment.
After lunch, in the arcade on my left just before reaching the street I found a pastry shop that sells some of the best baklava -- a sweet, flaky cake -- in Istanbul.
After Achilles, Ajax is the most valuable warrior in Agamemnon's army ( along with Diomedes ), though he is not as cunning as Nestor, Diomedes, Idomeneus, or Odysseus, he is much more powerful and just as intelligent.
After two orbits, the rocket's third stage reignited for just over five minutes, propelling the craft towards the Moon at approximately.
After further preparing the craft for the trans-lunar voyage, the crew began the first sleep period of the mission just under fifteen hours after launch.
After designing their own fully functional replacement for the TRS-80 expansion interface ( which was never commercialized ) the company realized that they could do better than just re-designing the expansion interface.
After Gott was killed flying back to Cairo Churchill was persuaded by Brooke, who by this time was Chief of the Imperial General Staff to appoint Montgomery, who had only just been nominated to replace Alexander as commander of the British ground forces for Operation Torch.
* After crossing the Jordan River, the Israelites celebrated the Passover ( 5: 10 – 12 ) just as they did immediately before the Exodus ( Ex.
( After I left for college, my father would clip out that strip each year and send it to me just to make sure I didn ’ t miss it.
After three months of intense work, he predicted a position for Ceres in December 1801 — just about a year after its first sighting — and this turned out to be accurate within a half-degree when it was rediscovered by Franz Xaver von Zach on 31 December at Gotha, and one day later by Heinrich Olbers in Bremen.
After also experimenting with pre-med, he decided that math, physics and chemistry " was not just my bag " and he entered the fine arts program.
After much beating around the bush and increasing evasiveness by the caller, they asked him just how much these kit cars were worth.
After having ruled for just 80 days, Cuitláhuac died of smallpox that had been introduced to the New World by the Europeans.
After thirty years of schism, the Council of Pisa had sought to resolve the situation by deposing the two claimant popes and elected a new pope, Alexander V. The council claimed that in such a situation, a council of bishops had greater authority than just one bishop, even if he were the bishop of Rome.
After realizing that he was just keeping her busy to give the Avengers an advantage, Rachel engages him in a psychic battle knocking everyone out except Spider-Woman and Professor X himself.
After 24 hours, however, the rats with hippocampal lesions were just as likely to eat both types of food, while control rats chose the familiar food.
After losing the first three games of the series against the Sharks, the Red Wings won three consecutive games to force a Game 7, becoming just the eighth team in NHL history to accomplish the feat ( the Chicago Blackhawks became the seventh team to do so earlier in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, against the Vancouver Canucks ).
After the game, New England coach Bill Belichick said, " I think Doug deserves it ," and Flutie said, " I just thanked him for the opportunity.
After a largely unsuccessful year in 2010 at Essendon, Knights was dismissed as coach on 29 August 2010, just 12 hours after Essendon's final round defeat to the Western Bulldogs.
After examining the position of women around the world, the Washington-based Population Crisis Committee reported in 1988 that Finland, slightly behind top-ranked Sweden and just ahead of the United States, was one of the very best places in which a woman could live.
After the funeral, Charles and Tom have a discussion about whether hoping to find your " one true love " is just a futile effort, and ponder that, while their clique have always viewed themselves as proud-to-be-single, Gareth and Matthew had in fact been a " married " couple among them all the while.
After completing the 10-month course, he was commissioned as an ensign in the U. S. Naval Reserve at Corpus Christi, Texas on June 9, 1943, just three days before his 19th birthday, which made him the youngest naval aviator to that date.
After just ten minutes, Banks wrote himself into football folklore.

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