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After and fire
After the 1174 fire in Canterbury Cathedral, Ælfheah's remains together with those of Dunstan were placed around the high altar, at which Thomas Becket is said to have commended his life into Ælfheah's care shortly before his martyrdom during the Becket controversy.
After a short pause at midday, Teuton units were able to push the Poles back ; however, they found themselves under very heavy fire from crossbows of the Polish infantry, which caused huge losses and withdrawal.
After a brief July slump, the Indians caught fire in August, and cut a 15. 5 game deficit in the Central Division down to 1. 5 games.
After the first rains following a fire, the landscape is dominated by soft-leaved non-woody annual plants, known as fire followers, which die back with the summer dry period.
After the CCC disbanded, the federal agencies responsible for administration of public lands organized their own seasonal fire crews, modeled after the CCC, which performed a firefighting function formerly done by the CCC and provided the same sort of outdoor work experience for young people.
After the battle of Plataea, the Greek cities extinguished their fires and brought new fire from the hearth of Greece, at Delphi ; in the foundation stories of several Greek colonies, the founding colonists were first dedicated at Delphi.
After death, the gods transformed him into an immortal, or alternatively, the fire burned away the mortal part of the demigod, so that only the god remained.
After the sprinkling of the water in every room, on the beds and all the inhabitants, the house is sealed up tight and branches of juniper are set on fire and carried throughout the house and byre.
After Somalia, the military recognized a need for a more protected HMMWV and AM General developed the M1114, an armored HMMWV to withstand small arms fire.
* 1983 – After an emergency landing because of an in-flight fire, twenty-three passengers aboard Air Canada Flight 797 are killed when a flashover occurs as the plane's doors open.
* 1996 – After the aircraft's departure from Miami, Florida, a fire started by improperly handled oxygen canisters in the cargo hold of Atlanta-bound ValuJet Flight 592 causes the Douglas DC-9 to crash in the Florida Everglades killing all 110 on board.
After an incident where her dress caught fire on an iron grate when she was about three, her mother began dressing her in boys ' pants, and she was given the nickname " Jimmy " from the comic strip, Little Jimmy.
After the Reagan camp lost the Iowa caucus and fell behind in New Hampshire polls, Nancy organized a second meeting and decided it was time to fire Sears and his associates ; she gave Sears a copy of the press release announcing his dismissal.
After they entered, she locked the doors and set fire to the building, burning them alive.
After Prometheus ' theft of fire, Zeus sent Pandora in retaliation.
After the fire, Mr. Scott brought Mr. Wees back to Paris to redesign the historic downtown area.
After humans received the stolen gift of fire from Prometheus, an angry Zeus decides to give men a punishing gift to compensate for the boon they had been given.
After the war the undestroyed Neues Stadthaus, former head office of Berlin's municipal fire insurance Feuersozietät, on Parochialstraße in Mitte, served as intermittent city hall, replacing the ruined Rotes Rathaus ( Red City Hall, also in East Berlin ), the traditional seat of the Berlin government.
After World War I the Laurin-Klement company began producing trucks, but in 1924, after running into problems and being hit by a fire, the company sought a partner, and was acquired by Škoda Works, an arms manufacturer which had become a multi-sector concern and the biggest industrial enterprise in Czechoslovakia.
After a fire in 1697 when the original medieval castle was destroyed, Stockholm Palace was erected in a baroque style.
After the bombardment, certain British gunboats attempted to slip past the fort and effect a landing in a cove to the west of it, but they were turned away by fire from nearby Fort Covington, the city's last line of defense.
The last known print of London After Midnight was destroyed in an MGM studio fire in 1967.
After Ralph, Jack, and Simon discover that they are truly " on an uninhabited island ", Ralph suggests that a fire be lit because " if a ship comes near the island they may not notice us ".

After and burns
After Chachi accidentally burns down Arnold's, for example, Fonzie very angrily yells at him for what he's done, even though other characters ( including owner Al ) understand it was just an accident.
" After the plane crashed, Ferguson and Rank climbed out the windows, suffering from extensive burns.
After snapping the photograph, Ut took Kim Phuc and the other injured children to Barsky Hospital in Saigon, where it was determined that her burns were so severe that she probably would not survive.
After a few seconds, she encounters the reporters dressed in military fatigues, including Christopher Wain who gave her water ( top-right frame ) and poured some over her burns.
After the Russian mafia burns down the club, Elwood reunites the band.
After five days, they had performed four orbital adjustment burns that put them in a circular orbit.
After several more burns the two spacecraft were only apart.
After Beatty said he was going to track down who was on the other line, Montag burns Beatty alive along with his own house.
After discovering the cause, Susan's brother Andy ( played by Christian Slater ) kidnaps Bellingham, and burns the parchment and mummy that was the cause of it all.
After Injun Joe finds the first treasure, he burns the map and discovers that Tom was a witness to the murder.
After his racing career was over, Servoz-Gavin lived on a houseboat and suffered serious burns when a gas bottle exploded on his boat in 1982.
After failing to get a means to kill the spirit to manifest into reality, Dean simply burns the house down, postulating that without a house to haunt there will be no spirit for people to believe in.
After Goring obtains and burns the letter, however, Mrs. Cheveley steals Lady Chiltern's note from his desk.
After leaving Loch Spey the river gathers numerous burns in the Corrieyarack, Sherramore and Glenshirra Forests.
After a series of desperate attempts to release the vehicle, including digging a dead man anchor, their winch burns out.
After Fairhaven has died, Pendergast burns the formula that would prolong life.
After the fire burns out all that is left is a blackened and charred hand.
After the missile coasts a safe distance the main sustainer motor ignites and burns until impacting the target or it reaches its maximum range of 600 meters.
After learning to sense well enough to be mobile, Emrys leaves Branwen at the monastery where he had been treated for his burns, and sets out to find his true home.
After Scott makes Cartman beg for the money and sing that he is a " little piggy ", Scott burns the money in front of him, after which Cartman starts to plot revenge.
After undergoing two surgeries for the burns and a separated shoulder, Benson fully recovered.
After Marty returns all items to their rightful places and burns the almanac, lighting strikes the DeLorean and sends Doc back in time, leaving Marty stranded in 1955 once again.
After the booster burns out, it detaches from the missile body and the missile's turbojet engine starts working.
After Maya Sharma ( Sasha Behar ) burns down Dev Alahan ( Jimmi Harkishin )’ s grocery shop empire, Shelley thinks, that since they are friends, Charlie could do all of the rebuilding work for Dev.

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