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After and funeral
After they had paid all his debts and the funeral costs, Ralph and Fred had some fourteen thousand dollars, as I remember, with which to pay the bequests.
After the sojourn in Carthage, the Trojans returned to Sicily where Aeneas organizes funeral games to honor his father, who had died a year before.
After the funeral, Charles and Tom have a discussion about whether hoping to find your " one true love " is just a futile effort, and ponder that, while their clique have always viewed themselves as proud-to-be-single, Gareth and Matthew had in fact been a " married " couple among them all the while.
After her funeral, in the spring or early summer of 69 BC, Caesar went to serve his quaestorship in Spain.
After a requiem mass in Stuttgart's St. Eberhard church, his funeral procession was followed by protesters ( mainly students ) who wanted his entire legacy remembered-even after his death-especially his former membership in the Nazi Party.
After the funeral of Pope Clement IX, sixty-two electors entered into conclave on 20 December 1669.
After an elaborate funeral in Prague, Heydrich's coffin was placed on a train to Berlin, where a second ceremony was held in the new Reich Chancellery.
After the death of Harry Secombe from cancer, he said, " I'm glad he died before me, because I didn't want him to sing at my funeral.
After being checked by the doctor a family member and a friend offered words of hope that he was looking better to which Jefferson impatiently replied .. Do not imagine for a moment that I feel the smallest solicitude as to the result " at which point he calmly gave directions for his funeral, forbidding any sort of celebration or parade.
After agreeing to divest funeral home and cemetery locations in several markets and end licensing agreements with other funeral homes, the FTC allowed the merger to continue.
After an internal investigation by SCI, attorneys working for SCI denied the charges against the company in a letter to Virginia funeral regulators,
After many vicissitudes, resulting from political and dynastic changes, he was invited to Paris ( 1802 ) by Napoleon, whose favor he had won five years previously by composing a march for the funeral of General Hoche.
After death, he was represented at his own funeral, and those of his later descendants, by a hired actor who wore his death mask ( imago ) and was clad in the all-purple, gold-embroidered triumphal toga picta (" painted " toga ).
After a private funeral, her body was cremated.
After funeral services in New York City, he was buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, North Carolina.
After the funeral, one of Sister Husband's friends from AA informs Novalee that she is the beneficiary of Sister's estate, worth around $ 41, 000.
After the body was taken by train across the country, a second funeral was held on the West Coast, at the Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills.
After concluding a diplomatic mission to Sparta during the latter part of which Menelaus was absent to attend the funeral of his maternal grandfather Catreus, Paris absconded to Troy with Helen in tow despite his brother Hector forbidding her to depart with them.
After the funeral, there were rumours for many years that Edward had survived and was really alive somewhere in Europe, some of which were captured in the famous Fieschi Letter written in the 1340s, although no concrete evidence ever emerged to support the allegations.
After he returned from the funeral the headquarters social life became more somber, he rarely drank, and he became a devout Episcopalian.
After the victory, Brutus ' body is brought to Antonius ' camp, where he cast his purple paludamentum over his dead body and orders an honourable funeral for his erstwhile comrade.
After he was killed in clan fighting in 1996, his body was carried to his funeral on a Toyota pickup.
After the Civil War, veteran groups sometimes dressed as zouaves during honor guard ceremonies such as funeral processions, since zouave dress was considered colorful and distinctive.

After and service
After that case Poirot apparently came to the attention of the British secret service, and undertook cases for the British government, including foiling the attempted abduction of the Prime Minister.
After the Civil War, Doubleday mustered out of the volunteer service on August 24, 1865, reverted to the rank of lieutenant colonel, and became the colonel of the 35th U. S. Infantry in September 1867.
After World War II, especially in North America, there was a boom in general aviation, both private and commercial, as thousands of pilots were released from military service and many inexpensive war-surplus transport and training aircraft became available.
After a protracted development cycle the initial AAM-N-2 Sparrow entered limited operational service in 1954 with specially modified Skyknights all weather carrier night fighters.
After a week of singing the psalms without the usual antiphons, Ceolfrith " could not bear it any longer ", and the two managed to restore the usual service, " with no little labour ".
After 1945, for both practical and ideological reasons, the government decided to bring the rail service into the public sector.
After the service, Attlee had to be helped down the steps of St Paul's Cathedral by Sir Anthony Eden and a Guards officer.
After his return he left active service but remained at half pay.
After military service, he attended the University of Birmingham where he graduated in 1951 with a First Class Honours Degree in Zoology.
After initially seeking employment in a reserved occupation, he managed to be classified Grade III, which meant that he would be among the last to be called up for service.
After deliberation, Congress directed General Philip Schuyler, who had been appointed to lead the Army's Northern Department, to work with New York's provincial government to establish ( and pay for ) a regiment consisting of the Boys, and that they be paid Army rates for their service at Ticonderoga.
After a 6-month period of military training, persons may work on government projects or with private enterprises, with the private company paying a charge to the government but the worker only receiving standard national service wages.
After receiving formal instruction in baptismal classes and making their commitment to Jesus in baptism, they are thereby prepared to partake in the service themselves.
After being sent home for two-and-a-half years, he was readmitted to the Conservatoire at the end of 1885, but was unable to make a much more favourable impression on his teachers than he had before, and, as a result, resolved to take up military service a year later.
After the completion of his military service, Epicurus joined his family there.
After the Christian defeat at the Battle of Sagrajas in 1086, El Cid was recalled to service by Alfonso VI, and commanded a combined Christian and Moorish army, which he used to create his own fiefdom in the Moorish Mediterranean coastal city of Valencia.
David Kahanamoku, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Edward, and Duke Kahanamoku, c. 1920. After his war service, and having been promoted to sub-lieutenant on 15 January 1919, Mountbatten attended Christ's College, Cambridge for two terms where he studied engineering in a programme that was specially designed for ex-servicemen.
After the Córdoba Agreement, Gibtel ( Gibtelecom's mobile service ) could roam on Spanish network Movistar ( Telefonica ).
After performances in the youth and A teams gained him promotion to the reserves, Banks was posted to Germany with the Royal Signals on National service, winning the Rhine Cup with his regimental team.
After leaving school Fawkes entered the service of Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montagu.
After the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, Radbruch was dismissed from his civil service post, as the universities were public entities.
After a thorough scientific and philosophical training at the University of Padua, he began his career in the service of his native city.
After moving to a different domain, that service has since been discontinued.
After the Gatling gun was replaced in service by newer recoil-or gas-operated non-rotating machine guns and automatic cannons, the approach of using multiple rotating barrels fell into disuse for many decades, reappearing after World War II with the development of the M61 Vulcan.

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