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After and harsh
After the fall of Achaemenid Empire, Alexander also used Maka during his conquest and marched through a harsh desert path in Makran where he lost a significant number of soldiers but did not come across any Baluch force during his conquest except some coastal inhabitants.
After a harsh defeat at the Battle of Agrigentum in 261 BC, the Carthaginian leadership resolved to avoid further direct land-based engagements with the powerful Roman legions, and concentrate on the sea where they believed Carthage's large navy had the advantage.
After 61 days of harsh imprisonment, during which Prince Robert I of Capua's Norman army was repulsed on its rescue mission, Paschal II yielded and guaranteed investiture to the Emperor.
After seeing thousands of cattle die in a Kansas blizzard in 1886, Charles " Buffalo " Jones, a co-founder of Garden City, Kansas, also worked to cross buffalo and cattle at a ranch near the future Grand Canyon National Park, with the hope the animals could survive the harsh winters.
After acrimonious negotiations between the representatives of the new Batavian Republic, a name that refers to the Germanic tribe of the Batavians that in Dutch nationalistic lore represented both its ancestry and its ancient quest for liberty, and those of the French Republic, a harsh Treaty of The Hague was concluded on May 16, 1795.
After this, their marriage grew cold, probably due at least in part to the harsh effects of such a petty argument and her subsequent discomfort with his health problems.
After enduring a harsh winter in 1133, the monks applied to join the Cistercian order and in 1135 became the second house of that order in northern England, after Rievaulx.
After the Sharpeville massacre of 1960, Israel became a harsh critic of apartheid, leading to a break in its relations with Pretoria.
After many successful operations and engagements, the harsh conditions of extended jungle living took their toll, and many men began to suffer from ill-health.
After occupying Hungary, the Soviets imposed harsh conditions allowing it to seize important material assets and control internal affairs.
After good rain the harsh landscape is transformed by the growth of wildflowers including Sturt's desert pea.
* April 1997 After a long, harsh winter, the Grand Forks area suffered a devastating flood due to snowmelt and spring rain.
After the harsh and fierce battle, Hungary was torn apart by the conflict between the rival royal claims.
After a string of harsh political changes, small pockets of rebellion emerge, but are mostly ineffective against Lassic's iron rule.
After achieving senior positions in Guangdong, Zhao directed a harsh purge of cadres accused of corruption or having ties to the Kuomintang.
After contributing various and generally polemical pieces in university magazines, Eliade came to the attention of journalist Pamfil Şeicaru, who invited him to collaborate on the nationalist paper Cuvântul, which was noted for its harsh tones.
After a late start to the campaigning season owing to the unusually harsh winter preceding it, the allied campaign of 1709 began in mid June.
After a month's journey through wastes so harsh that even some of the camels died, on 2 February 1932 Philby arrived at a patch of ground about a half a square kilometer in size, littered with chunks of white sandstone, black glass, and chunks of iron meteorite.
After the emergence of the harsh counter-revolutionary regime in Hungary, Mannheim chose exile in Germany.
After the publication of an investigative series in The National Guardian and the formation of the National Committee to Secure Justice in the Rosenberg Case, some Americans came to believe both Rosenbergs were innocent or received too harsh a punishment, and a grassroots campaign was started to try to stop the couple's execution.
After the 1894 performance ( where it was called ), the piece received harsh criticism, especially regarding the second movement.
After these genetically engineered organs are implanted into the potential Space Marine, he undergoes years of indoctrination and harsh physical, psychical and mental training to burn out any source of weakness.
After the Icewine production was set on commercial footing, Canadian Icewine quickly became popular with domestic consumers and reviewers, and many other Canadian producers and regions picked up the idea, since the harsh Canadian winters lend themselves well to the large-scale production.
After an unusually harsh beating Y becomes angry, and he offers to let her beat him.

After and meeting
After Cuba and Laos, it was argued, Mr. Khrushchev will interpret the President's consent to the meeting as further evidence of Western weakness -- perhaps even panic -- and is certain to try to exploit the advantage he now believes he holds.
After the meeting, there was going to be a party at someone's house.
After a meeting with the suspicious Ottoman commander Sayyid Muhammad Kurayyim, Nelson ordered the British fleet northwards, reaching the coast of Anatolia on 4 July and turning westwards back towards Sicily.
After meeting Sam Raimi in Wylie E. Groves High School, the two became very good friends and started making movies together.
After independence, Makarios took part in the 1961 founding meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in Belgrade.
After finishing his studies he went on long educational voyages from 1710 to 1724 through Europe, visiting other German states, England, Holland, Italy, and France, meeting with many famous mathematicians, such as Gottfried Leibniz, Leonhard Euler, and Nicholas I Bernoulli.
After the meeting a few hundred left to demonstrate at Downing Street.
After meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister, Eisaku Sato, Whitlam observed that the reason Japan at that time was hesitant to withdraw recognition from the Nationalist government was " the presence of a treaty between the Japanese government and that of Chiang Kai-shek ".
After the general meeting in 1806, Thompson travelled to Rocky Mountain House and prepared for an expedition to follow the Columbia River to the Pacific.
Lieutenant General Ēmile Janssens, the FP commander, wrote during a meeting of soldiers that ' Before independence = After Independence ', pouring cold water on the soldiers ' desires for an immediate raise in their status.
After meeting heavy resistance, the English retreated, taking the island of Jamaica instead.
After reading the transcripts of the trial and meeting David Harris at a bar, however, Morris was no longer so sure.
After a secret meeting held in Larkana, Mujib agreed to give Bhutto the office of Presidency with Mujib as Prime Minister.
After meeting and staying with Nathan and Mary Johnson, they adopted Douglass as their married name.
After meeting Jungian psychoanalyst Dr. Ernst Bernhard in early 1960, he read Jung's autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections ( 1963 ).
After first meeting Castaneda in Rome in October 1984, Fellini drafted a treatment with Pinelli titled Viaggio a Tulun.
After a series of events, including Odie being adopted by a small girl, both pets meeting up at a circus that they briefly joined, and both going to a pet shop, Garfield and Odie make it back home.
After a stay in Jamaica, Fox's first landfall on the North American continent was at Maryland, where he participated in a four-day meeting of local Quakers.
After the close of the council a fifth and final meeting of the commission was held, again enlarged to include sixteen bishops as an executive committee, in Rome in the spring of 1966.
After waiting for two hours, however, he left without meeting Wright.
After Joseph prepared his family for the meeting, the brothers came before the Pharaoh first, formally requesting to pasture in Egyptian lands.
After the meeting, the families were directed to pasture in the land of Ramses where they lived in the province of Goshen.
After Lee's surrender, there was a public meeting in Shreveport, Louisiana, at which many speakers supported continuation of the war.
After marrying Mary Reed in a Methodist service in 1862, a Quaker encouraged him to express regret for this, to which Cannon replied, " If you mean that I am to get up in meeting and say that I am sorry I married Mary, I won't do it.
After meeting in Acre in June, the crusading kings Louis VII of France and Conrad III of Germany agreed with Melisende, Baldwin III and the major nobles of the kingdom to attack Damascus.

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