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After and latter
After blotting out most of the liquid around the sections, the latter were mounted in buffered glycerine ( 7 parts glycerine to 3 parts of PBS ).
After the accession of the latter to the imperial purple he invited Aedesius to continue his instructions, but the declining strength of the sage being unequal to the task, two of his most learned disciples, Chrysanthius and the aforementioned Eusebius, were by his own desire appointed to supply his place.
Hexameters also have a primary caesura — a break in sense, much like the function of a comma in prose — at one of several normal positions: After the first syllable in the third foot ( the " masculine " caesura ); after the second syllable in the third foot if the third foot is a dactyl ( the " feminine " caesura ); after the first syllable of the fourth foot ; or after the first syllable of the second foot ( the latter two often occur together in a line, breaking it into three separate units ).
After Eurystheus ' death, the brothers Atreus and Thyestes, whom he had left in charge during his absence, took over the city, the former exiling the latter and assuming the kingship, while Tiryns returned to the overlordship of Argos.
After the surf craze, Jan and Dean scored two Top-30 hits in 1965: " You Really Know How to Hurt a Guy " and " I Found a Girl "— the latter from the album Folk ' n Roll.
After the French party split into a reformist and revolutionary party, some accused Guesde ( leader of the latter ) of taking orders from Marx ; Marx remarked to Lafargue, " What is certain to me is if this is Marxism, then I myself am not Marxist " ( in a letter to Engels, Marx later accused Guesde of being a " Bakuninist ").
After graduating from Rutgers in 1932, Friedman was offered two scholarships to do graduate work ; one being Mathematics at Brown University and the other being Economics at the University of Chicago. Friedman chose the latter, thus earning an M. A.
After the development of the computer in the latter half of the 20th century, breakthroughs in weather forecasting were achieved.
After decades of rivalry between the medieval kingdoms, modern Nepal was created in the latter half of the 18th century, when Prithvi Narayan Shah, the ruler of the small principality of Gorkha, formed a unified country from a number of independent hill states.
After their struggles in the latter half of the 1960s and the entire 1970s, the Giants hired an outsider, George Young, to run the football operations for the first time in franchise history.
After reaching adulthood, he was an unlikely candidate for holy orders: widowed and the father of two young women before taking orders, he was successively a soldier and a lawyer, and in the latter capacity had acted as secretary to King Louis IX, to whose influence he was chiefly indebted for his elevation to the cardinalate.
After the re-opening of the southeast coast, which had been closed in the late 17th century, foreign trade was quickly re-established, and was expanding at 4 % per annum throughout the latter part of the 18th century.
After a 1982 meeting with Stevie Wonder, in which the latter lamented the divide in capabilities and qualities between electronic synthesizers and traditional musical instruments, Kurzweil was inspired to create a new generation of music synthesizers capable of accurately duplicating the sounds of real instruments.
After Worf joined Martok's house, his son Alexander would be inducted into the house, as would Jadzia Dax, when she married Worf ( the latter was initially opposed by Sirella ).
After Sennacherib's fall Hezekiah gained possession of it, but when Josiah was slain by Pharaoh Necho, the latter took it away.
In the 1980s The War Game was followed by such similarly themed films as The Day After ( US ABC, TV film, 1983 ) and Threads ( BBC, 1984 ), the latter of which particularly evoked Peter Watkins ' style and delivery.
After the war, Agamemnon, returning, was greeted royally with a red carpet rolled out for him and then was slain in his bathtub by Clytemnestra, who hated him bitterly for having ordered the sacrifice of their daughter Iphigenia ( although the life of the latter had been saved ).
After the death of the latter and in the reign of his son, Arnuwanda, Madduwatta allies with Attarissiya and they, along with another ruler, raid Alasiya, that is, Cyprus.
After the Congress of Vienna, most of the territory was given to the electorate of Hesse, and in 1866 was, with the latter, annexed to Prussia.
After Henry II's death in 1189 the countship, together with the rest of his dominions, passed to his son Richard I of England, but on the death of the latter in 1199, Arthur of Brittany ( born in 1187 ) laid claim to the inheritance, which ought, according to him, to have fallen to his father Geoffrey, fourth son of Henry II, in accordance with the custom by which " the son of the eldest brother should succeed to his father's patrimony.
After the fall of the Safavids, Shiraz suffered a period of decline, worsened by the raids of the Afghans and the rebellion of its governor against Nader Shah ; the latter sent troops to suppress the revolt.
After a discussion with Lincoln, he decided in favor of the latter and resigned his commission.
After completing nine-year comprehensive school at the age of 16, one has the chance to go to a vocational school ( ammattikoulu / yrkesskola ) or an upper secondary school ( lukio / gymnasium ), the latter sometimes translated as " high school " in English.
After director Francis Ford Coppola's film The Godfather was a success, he hired Ford to expand his office and gave him small roles in his next two films, The Conversation ( 1974 ) and Apocalypse Now ( 1979 ); in the latter film he played a smarmy officer named " G.

After and had
After they had finished eating, Melissa took Sprite the kitten under her arm -- `` so that Auntie Grace can teach it about the whistle '' -- and climbed into the station wagon beside her mother.
After the war, Penny had wanted Keith at least to visit her home with her.
After all, he had less reason to desire it than the marine.
After he had spent the first three years in New York as associate conductor, at Toscanini's invitation, of the NBC Orchestra, he made numerous guest appearances throughout the United States and Latin America.
After he had finished the first two volumes of his Lincoln, Sandburg went to work assembling a book of songs out of hobo and childhood days and from the memory of songs others had taught him.
After luncheon we took advantage of the siesta period to try to get in touch with a few people to whom our dear friend Deppy had written.
After all, Pike was an established poet and his work had been published in the respectable periodicals of that center of American culture, Boston.
After they had paid all his debts and the funeral costs, Ralph and Fred had some fourteen thousand dollars, as I remember, with which to pay the bequests.
After Quiney was elected bailiff in September, 1601, without Greville's approval, Greene wrote him that Coke had promised to be of counsel for Stratford and had advised `` that the office of bayly may be exercised as it is taken upon you, ( Sr. Edwardes his consent not beinge hadd to the swearinge of you ) ''.
After a dinner party for which she had come down to New York, Mrs. Lewis and Casanova arrived to see them off, and Elinor Wylie made tart observations that indicated that Lewis had been less discreet than he had promised to be about the real nature of their separation.
After almost everyone had gone he told me the simple story of how one of his neighbors had moved a fence a few feet over on his land.
After a nuclear blast, one bureaucrat suggested in those halcyon days, about all you had to do was haul out the broom and sweep off your sidewalks and roof.
After a pause, during which he studied Scotty's face as if Scotty were not there and could not study him too, Mr. McKinley would ask the same questions he had asked downstairs.
After she had served the detectives coffee and toast ( they politely declined eggs, uncomfortable about their tenancy ), she settled down with a morning newspaper and began reading the stock market quotations.
After he had gone, Kate asked Uncle Randolph proudly, `` Would you take their oath ''??
After they had left, some of the people moved around, to find more comfortable places to sit.
After that they had sat for five minutes without saying a word.
After the first few weeks, it was obvious that rules had to be made, laid down and obeyed -- even if our popularity ratings became subnormal as a result.
After an unspeakable siege, lasting the better part of two months, it was announced that the studio `` owed '' the government a tax debt in excess of eight million dollars while I, who had always remained aloof from such iniquitous practices as paying taxes on the salary I had earned and the little I legally inherited as Morris' helpless relict, was `` stung '' with a personal bill of such astronomical proportions as to `` wipe out '' all but a fraction of my poor, hard-come-by savings.

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