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After and project
After the decision was made to exclude the statuary of Mary and the archangels, Gaudi contemplated abandoning the project but was persuaded not to by a priest.
After decades of neglect and damage from wartime, Cambodia's rail network is currently being reconstructed as part of the Trans-Asian Railway project with modern trains replacing the current open-access system of " bamboo trains ", homemade bamboo mats powered by go-kart or water pump engines.
After hardware manufacturers talked about creating a rival operating system, Kildall started a rush project to develop CP / M 2.
After intensive campaign the project became widely hated as a symbol of the old communist regime.
" After the Louvre ," he said later, " I thought no project would be too difficult.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States did not diminish its global ability to project force, remaining " the sole superpower " and what has been called a " unipolar " situation of domination by it globally came into force.
After leaving Sony, the band began to work on their seventh project, and several collaborations and side-projects.
After the project was abandoned, Flare Technology began work on a new project, Flare Two, which was eventually bought by Atari and, after further development, formed the basis for the Atari Jaguar game console.
After she signed on to the film, she revealed that she had joined the project because Pegg was scheduled to appear in it.
After another actor dropped out of the project, Scorsese cast Harvey Keitel in the pivotal role of Charlie.
After being laid off, he begins to work closely with Michael on a secret project that evokes feelings of jealousy from Daniel.
After his return to Constantinople, he ordered respected statesmen of the Empire to prepare a new economic and political project to return to the Empire the old successful days.
After the spinoff of The Sims studio, it was Maxis ' only project — as such, a make-or-break effort.
After the initiation stage, the project is planned to an appropriate level of detail ( see example of a flow-chart ).
After the introduction of radio, motion pictures, television, and the internet, many used these technologies to project their public image and address the nation.
After serious deliberation at VW, the project was scrapped entirely after a decision was made to move forward with the cheaper, more practical, Golf-based Scirocco model instead.
After production had begun, Congress abolished the United States Film Service, and the project was shunted to the US Department of Agriculture ( USDA ).
After that, a larger project was executed in 1987 to reintroduce a permanent population of red wolves back to the wild in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge ( ARNWR ) on the eastern coast of North Carolina.
After a delayed start, Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine joined forces in a relatively radical comedy project, The Goon Show.
After the United Kingdom and the United States withdrew their pledge to support the construction of the Aswan Dam due to Egyptian overtures towards the Soviet Union, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the canal in 1956 and transferred it to the Suez Canal Authority, intending to finance the dam project using revenue from the canal.
After the cancellation, both Gilliam and the film's co-lead, Johnny Depp, wanted to revive the project.
After regaining the rights to the screenplay of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Gilliam restarted pre-production in 2008, with Johnny Depp still attached to the project.
After Zilinskas left the band to focus on her own project Blood on the Saddle, she was replaced by Michael Steele, formerly of the all-girl band The Runaways, Toni & The Movers, Slow Children and Elton Duck.
After four years of filming ( from 1972 to 1976 ) the project was reluctantly canceled because of time, space and monetary constraints.

After and gradually
After looking about a bit, Wilson discovered beyond Black Bottom, across the river and far removed from the white city, a considerable tract of land, and it occurred to him that the church and the better Negro homes might gradually be moved to this plot.
After a fracture, woven bone forms initially and is gradually replaced by lamellar bone during a process known as " bony substitution.
After three years of consistent use across different platforms, the BBC began to drop the BBCi brand gradually ; on 6 May 2004, the BBC website was renamed bbc. co. uk, after the main URL used to access the site.
After major refurbishment work was carried out in 2004, the ground's capacity has increased gradually from 22, 000 to its current capacity of 25, 700.
After c. 500 BC the Persian term " Paradise " ( Hebrew פרדס, pardes ), meaning a royal garden or hunting-park, gradually became a synonym for Eden.
After the disasters of the 14th century – war, plague, and schism – early-modern European society gradually came into being as a result of economic, religious, and political changes.
After an initial loss of territory by the Jewish state and occupation of Arab Palestine by the Arab armies, from July the tide gradually turned in the Israelis favour and they pushed the Arab armies out and occupying some of the territory which had been allocated to the Palestinian Arabs.
After 1948 they were gradually granted an increasing level of " home-rule ".
After the end of hostilities, in 1988, oil exports gradually increased with the construction of new pipelines and restoration of damaged facilities.
After hostilities ceased, oil exports gradually increased with the construction of new pipelines and the restoration of damaged facilities.
After 1820, immigration gradually increased.
After the deaths of Calvin and his successor, Beza, the Geneva city council gradually gained control over areas of life that were previously in the ecclesiastical domain.
After the Lahore session of the Congress in 1929, Nehru gradually emerged as the paramount leader of the Indian independence movement.
After passing the Pongo de Huaracayo ( or Guaracayo ), the cerros, or hills, gradually disappear, and for a distance of about the river is full of islands, and there is nothing visible from its low banks but an immense forest-covered plain known as the selva baja (" low jungle ") or Peruvian Amazonia, home to indigenous peoples such as the Urarina of the Chambira Basin, the Candoshi, and the Cocama-Cocamilla peoples.
After Orkney and Shetland were pledged to Scotland by Norway in 1468 / 69 it was gradually replaced by Scots.
After managing to evade U. S. forces throughout the summer of 2002, the remnants of the Taliban gradually began to regain their confidence.
After the passage of the Great Reform Bill in 1832, the Commons gradually became more progressive, a tendency that increased with the passage of each subsequent expansion of the franchise.
After decades of turbulent politics bolstered by Marxist-Leninist rhetoric, and with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Congolese gradually moderated their economic and political views to the point that, in 1992, Congo completed a transition to multi-party democracy.
After Rheged was incorporated into Northumbria, the old Cumbric language was gradually replaced by Old English, Cumbric surviving only in remote upland communities.
After his demise, Sri Lanka gradually decayed in power.
After the stutterer masters these fluency skills, the speaking rate and intonation are increased gradually.
After the war, breweries slowly began to recover, and the quality of sake gradually went up.
After moving nearly 47 degrees off the pole by 10000 AD, Thuban will gradually move back toward the north celestial pole.
After 2005, there began to be a move toward increasing consolidation and standardization: many less-popular wiki applications were gradually abandoned, and fewer new applications were created.
After 2000, cassette-based Walkman products ( and their clones ) were approaching technological obsolescence as the cassette format was gradually phased out.

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