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After and race
After a series of debates in 1858 that gave national visibility to his opposition to the expansion of slavery, Lincoln lost a Senate race to his arch-rival, Stephen A. Douglas.
After a race between the monks of Tavistock Abbey and the men of Plymstock, the Abbey won.
After the vote was delayed because of a dispute between the players and the league, the race began again in 1993.
After a battle, Scarlet Witch again uses her powers to restore reality and, as a slight against her father, causes a large majority mutants to lose their powers, leaving the mutant race on the brink of extinction and causing the lost powers to become an energy mass, the Collective.
After 2 more years without a race the Dutch Grand Prix was back on the World Championship ( s ) calendar in 1958 and from then on remained a permanent fixture ( with the exception of 1972 ) until, when it was held for the last time.
After a season-long series of dismal results under John Wyer in 1964, the program was handed over to Carroll Shelby after the 1964 Nassau race.
After the death of Aegimius, his two sons, Pamphylus and Dymas, voluntarily submitted to Hyllus ( who was, according to the Dorian tradition in Herodotus V. 72, really an Achaean ), who thus became ruler of the Dorians, the three branches of that race being named after these three heroes.
After supporting Richard Nixon in his 1960 presidential race against John F. Kennedy, Robinson later praised Kennedy effusively for his stance on civil rights.
After withdrawing from the race, he was still considered a contender for the Vice President nomination.
After the 13th and final race of the season, the Mexican Grand Prix, Brabham did retire.
After going through a summer filled with mostly ties and losses, a four game winning streak at the end of August helped get them back in the playoff race.
After Doohan retired he went to work as a roving adviser to Honda's Grand Prix race effort.
After one Mercedes-funded race for the Jordan Formula One team Schumacher signed as a driver for the Benetton Formula One team in 1991.
After the declaration of weights for the Melbourne Cup, the winner of any handicap flat race of the advertised value of A $ 55, 000 or over to the winner, or an internationally recognised Listed, Group, or Graded handicap flat race, shall carry such additional weight ( if any ), for each win, as the VRC Handicapper shall determine.
After a historic race between Ransom Olds and Alexander Winton in 1903, the beach became a mecca for racing enthusiasts and 15 records were set on what became the Daytona Beach road course between 1905 and 1935.
After leading in national polls for much of 2007, his candidacy faltered late in that year ; he rated poorly in the caucuses and primaries of January 2008 and withdrew from the race.
After MLB's establishment of the three-division – Wild Card playoff format following the 1993 season, New York Times sports columnist Dave Anderson captured the feeling of many baseball purists regarding the thrilling ( and for Giants fans, heartbreaking ) winner-take-all outcome as the " last pure pennant race.
** 1967 Newark riots: After the arrest of an African-American cab driver for allegedly illegally driving around a police car and gunning it down the road, race riots break out in Newark, New Jersey, lasting six days and leaving 26 dead.
After that, id Software created a simple substitution cipher very similar to SGA for the Strogg race in Quake 4.
After drawing ninth place on the grid at the Italian Grand Prix, Nuvolari started the race in an Alfa Romeo shared with Baconin Borzacchini.
After Bill Clinton secured the Democratic Party's nomination in the spring of 1992, polls showed Ross Perot leading the race, followed by President Bush and Clinton in third place after a grueling nomination process.
After the Indianapolis Indians moved to Victory Field, a race track took its place and the race track owners stripped the ivy off of the walls.
After the 1852 election the Whig Party quickly collapsed, and the members of the declining party failed to nominate a candidate for the next presidential race ; it was soon replaced as the Democratic Party's primary opposition by the new Republican Party.

After and Said
After returning from the set of Drive, He Said, Robert Towne began adapting the novel.
In his book After the Last Sky: Palestinian Lives, Edward Said writes that the one of the differentiators between Arab citizens of Israel and other Palestinians was that the former referred to Israel " as a real country, rather than ' the Zionist entity '".
*" Love Ain't So Bad ( After All )" / " Daddy Said No " ( 1966 )
* News ( BBC ): In Quotes: What Blair Said About Iraq's Weapons Before and After the War
After returning to Cairo, they headed to Port Said, Djibouti, and Aden, reaching Bab el Mandeb.
After a second time falling a victim to Said's caprice and being dismissed, he was again sent to Vienna, and returned as principal secretary to Said, a position he held till Said's death in January 1863.
After returning to Algeria, he published ( under the pseudonym Said Lamri ) an article denouncing
After Sultan Said Khan's death he was succeeded by Abdurashid Khan ( 1533 – 1565 ), who began his reign by executing a member of the Dughlat family.
After Said bin Sultan's death, political conflicts in Oman forced Oman to close in upon itself, and to transform from a powerful empire to a relatively poor country.
" After all, he himself claimed to be Kurban Said.
After being freed four years later, he helped found the El Islah Oual Irchad ( Reform and Guidance ) charitable association with Mohammed Bouslimani, as well as the Islamic Preaching League with Ahmed Sahnoun, uniting major figures of the Algerian Islamist movement such as Abbassi Madani and Mohammed Said.
After the success of " If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body ," the brothers continued with a run of country hits, including tunes such as the fun-loving " Redneck Girl "; serious ballads like " Santa Fe " and the insightful social commentary pieces, " Old Hippie " and " Kids of the Baby Boom.
After running with Jasper again in 2002, Said served as a fill-in driver for Jerry Nadeau at MB2 / MBV Motorsports.
After his third top-five finish from six Busch starts, Said admitted: " We just got beat.
After that he released fifteen albums, including a joint album with crime writer Ian Rankin, Jackie Leven Said, with keyboardist Michael Cosgrave.
* Before and After Said, Maya Jasanoff, London Review of Books, Vol.
After a few months ' speculation, his place was taken by Hamilton bass player Shannon Brown, previously from the band Mama Said.
After Quarns dismissal and McManus ' return Hoyt and several Aryans and Bikers are transferred back to Emerald City, where they take umbrage with Kareem Said and the Muslims.
He also featured on the duet " After All Is Said And Done " with Beyoncé on the soundtrack to the motion picture The Best Man.
After her father's death, her brother Sayyid Thuwaini bin Said al-Said became Sultan of Muscat and Oman, while her brother Majid became Sultan of Zanzibar.

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